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WE ARE THE ARCTURIANS - an Introduction.

Arcturian Juliano

We Are the Arcturians
We are the Arc­tu­rians, and I am Juliano, one of the com­man­ders of the con­tin­gent that is over­seeing the Earth con­nec­tion. We have a very strong inte­rest in the Earth, for we view our­sel­ves as the mid­wi­ves of your spi­ri­tual birth into the fifth dimen­sion. You would not expect a human baby to be born into the third dimen­sion without assis­tance to both the mother and the baby. The­re­fore, we have been desig­na­ted as power­ful hel­pers for you in your birthing pro­cess. We are like a mag­net that is attrac­ting your spi­ri­tual energy into the higher realms.

Please unders­tand how impor­tant it is for you to have this mag­ne­tic attrac­tion. There are many dis­tor­tions and diver­sions on your third dimen­sion. We know that you expe­rience dif­fi­culty when you are trying to con­cen­trate. We are experts on focu­sing energy into the higher spi­ri­tual realms. Our wor­king with you is going to fos­ter and acce­le­rate your deve­lop­ment in a way that will help you to move into the fifth dimen­sion in a com­for­ta­ble and smooth fashion. Thus, we view our coming together as part of your ascen­sion process.

Many of you have mul­ti­ple, past life con­nec­tions with dif­fe­rent star sys­tems, such as the Pleia­des, and other galac­tic sys­tems that you are not cons­ciously aware of in your Earth know­ledge base. I remind you that you con­nect to the other star sys­tems through the Arc­tu­rian Star­gate– through us. We are loving beings, ser­ving the highest wis­dom. We do not inter­fere, but only bring you to these pla­nes as your assis­tants and guides.

Con­nec­ting with the Arc­tu­rians
It is impor­tant for you to learn how to inte­ract with the higher dimen­sions and how to become more pro­fi­cient at inter­fa­cing with other pla­ne­tary beings who are in align­ment with the goals of your deve­lop­ment. This is most impor­tant when you are expe­rien­cing what you call extra­te­rres­trial beings, for you must be very care­ful that you align with those who unders­tand and sup­port your cho­sen path of evo­lu­tio­nary development.

You may think of us as highly deve­lo­ped spi­ri­tual beings from the fifth dimen­sion who are assis­ting the Earth beings in their tran­si­tion. We expe­rien­ced our own third dimen­sio­nal shift, our own ascen­sion, a very long time ago. We have evol­ved to a higher state of cons­cious­ness, a state that many of you very much admire and wish to par­ti­ci­pate in. This state of cons­cious­ness has to do with the over­co­ming of pri­mi­tive, basic ins­tincts, and the moving to a higher fre­quency that will allow you to exist in your light bodies.

This really is the pur­pose of your evo­lu­tio­nary path on the Earth. You wish to leave the phy­si­cal and go into the light. What is meant by “go into the light”? It is your abi­lity to be in your light body, free of the phy­si­cal cons­traints of the Earth, free of the need for the very con­trac­ted aspects of your life, those aspects that have to do with the fini­te­ness of the con­cep­tion of your existence.

Not only have we wor­ked with many star­seeds, but we have also seen many pla­nets go through evo­lu­tio­nary shifts. It is of great inte­rest to us to observe the Earth and the pla­ne­tary shift that she is currently expe­rien­cing. Never has there been as much assis­tance avai­la­ble to a pla­net as there is now to the Earth. You need to know of the caring and con­cern that many higher beings have for the Earth, and you need to know that they are watching over you. They are also par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the Earth evo­lu­tion and her new birth. The Earth is lite­rally being “born again”. There is a con­ti­nuous death and rebirth cycle in the uni­verse. The Earth is going through a birthing pro­cess, and you are at the cusp of this evo­lu­tio­nary shift.

The Arc­tu­rian Trans­mis­sions
We want to dis­cuss with you the nature of our trans­mis­sions. First of all, we are stud­ying you care­fully, as well as hel­ping you. We are stud­ying your unfold­ment as pla­ne­tary beings. We are stud­ying your resis­tance, your den­si­ties, and your blocks to the higher levels, inc­lu­ding your accep­tance of our exis­tence. Part of this resis­tance focu­ses on your cul­tu­ral upbrin­ging, and your insis­tence in the edu­ca­tio­nal pro­cess on logi­cal unders­tan­ding. On the one hand, this has been a major advan­ce­ment. On the other hand, it has led you to many solid walls in your spi­ri­tual deve­lop­ment as galac­tic beings.

