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We are, this day transmitting this message to all beings, to be received by all beings. To know what is and what can be. We are all awake and awakening in our own time. We are light, We are all light…

We are, this day transmitting this message to all beings, to be received by all beings. To know what is and what can be. We are all awake and awakening in our own time. We are light, We are all light.

A friend asked me today, how do I get back to my center? Sometimes the world distracts me at such a level I have a hard time finding my way back to alignment.

One thing to find first is center. Identify what that is for you first.
How does it feel to be in balance?
What sensations do I experience?
In other words, how do I know I am centered or in alignment? It is simple. Ask then pay attention. Not an overly emotionally charged demand or spot light like attention, but a light, quiet yet excitedly attentive observer sort of attention is more likely to bring out the sort of answers you are looking for.

Sometimes it helps to ask the questions aloud and then pick a character to answer the question for you, a friend perhaps or in your mind the smartest person in the world. It is a form of soliloquy that will allow you to project the answer in the form of a fictional being that knows all the answers to all of your questions almost as fast as you ask them. It is like an free flowing conversation between two people on one is your conscious mind and the other will be from the imagination, the door way to the unconscious.

Allow your imagination to cast a line into the deep vast ocean of the sleeping mind to retrieve a fish or two for the masses. We are all casting our lines everyday and retrieving bits and pieces of information. Some of us are more prolific than others in the is area but all have the capacity and surely the talent, all they need is the will to create their own sort of system to derive the proper technique, if you will.

I am of the opinion that anytime anything is "created", that veil of reality has been breached and a fish has been wriggled back. Some decide to share this information and other dine on it in secret. Hopefully, we can begin to feast together more often for imagine the feast we would have before us.

I think it is important to document our experiences, to share them with the world if we are so motivated. How powerful we would be by even allowing ourselves the opportunity to have a voice, to be empowered with a sense of knowingness.

And the truth is we already have access to the answer to any question you have about anything that is for you are that as well. You are the question and the answer which are manifest, one from one another. We have been fooled into believing that someone outside of ourselves could find the answer for us, but the truth is we all have that same access yet allow that desire to give over the answer to another or make another answer their own just as easily.

You needn't give up that power to anyone. You needn't make it a concern either. You simply must allow yourself to know and trust that you know even if the mind doesn't make sense of it immediately. Remember that you have three minds if you will, that of the highest mind or the father, that of the physical mind the son and the heart mind or the holy spirit. The father will teach the son in a manner that is loving and patient, demonstrating the needs and some of the wants of the son. The son, however must relinquish its control unto the heart mind and allow itself to harmonize with the three aspects of himself. The three minds work in perfect harmony with one another, synchronized, balanced and free.

Now you can create fully whatever it is that you want. Now you can make of yourself what you want, for it is only that wanting that drives this experience, for when you tire of it and you eventually will, the binds will be lifted and graduation will take place. You will travel into the new realities you are creating. The one being is evolving together, a family of ourselves. This channel wonders if all lives tell stories of the great change that is coming, if all times and places speak of a great change, for in all of creation we are in perpetual change. Shifting into one form of consciousness to another. Perhaps even the sleep state where deep unconsciousness lies deeply veiled. Many of you wish to lift the veil completely to reveal the the unconscious mind like a stripper would down to the knickers instead of letting the answers bloom for you like a flower in the summer sun.

Remember things like grace, elegance, beauty, for they guide you just as pleasure, comfort and peace do.
Know that you are all that is and remind yourself of it often. Humble yourself that ALL THAT IS is YOU. Let go fear and doubt and worry for they are lousy servants, and hire trust, honesty and kindness instead. If we were to reveal all the mystery that lies beyond the veil, then what would be the point of incarnating at all. This is the playground of spiritual evolution. Embrace the level you are at and allow yourself to expand daily.

Soak in the sun, imagine yourselves bathed in light of love, peace, well being and joy. Feel the joy as it fills your inner bodies with healing, loving light. Imagine yourself like a solar panel charging the batteries, if you will. And imagine a little meter that shows you that it is filling and filling and when you reach full, allow yourselves to hold that feeling. Pay attention to how you feel, the sensations. Feel how you can shine now brightly once you decide to switch yourself on. You are always plugged into the energy you are like an auto charge wireless device. You can imagine that the tank is filled instantly if you wish. Some people might like the extra time to get acquainted with the feelings. Like dipping their toes in the water, some of us long time swimmers think it best to just jump in and enjoy. The choice is yours.

Hope this helps you on your journey this day, if it did please comment. You are loved beyond imagination, comprehension or explanation. Namaste.

BrandyRox and friends

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