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We Will Help You All ? Haiti/Katrina~ Who's Next?


Western elites play their food card by threatening mass starvation

The end game for the Western elite is becoming clear now that food riots
have once again begun erupting around the world.
The elite has worked long and hard to ensure they controlled a monopoly on the world's grain trade.
They have also forced most countries that submitted to IMF “austerity programs”
to give up food production in exchange for production of inedible commodities that can be traded for “dollars.”
This has been part of their long term plan to conquer humanity
by controlling their minds, their stomachs and their lives (through threat of violence).



Dear Mr. Traubel,
Our group is encouraging nations and individuals around the world not to buy US government bonds
because the money is all being spent on a giant killing machine.
We expect soon the US will be forced to stop all their endless wars.
When that happens huge amounts of money will be made available to help all the poor and suffering people
in places like Haiti. Good luck in your efforts.
They cannot kill us all, because we are very many and they are very few. 

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