We need to remind you of your abi­li­ties to trans­form and acti­vate through light. We can reach you through speech, but part of our major mes­sage is also an energy exchange. As we speak, our ships in the fifth dimen­sion are cen­te­red over you. Those who are hea­ring these words and rea­ding these pages, know that you can expand your awa­re­ness to the fifth dimen­sion. Know that the light from us and our ships can reach you. Do not be afraid to acti­vate your­sel­ves. You have sought us out because you have sen­sed a pre­sence from another part of the galaxy within you.

Think of the exci­te­ment you will feel when you ack­now­ledge that you exist in a galaxy in which you have oppor­tu­ni­ties to inte­ract with count­less other beings and enti­ties. Just open up to that pos­si­bi­lity. When you do, then you can receive trans­mis­sions from us.

Our trans­mis­sions are on a higher fre­quency that is still immea­su­ra­ble by your ins­tru­men­ta­tion. When recei­ving us, there is a slight bee­ping sound that comes into your auric field. This acti­va­tes spe­cial elec­tro­mag­ne­tic recep­tors in your cellu­lar struc­ture, ena­bling you to receive our thoughts. It helps you to “let go” in order to receive these mes­sa­ges. Then you can trans­late them into your language.

We have lear­ned your lan­guage, and we have stu­died your thought pat­terns. We are fami­liar with your methods of deduc­tion and induc­tion. We have stu­died your fears, your reac­tions and your human aggres­si­ve­ness that has been such a pro­blem. Your jea­lou­sies, your hatreds– we have explo­red these through many of our con­tacts and obser­va­tions. At times, with the per­mis­sion of your higher sel­ves, we have tem­po­ra­rily resi­ded in your bodies so that we could go through days with you, or weeks, or even months when that was accep­ta­ble. We have obser­ved you so that we could learn more about your emo­tio­nal sta­tes. We have appre­cia­ted the oppor­tu­nity to be with you for such periods of time.

In return, we have offe­red you the reverse: we have offe­red invi­ta­tions to you to reside with us. You can come with us in spi­rit to our pla­net, or visit our ships. The reverse, howe­ver, has been more dif­fi­cult, for many of you have not ade­qua­tely pre­pa­red for a higher fre­quency exis­tence. We have found that, for the most part, you are in need of deep hea­ling. The expe­rience of being on the Earth has been very trau­ma­tic for most of you, and it requi­res some reco­very. We are more than willing to make our tech­no­logy and thought pat­terns avai­la­ble to you for your healing.

One of our spe­cial gifts to you is our thought pat­terns. We have cer­tain fre­quen­cies that can be made avai­la­ble to others. These thought fre­quen­cies are not neces­sa­rily trans­mit­ted in words, although there are sounds that can be voi­ced. When you are able to exist on our fre­quency, you can expe­rience an expan­sion of your cells, an expan­sion into your light bodies, your light cons­cious­ness and your galac­tic sel­ves. Open your minds to the pos­si­bi­lity of being on a new fre­quency. We will be pro­vi­ding dif­fe­rent sounds that will help to acti­vate you to this fre­quency. If you are rea­ding these words, simply con­nect with us in your thoughts, and we will be open to wor­king with you.

Just tuning in on our fre­quency will pro­vide an uplift­ment and an expan­sion for you. Fre­quen­cies are waves that you can ride. Receive our fre­quency into your fields. Direct your cons­cious­ness to your auras now, and be open to recei­ving the fre­quency of the Arc­tu­rians. We are pea­ce­ful and spi­ri­tual. We seek higher deve­lop­ment and higher ethe­real con­tact. We can help you trans­cend your lower vibra­tions. It is through our abi­li­ties to work with fre­quen­cies that we can achieve higher sta­tes of hea­ling, spi­ri­tual cons­cious­ness and tech­no­lo­gi­cal development.

