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A long time ago,not so distant, I was lucky to find myself in the state of Utah, it's a weird place, like one of those film sets, and like many other places, so controlled and oppressive, in its own little way.

I was lucky because it was my first time to actually be 'inside' the t.v, and be part of the Hollywood mind set.
The best thing was I didn't have to flip any channels, every second of programming was interesting.

I was in Utah, with a friend, to document any strange flying objects around certain hot spots, and feeling lucky that life was being so kind to me.

America is a weird and wonderful place,
at least to visit I guess,and l wasn't disappointed.

Near to one of these hot spots I came across the results of an alien's operation on a cow.

The cow never made a full recovery.

The pics below,are of bad quality as they're taken off the t.v from my video film of the event.

The stills that I took with my camera,
have long since vanished.

So to be with that cow was interesting,
and surely not part of Hollywood,
as this was real.

After spending what seemed like ages, examining in wonder this event, and feeling lucky to be on the scene, it was time to move on.

It was getting late and there were still many miles ahead of us, on our return to Colorado, where I'd left from in the morning.

Somewhere along the way, we got to talking about Draco's,(reptilians)and their role in the order of things.
They're believed to be of very high intelligence, and it's not good to meet up with them.

In fact it's best if you have nothing to do with them, don't even think about them.

Draco's are far superior to the greys, who in comparison are more like mechanized plants.

Greys have been known to make mistakes, in the returning of their abductions back home.

It's happened that victim's have been 'returned' 1000's of miles from home, or those abducted from bed, are found floating in the garden pool the following day.

But that's a different story.

On arrival back in Colorado I was happy to sit down and (in those days} slip into the t.v.

I turned it on, and there was an old B movie playing,
they're the best, so again I was happy.

What was strange, was that after watching for a few seconds, there suddenly appeared a Draco, or something similar,
I was dumbfounded and stared at my friend in amazed shock.

I was told that that night, I would most likely be visited,
so there I am, once again, caught up in the weird reality of my situation.

It was getting late, and I was to be expecting an unpleasant visit at some unearthly hour.

I don't remember sleeping, but at some point I did awake.

Now I seldom watch the chat box, afraid of what I might find, should I turn it on.

All said and done, life is a weird and wonderful thing.
Remember that all is in the mind, as you are its ultimate creator.
The sum total of all of your life's decisions, travels, movements and thoughts, have led you to where you are now.

There is reason behind all,as nothing is without meaning.

Peace and light.


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Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on November 23, 2009 at 10:15am
this post is giving me bad vibes..

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