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Weekly Ben and David: China and Missiles, Wrangling, Old Order Falling Apart

It’s not absolutely essential that you follow these developments. My own belief is that everything is under control and we’re watching the death throes of the cabal prior to disclosure, NESARA, and opening under new management.

Nonetheless, it beats anything on TV at the moment. Perhaps look upon it as a game that has only one possible outcome: the defeat of the cabal.

Nothing like a mass murder of anyone would be permitted by the galactics and spiritual hierarchy, I’m quite sure.

David Wilcock’s comments follow Ben’s column.

Ben Fulford 101115

President Obama’s 10-day Asian begging tour produced nothing as governments of the world refused to provide any more life-support to the US’s corporate government. George Bush Senior, meanwhile, used Obama’s absence as an opportunity to fly trillions of dollars worth of financial instruments and gold to Singapore.

This money will be spent on a shopping spree of some sort designed to strengthen the Nazi branch of the US secret government, according to CIA, MI6 and Asian sources. Multiple sources also report the Khazarians are planning something truly awful, including perhaps the mass murder and expulsion of Muslims from Europe. Viscount Ettiene Davignon, Chairman of the Bilderberg group, promised to hold a press conference “as soon as the smoke clears.”

The G20 summit meeting in Korea last week could have been better described as the G19 bashing the US. Obama is considered by other world leaders to be a lightweight intellect with no real power. As mentioned above, Obama’s efforts to beg, steal or borrow money from other countries has been firmly rejected meaning there is little chance the US corporate government will be able to meet a January 30th payments deadline.

When Chinese President Hu Jintao visits the US in late January, he will no doubt set some very tough conditions if the corporate government is to be allowed to exist beyond that date. The White Dragon society has pointed out to the Pentagon and to other sources that the US corporate government’s debts are not the debts of the US peoples and that bankrupting the US corporate government would be a better choice for Americans than accepting hundreds of years of debt slavery.

The Chinese also rattled the US military establishment in multiple ways last week. They used Electrical Magnetic Pulse weapons to disable a US missile carrier that was planning to attack Iran. The Chinese also launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles, one off the coast of Los Angeles and the other off the coast of New York to demonstrate their ability to bring power to bear on the continental United States.

The story being put out that “Pleiadian aliens” stopped the missiles is disinformation designed to cover up the embarrassing Chinese military coup. The Chinese also once again demonstrated that US aircraft carrier fleets are obsolete by having a submarine surface, undetected, right behind a US carrier during a military exercise.

The Nazis, for their part, informed the White Dragon society that they were a power to be reckoned with. A Pentagon Nazi source said that during the Falklands war with Argentina the Nazis stole two British warships and fooled the British into thinking they had been “sunk.”

It was also the Nazis who sank the Russian submarine Kursk and stole its 42 nuclear missiles. In addition to their underground bases in the US, South America and Antarctica, the source says the Nazis have a major underground installation in Papua New Guinea as well as multiple underwater bases. This group wants to negotiate their own separate deal with the White Dragon Society and their allies.

A KGB source was contacted by a different group warning that a nuclear bomb has been hidden somewhere in Tokyo and is no longer in the basement of the Korean Resident’s Association. The source of this nuclear blackmail is the Federal Reserve Board faction.

The Khazarian Satanists have also begun to issue dire warnings of their plans. They have been hiring Mexican and Philippino police officers to arrest and imprison American citizens after anticipated riots in response to the bankruptcy of the US Corporation and a subsequent attempt to form the American union by merging Canada and Mexico with the US, according to a senior CIA source. This same source mentioned the plan to attack Muslims in Europe and elsewhere.

Signs of a split between mainstream Jews and Khazarian Satanists have also begun to emerge in the US. The airing of unpleasant truths about George Soros on a major TV show is one such sign. Another is the New York Times reporting about Operation Paperclip and the Nazi presence in the US. The bashing of Obama in the US press is also expected to intensify and ultimately result in either Obama being booted from office on grounds of insanity or else due to a corruption scandal involving Chicago real estate deals by the Obamas.

As these tales illustrate, the power structure in the US and Europe is becoming increasingly splintered and it is becoming hard to track all the competing factions. However, it is clear the European Bilderberg group and Europe have split with the Federal Reserve Board and the US corporate government.