The Arc­tu­rian Earth Mis­sion
The Arc­tu­rians have been con­nec­ted with the Earth and the human race in var­ying capa­ci­ties for the past 150,000 years. We have been very invol­ved in the affairs of the pla­net Earth for the last 20,000 years. Some of us were here much ear­lier, but this is the active phase of our pla­ne­tary invol­ve­ment. We have had major con­tacts with you in your current his­to­ric period. We were invol­ved with the Hebrews on Mount Sinai under the direc­tion of Sananda and others. We have been over­seeing some of the evo­lu­tio­nary chan­ges that have occu­rred. Even more recently, we have been able to work with many of the Native Ame­ri­cans very directly. Now, we are again wor­king clo­sely with many of you as star­seeds. Thus, you can see that we have a long-​​standing kinship with the human race.

At this time, we have great con­tact and invol­ve­ment with the Earth because so many Arc­tu­rian star­seeds are here. We work with the per­mis­sion of, and in ser­vice to, your White Brotherhood/​ Sis­terhood. We ack­now­ledge Sananda to be the Ascen­ded Mas­ter of your pla­net. The gui­dance that he offers you is from the highest galac­tic source. We inter­face with that know­ledge, as well as with his work and his great love. We ack­now­ledge all of your reli­gious expe­rien­ces, only wishing to bring you into the highest inter­face with spi­ri­tual light.

It is true that other space beings are coming to your pla­net con­ti­nually for obser­va­tion. Pre­sently, some are inte­rac­ting with you. We are inte­rac­ting only with cer­tain cho­sen peo­ple on a modi­fied level, but we are see­king to create an awa­re­ness of our pre­sence. This has been autho­ri­zed by the highest sour­ces in con­junc­tion with your pla­ne­tary evolution.

We have not been directly invol­ved in human evo­lu­tio­nary chan­ges or gene­tic res­truc­tu­ring. Those issues were left up to the Pleia­dians and the Sirians. Other extra­te­rres­trial groups have also done these things. We, howe­ver, func­tion more in the role of teachers or over­seers. We are here to help you gra­duate so that you can ascend into the star­gate, and move into the fifth dimen­sio­nal realm.

Our current Earth mis­sion is a very broad base mis­sion. It is a mis­sion of love, spi­ri­tual evol­ve­ment, and lear­ning. It is a mis­sion of con­nec­tion, and, more spe­ci­fi­cally, a mis­sion of energy infu­sion. Ascen­sion is a form of expan­sion. To expand, you need to hold more energy. This is a uni­ver­sal law. We can help you acce­le­rate your men­tal, emo­tio­nal and phy­si­cal sys­tems through the pro­cess of energy infusion.

The Earth is expe­rien­cing an inter­di­men­sio­nal tran­si­tion. The locks on the third dimen­sio­nal realms are being loo­se­ned, not only for you, but for the Earth as well. This is allo­wing a tre­men­dous infu­sion of energy to occur. If you focus your energy on higher beings, like our­sel­ves, you can work effec­ti­vely in this new energy. We are very plea­sed that we can now anchor fifth dimen­sio­nal energy even more deeply into your pla­ne­tary sys­tem, and help the Earth in her ascen­sion process.

With the onset of this inc­rea­sed energy and the ope­nings into the higher dimen­sions, you need a focus. That is one of our mis­sions to you– to pro­vide a con­sis­tent, ethe­ri­cally pure and high spi­ri­tual energy focus for you. We are pro­vi­ding a gate­way for you to meet us, just as we have a gate­way to the galaxy. This is our gift to you. We want this to be a group gate­way, for we com­mu­ni­cate and work as a group consciousness.

We want to help you raise your level of cons­cious­ness to a point where you can enter the dimen­sio­nal corri­dors that are now ope­ning. You can use these dimen­sio­nal corri­dors to com­mu­ni­cate and inte­ract with us. We can train you to work in inter­di­men­sio­nal spa­ces, and pro­ject your­sel­ves through the corri­dors to our ships, and then to the Arc­tu­rian sys­tem. We can help Con­nec­ting with the Arc­tu­rians you to pro­ject your­sel­ves to the inter­di­men­sio­nal tem­ples loca­ted on the beau­ti­ful moun­tains of Arcturus.

It is also our mis­sion to assist you in your puri­fi­ca­tion. Come to us in your cons­cious­ness, and know that we will assist you to purify and to cleanse, so you can raise your­sel­ves and your pla­net to a higher level. We know how to help you purify your thought pat­terns. We rea­li­zed long ago that when you refine your thought pat­terns, you are well on the way towards your spi­ri­tual birth.

