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We must try to do everything we can to save the world from the elite

I have realize in the last four or five years that the world is beining taken over by scrupiless people.

And it is quite the task to wake people up, and make them realize that this is happening right around us everyday.

so i decided to reach out to anybody who believes the way i do and try and get a movement started on preventing this from happening. If you have any interest in this i would appreciated if you email me. my email is

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Comment by Marc on February 25, 2010 at 7:19am
I just felt I had to put something up here as well. As someone else mentioned all who need and want change and want to make an effort for this should really check out:
There's many different international chapters you can join for real - probably one near YOU!
It issteadily growing in numbers day by day.. Even though I myself also do my best to keep the faith and hope every day for some extraterrestrial help from above we all have to start somewhere and really DO something ourselves.. United we stand.. There is indeed strength in numbers :-)
Comment by JIM4HOPE on February 24, 2010 at 11:56pm
Hi Paul here are a few sites that you may find some help ---------------------- something going .............
Comment by Vaddix on February 24, 2010 at 10:42pm
Jim i also feel guilty, trying to wake some people up. My mother an example, There is no way in a million years i would get her to believe any of this, But even if i could i wouldn't want her to believe it. Id like to say im better off knowing the truth but sometimes i miss being in blissful ignorance. I miss thinking that the world was fine, and everything is all well and good. I miss not being in a constant state of bitterness, and rage.

I flat out refuse to watch the news anymore, I can tell the lies. I can see the lies everywhere now. And seeings enrages me to the point that my day is completely ruined. Some days ill come here and purposefully not read jose's links or even some of yours Jim( please don't take offense to that). cause i know its going to be something about how they have another way to fuck with us.

Paul Leblanc i believe i seen you here when SOE was still in it new website faze, asking the same thing, at that point i was all on board for screaming Wolf with you. You had a song about how we will never give up. ( I could bee tripping and thinking of someone else) But that fact is Screaming wolf Doesn't work on the scale we want it too. Even with tons of publicity. It is worth it when you get the one who wakes. But to be honest i think it would be more helpful lending your voice to one of the more well established movements. That way when people do ask, you have great source material to refer them too instead of a mismatch of web pages that contradict each other and a windows movie maker video burned onto a blank dvd to hand out.(Which most people will trash anyway).

Heres a start, Join one of these movements and plan an event in your area, That way you have more people to back you up. And be careful, cause going around preaching that the peoples government are sick motherfuckers may get you in a couple of fights.

My dad works for an oil company, me and hims have gone at it pretty verbally sometimes. He's still asleep though he knows what i say is right he will never admit it, cause he sleeps well at night with that big fat paycheck of false security.That doesn't make him a bad person. It just makes him a person that would rather not want to deal with all this shit that happening, which our generation will have to deal with.
Comment by JIM4HOPE on February 24, 2010 at 2:48pm
I do know my patience sometimes is very little to what is the obvious to the eye you try to explain yourself to the facts ,for example chemtrails vs contrails and instead of giving my testimony any merits or consideration they look at you like a nut ,they go along with the crap the government would never alow such a thing to take place I say Iits not as easy to wake up people to what is so hard to accept there government would go along with such criminal acts against there own people but then its worth the effort when you do get someone to wake up to the facts that you have given to them .The other problem is the people that are being fed propaganda by their so called reliable news media .
Comment by Vaddix on February 24, 2010 at 2:26pm
Its all very well saying you will start a movement, Ive tried it myself, so have countless others on this site. There are some you can lend your creative energies to, such as the Venus project and the Zeitgeist movement.
What do you plan to do? How are you going to accomplish this?

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