Davignon offered to finance the $1 trillion lawsuit being prepared against Daniel Dal Bosco, the Davos World Forum and the United Nations. The White Dragon Society refused the offer because it wishes to remain neutral and said the lawsuit will go ahead only when the lawyers are certain they have an overwhelming case. However, Bilderberg has agreed to provide the White Dragon Society with information about the UN such as who exactly gave it its “license.”

The Federal Reserve Board and their Wall Street buddies, for their part are renewing financial warfare against Europe and the Euro by targeting Ireland and the Baltic States. The Europeans are now actively increasing their gold stocks in order to counter this latest offensive.

In Japan meanwhile, a purge of the Financial bureaucracy and the banking system is continuing. The aim is to make Japan once again an independent country for the first time since 1858, according to a senior Black Dragon Society source. The Japanese political system will remain incoherent and deadlocked until the purge of foreign controlled stooges is complete, he said.

All in all, chaos is expected to intensify in coming weeks as the old order falls apart and the purge of the criminals who infested the global financial system concludes.

And here are David Wilcock’s comments

Ben was unaware that China was using EMPs to disable a variety of Old World Order assets when we had our conversation a couple weeks ago. We may need to do a follow-up to keep this current. It is a stunning story. I apologize that it has taken me this long to put it together, but I now am certain it will be done no later than Tuesday, and probably today.

Ben has a few examples of China’s unprecedented EMP campaign here, but there are actually many of them now. His examples are different from the ones we discussed in our conversation, so he must be getting his own independent confirmation on this, which is a valuable piece of added intel. Once I string it all together the implications will be quite stunning.

However, the Chinese sub surfacing behind an aircraft carrier is a tricky one — this appears to be a story from 2007 that happened on the same day as the alleged missile launch. I got snagged by that one at first too. However, Ben may have heard a new example that is being kept quiet — so further clarification is needed on this one.

I believe these missile launches are attempts to blame China, so that their campaign appears a lot more hostile to the people than they have ever really intended. From what I heard the one off LA coast was really big, and was intended to disable something in the sky. Reading between the lines, I believe it was attacking a Chinese asset that was doing some of the EMPs.

We have to remember that at least some of the folks Ben is talking to are paid to “sandwich the truth between two lies”, thereby discrediting the messenger while also putting out information that can benefit the power groups if people start believing it’s true.
As soon as I saw the missile thing, and compared it with the nature of what China appears to be trying to do when we consider the long-term perspective of Ben’s data, it seemed obvious that the goal was to make people think China did it.

This way, anything China is doing to help humanity, which may lead up to an announcement, is clouded. The best way to make people think China did it is by officially saying it’s not a missile at all, and never pointing a finger at China, while feeding disinformation to guys in the conspiracy media and / or having paid shills publish exactly what you want them to say.

The simple fact is that things have gotten very, very interesting. I do not believe it’s going to collapse into chaos. My dream data continues to be really solid on the idea that we’re now moving through the final stages of an amazing healing process.

These negative groups do not realize the game is rigged, there is a positive ‘bias’ in the Universe, and karma is real. This is stunning to people who have experienced it in their own lives and know it to be true. The negative groups are allowed to do a certain amount, within reason, but now that is all being curtailed as humanity wakes up.

What we are about to witness is so epic that there is hardly any way to even think it through in advance — you have to see it to believe it.

There’s well over 50 different references in my next article. I apologize for having promised it sooner, but a variety of events have been going on, both in my own life and in the world, making this a very rapidly evolving story. Thankfully most of those events are very positive.

I can at least now say publicly that I am directly helping the Disclosure effort by appearing on Ancient Aliens, as many people saw last Thursday. Google “Underwater Worlds” and you can find it — my parts begin at the 23-minute point.

I had three different topics, all incidentally Japanese — the Dragon’s Triangle, the ‘Utsuro Bune’ and the Dogu. Of course you give a vast amount of content and get edited down to a tiny burst, but they picked good stuff.

I really was very impressed with this episode. There are strict non-disclosure agreements in place, so the only other thing I can say is to keep watching every week — and add that I have had lots of positive distractions in the last two months, and they are ongoing.

- David

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