We are a spi­ri­tual race, and we com­mu­ni­cate tele­pathi­cally. We are spe­cia­lists in brin­ging you the highest spi­ri­tual light, and in uti­li­zing hea­ling cham­bers in order to pro­vide assis­tance to you. We bring down a gol­den blue beam of light for you. This light is sprin­kling very power­ful rays that will enter your crown cha­kra. We per­so­nally greet each of you with this burst of energy. We recom­mend that you take this energy into your crown cha­kra and expand your cons­cious­ness even beyond your emer­ging awa­re­ness of the Arcturians.

The Arc­tu­rian Sys­tem
We have a dif­fe­rent name for Arc­tu­rus. It is in a lan­guage you would not be able to unders­tand, but what it means is “the star that gives light” in much the way you look at a mother who is pro­vi­ding life-​​giving nou­rish­ment. It is a well-​​seasoned star that has been our focus for many eons.

As you might expect, our years are not like your years. Our pla­net tra­vels around the star Arc­tu­rus once every three hun­dred twenty-​​two Earth years. You can ima­gine the dif­fe­rence in time orien­ta­tion. We live in a solar sys­tem that has fif­teen pla­nets, and each pla­net is in a dif­fe­rent stage of deve­lop­ment. Some pla­nets exist solely in the third dimen­sion. Others exist simul­ta­neously in the fourth and fifth dimensions.

In the Arc­tu­rian sys­tem, we live pre­do­mi­nantly without a gra­vity field. There is, howe­ver, a slight gra­vi­ta­tio­nal pull on our ethe­ric presence.

We are now over­seeing an inha­bi­ted pla­net in our sys­tem that is third dimen­sio­nal like the Earth, but moving towards the fifth dimen­sion. We are assis­ting those souls by hel­ping them to rein­car­nate through the Earth sys­tem, and then use that energy to con­nect to an access point into the fifth dimen­sion. Many Arc­tu­rian star­seeds currently on Earth come from this planet.

The Arc­tu­rian Cul­ture
We exist in a dimen­sio­nal rea­lity that is of a cla­rity that you can­not currently com­prehend. The purity and the cla­rity on our pla­net would be very refreshing to you. You would imme­dia­tely sense a per­so­nal puri­fi­ca­tion upon ini­tial con­tact with us. The extra bag­gage you carry on your third dimen­sio­nal world would be imme­dia­tely eliminated.

We have no con­cerns about phy­si­cal sur­vi­val, secu­rity, reti­re­ment, pen­sion, or even forms of pri­mi­tive work. These mat­ters are not inc­lu­ded in our realm. We devote our time and space to spi­ri­tual life. This is not a life without plea­sure, do not mis­take that. We engage in music and in rela­tionships. We engage in work, but it is not on the pri­mi­tive level that your cul­ture and society demands. The work is more sui­ted to our indi­vi­dual desi­res and spi­ri­tual paths. This higher con­cept of work is something that you are now seeking.

We are very focu­sed on the color blue. We focus on inter­min­gling with other dimen­sions. The whole sys­tem of our civi­li­za­tion is based on a group of lea­ders who are deeply invol­ved in thought pro­jec­tion. They help to main­tain the struc­ture of our civi­li­za­tion, its codes, its spi­ri­tual har­mony and unity. The foun­da­tion of the sys­tem is main­tai­ned through thought pro­jec­tion. This is the true work of our lea­ders. They are spe­cially cho­sen, and they are trai­ned to main­tain the thought pro­jec­tions of our system.

This allows others to engage in explo­ra­tion. Our explo­rers know that they can return to our base of ope­ra­tion. When we tra­vel inter­di­men­sio­nally, it is impor­tant that we take with us wor­kers who will con­ti­nue to con­nect with our base of ope­ra­tions through thought projections.

Thought pro­jec­tion requi­res a con­cen­tra­ted effort and an abi­lity to be extre­mely focu­sed. It is used by the Pleia­dians and the Arc­tu­rians for the mani­fes­ta­tion of objects and tools. We have spe­cial trai­ning cen­ters that teach thought pro­jec­tion. The first step is to remove attach­ments, for you can­not do thought pro­jec­tion for per­so­nal gain or greed. That is one of the laws of the uni­verse. If the ego is too invol­ved in these pro­jec­tions, then the task beco­mes impos­si­ble. Teaching the prin­ci­ples of thought pro­jec­tion invol­ves ins­ti­lling the know­ledge of how to use this tool wisely.

All beings, inc­lu­ding humans, pos­sess a par­ti­cu­lar fre­quency that allows us all to uni­quely express our­sel­ves in a mis­sion. Your mis­sion is a sym­bol and a sig­ni­fi­cant sign of your star­light. We attune to that con­cept very early in our children's deve­lop­ment, so that we can imme­dia­tely pro­vide the highest sti­mu­la­tion and direc­tion for each child. We are not com­pe­ti­tive, for we are trai­ned to rea­lize that each of us has a uni­que fre­quency, or purpose.

The Arc­tu­rians are a very pea­ce­ful race. We have not been invol­ved in war­fare for a very long time. We do have the abi­lity to mani­fest in the third dimen­sion. We have the abi­lity to pro­tect our­sel­ves on our ships, but we are not enga­ged in anything that is even close to any form of con­flict. If we encoun­ter a pro­blem, we can imme­dia­tely dema­te­ria­lize. Thus, any object that would be pro­jec­ted our way would simply go through us, and not cause us any harm. Many extra­te­rres­trial civi­li­za­tions have lear­ned how to do this.

On Arc­tu­rus, we too expe­rience the death of our form, but our pas­sing is expe­rien­ced in a much dif­fe­rent sense. For it is not con­cei­ved as the end, but merely as a tran­si­tory state of our exis­tence. Our Arc­tu­rian lives are only one of the many dif­fe­rent mul­ti­di­men­sio­nal sel­ves that is part of our com­plete being.

The Arc­tu­rian Energy Libra­ries
As your elec­tro­mag­ne­tic energy fields vibrate at fas­ter rate, your memo­ries will be acti­va­ted. Go to the libra­ries of Arc­tu­rus in your thoughts. The libra­ries will be a very com­for­ta­ble place for you. These libra­ries are not like nor­mal libra­ries on the Earth plane, where you go and read books. They are libra­ries of energy sour­ces. So you must ima­gine that when you come into a library, you are remem­be­ring energy pat­terns and elec­tro­mag­ne­tic vibrations.

All of your his­to­ric reli­gious mas­ters have had expo­sure to, or elon­ga­ted con­tact with extra­te­rres­trial ener­gies. Some did not even know that they were in con­tact with extra­te­rres­trial sour­ces. These con­tacts were expe­rien­ced as gods or as angels spea­king. All of your mas­ters have reached the point of elec­tro­mag­ne­tic awa­re­ness that allo­wed them to expe­rience a non­ver­bal, mys­ti­cal energy. This is what you are moving to when you come into the Arc­tu­rian libraries.

The Eckan­kar is also very con­nec­ted with Arc­tu­rian energy. The light vibra­tion from the Eckan­kar is Arc­tu­rian in source. The light streams in the elec­tro­mag­ne­tic vibra­tory arran­ge­ments are very simi­lar in fre­quency to the energy you will find in the Arc­tu­rian libra­ries. The Eck mas­ters have freely come and wor­ked in the Arc­tu­rian libra­ries. Many of them are acces­sing Arc­tu­rian energy from the libraries.

You are very ver­bal and very lite­ral in your thin­king pro­ces­ses, but you can also know and remem­ber through an energy exchange. This has been the basis of the Eckan­kar pro­cess in its pure form, i.e., an energy exchange. This comes directly from the Arc­tu­rian spi­ri­tual schools where you are trai­ned and taught through energy mag­ne­tism. Bring your­self to the point of allo­wing that pro­cess to occur within you.

Form and Appea­rance
We will send you an image of our appea­rance. Do not use the Zeta Reti­culi as a stan­dard. You may pic­ture a slen­der being that is a male. In your ter­mi­no­logy, he is appro­xi­ma­tely five feet ele­ven inches tall, very slen­der, with flo­wing hair. He has a cape that comes down to the waist. His face is slen­der. He has large eyes, eyes that are twice the size of human eyes. His ears are rela­ti­vely small and slen­der. His mouth is slen­der, with thin lips. Tal­king is not a high prio­rity because we use thought trans­mis­sion. He is very plea­sant. Can you ima­gine that figure?

We are mani­fes­ting our pre­sence to you. We will work through Gudrun for the dra­wing of the pic­ture, and she will have all the neces­sary infor­ma­tion and gui­dance. Perhaps this pic­ture could be inc­lu­ded with some of the wri­tings, as many peo­ple are curious about us and we unders­tand your desire to pic­ture us more fully.

This is the best form for us to assume during a third dimen­sio­nal inte­rac­tive state, but we can exist on many levels, and we can assume other forms. To come into this dimen­sio­nal level, howe­ver, we have a spe­ci­fic form that we assume. Were you to meet us on another level, you would inte­ract with us in another form. You would have no way of desc­ri­bing that other form in Earthly terminology.

You would not be able to relate to our pure form now, because you are still main­tai­ning your phy­si­cal pre­sence. Your phy­si­cal pre­sence on the Earth requi­res a cer­tain con­fi­ne­ment of thought and energy. When you are able to break out of this con­fi­ne­ment, you will know that you are also vibra­tory beings who do not need to be enca­sed in phy­si­cal bodies. You are currently evol­ving toward this pers­pec­tive. This is also the pers­pec­tive that is invol­ved in ascen­sion. You must rea­lize that your phy­si­cal bodies are not requi­red for your con­ti­nued exis­tence. The goal is to become more wholly inves­ted in your light body, or vibra­tory form.

You may ques­tion our phy­si­cal struc­ture and our appa­rent lack of phy­si­cal strength. Because of our highly deve­lo­ped thought pro­ces­ses, we can use tele­ki­ne­sis and tele­por­ta­tion for moving our­sel­ves and other objects. We do not need to use any form of phy­si­cal exer­tion. Men­tal powers are so much more effi­cient! We do not need to create objects that are heavy. Our tech­no­logy is advan­ced enough to make objects light and easily movea­ble with the mind.

You can even sense “thought move­ment” on Earth when you have light objects around, such as a feather or a piece of paper. When the wind blows you know the paper may move. Some­ti­mes you can even encou­rage the wind to come and that will move the paper. Such an action is a begin­ning sign of tele­ki­ne­sis. If you are inte­res­ted in deve­lo­ping your tele­ki­ne­sis skills as well as your tele­pathic skills, then we sug­gest you work on very light objects in the early sta­ges. We will not gua­ran­tee your suc­cess. You have not been trai­ned at an early age to engage in these pro­ces­ses the way that we have from childhood.

Arc­tu­rian Cons­cious­ness
We are indi­vi­dual souls, but we cons­tantly relate to our group soul. Howe­ver, we relate to our group soul in a way that is not easily unders­tood by you. You per­ceive coming into a group cons­cious­ness as giving up your indi­vi­dua­lity. Howe­ver, coming into the group actually enhan­ces your indi­vi­dua­lity. We are not advo­ca­ting that there should be a mass giving up of indi­vi­dua­lity. We have indi­vi­dual souls, but we are so highly evol­ved that we are in touch with our group soul constantly.

We have gone beyond the ego boun­da­ries you still expe­rience. We have gone beyond even the phy­si­cal dimen­sions you exist in, such as your body form. We have deve­lo­ped tech­ni­ques for group souls, or exten­ded fami­lies, as you have called them. You might think that our indi­vi­dual sel­ves have been given over to the group self. This has occu­rred in some local galac­tic civi­li­za­tions. The Zeta Reti­culi have expe­rien­ced an evo­lu­tio­nary lapse, a weak­ness in their chain. Because of their com­plete focus on the group, they have not been able to pro­gress. They have lost too much of their indi­vi­dua­lity, and they have begun to lose their gene­tic vita­lity. For­tu­na­tely, we did not have this pro­blem. We were able to encom­pass and inte­grate the needs of the indi­vi­dual with those of the group.

Please unders­tand that, in our per­cep­tion, we are a group energy, and we par­ti­ci­pate in group soul acti­vity. You ask us if we are men­tal; the ans­wer is yes, we are men­tal. We are com­mu­ni­ca­ting with you men­tally. We are not chan­ne­ling through what you would con­si­der emo­tio­nal res­pon­ses. We believe you can access this emo­tio­nal energy through your other great lea­ders such as Mother Mary or Sananda-​​Jesus. Our role is not neces­sar
ily to repeat that mes­sage of emo­tion for you, for there are others who are already brin­ging that vibra­tion to you.

To assume that when a being is men­tal, he does not feel love or is not emo­tio­nal, is not a view we adhere to. How can one exist in a men­tal fra­me­work without an emotional-​​body pre­sence? We feel that men­tal energy is not neces­sa­rily an energy of detach­ment. From our pers­pec­tive, as you rise on the men­tal plane, you become the obser­ver and the object together, without losing either boun­dary. It is your phi­lo­sophy that has perhaps led you to believe that you must give up one of them. Our mes­sage to you is that when you merge with your group soul, you are expan­ding rather than losing yourselves.

We have evol­ved far beyond the emo­tio­nal pro­blems that are so pre­va­lent on the Earth. We have the abi­lity to sur­pass all of the nega­tive emo­tions that have been pla­guing your pla­net. We know that many of you view us, the Arc­tu­rians, as pre­do­mi­nantly men­tal beings. It is true that we wish to help you deve­lop your men­tal bodies. Yes, we are very scien­ti­fic beings, but we can also help you to cla­rify and purify your emo­tio­nal bodies. Of course, we are not solely men­tal beings. We are very much attu­ned to your emo­tio­nal life and to your emo­tio­nal well being.

The Arc­tu­rian Energy
The Arc­tu­rian energy can be desc­ri­bed as a crys­tal light. We are devo­ted to spi­ri­tual enligh­ten­ment. We know that the goal of spi­ri­tual enligh­ten­ment has to do with gathe­ring and hol­ding more energy. Do not think of gathe­ring more energy in terms of having more mate­rial pos­ses­sions. It really invol­ves mul­ti­di­men­sio­nal holo­graphic energy inc­lu­sion. The energy that we are wor­king with and teaching you about is an energy that comes from all direc­tions. It comes not just from the top or just from the bot­tom, or the front or the back– it is a total energy. You are not just a front, nor are you just a back. Your soul knows no bounds; your mona­dic self has no up or down. Your mona­dic self has nothing in it that you can define in your spa­tial perspectives.

It is inte­res­ting that when you speak of the Mother-​​Father Crea­tor energy, you often say that you can­not desc­ribe this energy. Your mona­dic self is also indesc­ri­ba­ble. We have to come into a cons­cious­ness that, as close as pos­si­ble, has no boun­da­ries. In your pure state, you are also limit­less and holo­graphic in nature.

We are evol­ving to that state of total mer­ging into the mona­dic self. In the mer­ging pro­cess, we have deve­lo­ped the abi­lity to trans­mute our energy into other dimen­sions. We have deve­lo­ped the abi­lity to tra­vel inter­di­men­sio­nally, both to higher levels or lower levels. When we do that, we must create a por­tal or a corri­dor. By ente­ring your dimen­sion, which is much den­ser than ours, we actually create an ope­ning because we are brin­ging in higher energy. The Earth des­pe­ra­tely needs such energy infu­sions. Just by con­nec­ting with our cons­cious­ness, you are hel­ping to sta­bi­lize the energy infu­sion that we are offe­ring the Earth.

Because the Arc­tu­rian energy is a vibra­tion that is very light, it is orien­ted towards a group uplif­ting. We are experts in wor­king with groups. This is one of the rea­sons why Sananda has called upon us. We know that the group cons­cious­ness gene­ra­tes more energy for you. You can ride on that group energy to lift your­self up. We do not ask that you forego your indi­vi­dua­lity or your dis­cern­ment. All we ask is that you come together in groups. Then you can access the group cons­cious­ness and the accom­pan­ying power­ful energy surge. This group energy will help you to over­come minor blocks and detours in your per­so­nal ascen­sion process.

The energy of the Arc­tu­rian con­nec­tion is con­ta­gious. Most of you who are light­wor­kers wish to reso­nate with us. In truth, in other life­ti­mes, you have been see­king an Arc­tu­rian con­nec­tion. We have been desig­na­ted as the high energy por­tal for this sec­tor of the galaxy. It is the sec­tor, or por­tal, that many have stri­ven to reach. We work with you now to bring you to the highest level of your intui­tive pos­si­bi­li­ties. We know that there are many pro­blems that con­front you in the third dimen­sio­nal exis­tence. Some of these are phy­si­cal pro­blems of health, some pro­blems have to do with finan­cial mat­ters, and some pro­blems con­cern your employ­ment. No mat­ter what level of pro­blem that you are dea­ling with, remem­ber that our energy remains con­nec­ted to you.

The Arc­tu­rian energy is like a thread of light run­ning through your exis­tence and con­nec­ting with us. Do not lose your spi­ri­tual awa­re­ness because of any third dimen­sio­nal pro­blems. These third dimen­sio­nal pro­blems do not mean that you are being punished, or that you are somehow spi­ri­tually infe­rior. Dif­fe­rent levels and kinds of energy accu­mu­late on this dimen­sion, and it requi­res a very sophis­ti­ca­ted per­cep­tual awa­re­ness to be able to dodge all the dif­fe­rent den­si­ties on the Earth plane.

Even­tually, one of the levels of den­si­ties will catch up with you. You will run into one. It is not to be vie­wed that you are not living up to your highest poten­tial. But you can con­si­der it an oppor­tu­nity for you to infuse your­self with more spi­ri­tual light. You may request that the energy be step­ped up if you wish to receive a higher infu­sion of Arc­tu­rian light. We will bring you as much light as pos­si­ble that you can assi­mi­late without losing cons­cious­ness or beco­ming overly burdened.

We can­not infuse you with too much light if you are not able to tole­rate the light. If this infu­sion would make you throw off your com­mit­ments to the third dimen­sio­nal level, then this is not accep­ta­ble. We want you to be invol­ved in your third dimen­sio­nal exis­tence. We are not trying to pre­ma­tu­rely remove you from what you are expe­rien­cing on Earth. We recog­nize in all of you that you wish to be taken from your third dimen­sio­nal exis­tence. We know, for a fact, that if we were able to, or deci­ded to, or were given per­mis­sion to remove you, then all of you would leave.

Many of you would joy­fully give up what you have, because you think you would not have to conc­lude your third dimen­sio­nal drama. Howe­ver, we are also aware that these indi­vi­dual, third dimen­sio­nal dra­mas are impor­tant to you and to your soul. As much as you may be dis­traught about that, these third dimen­sio­nal dra­mas are, neverthe­less, impor­tant to you.

When you are in touch with this power­ful Arc­tu­rian fre­quency, it does trans­form you. The Arc­tu­rian energy allows you to receive much infor­ma­tion from us, and it can act as a hea­ling force for you as well. When you have this Arc­tu­rian fre­quency within you, it will become so second nature to you that you will to be able to easily mag­nify your spi­ri­tua­lity. While those around you are beco­ming more con­fu­sed and una­ble to even hold a candle, you will be able to hold a great spi­ri­tual light.

This excerpt is from the book Con­nec­ting with the Arc­tu­rians, which is avai­la­ble from:
Hea­ven on Earth Pro­ject
PO Box 67
Mt Shasta CA 96067

web­site: www​.hoep​.org
email: info@​hoep.​org

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on January 13, 2011 at 4:19am
These Arcturians could prove to be a very interesting race as we could see how easy it truly is to let each others different likes for enjoyments, and pleasures be a reason to be  by being different is with sincere approval is A-OK ..I also visualize and have manifested a message of pure intent a sincere need to express to all humanity and benevolent ET races.we are rising up to take our place along side  our Benevolent Galactic brothers and sisters who understand we are our race unlike any others but truly want to live as a benevolent being that finally realizes what makes us so interesting is we have so many different interest in the pursuit of happiness .We may enjoy some traits that come from Art and other hands on pasions that dont make sense to you thats because were diffweent and thats ok. .You already know the reason you have not interacted is so we can mature into our own ways and unique beings that will make up the new human race ..I believe when we show that we have removed these few who have ruled us once and for all and we are heading down that benevolent path we then will meet in a physical  state all 4 5 6 & 7 dim beings that will let us experience fantastic things that we cant even imagine existed if we desire to... Thanks Besmi for posting .. . 
Comment by Besimi on January 13, 2011 at 1:53am

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