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we are all becoming stars at this time

Crystalai ©2009

We are all becoming stars at this time. When a star breathes, it draws energy in and when it exhales it sends energy out. We can now draw in the crystal energy of the entire
Cosmos and exhale the new Cosmic Energy into our Atmosphere. Together
with Mother Earth, we exhale the Atmosphere of Love Divine to create
the New Earth. Each time we breathe, we are adding the new
Consciousness to our new Reality. We are healing the environment, the
people and the world that we live in when we exhale Cosmic Breaths of
Angelic Consciousness from the Highest Frequency.

Orons are the crystal light, crystal gel and crystal dust that is actually golden stardust energy of cosmic consciousness. These crystal bands are the music of the
spheres, they are the light and sound that all is made of -- the
frequencies of our consciousness. This is the magical substance that
was called prana in the Bible. This is the substance Jesus and Mary
created miracles from. This is also the substance Merlin created his
magic from and the substance that Kuthumi taught in the Music of the
Spheres classes. This is the new spiritual substance that Mother
Earth will Exhale beginning 9-9-9.

Now is the time to join our Crystal Hearts together as One with Mother Earth's Crystal Heart and breathe together. It is our breath that makes us unite our Consciousness into
Oneness. We must also join our Hearts into Oneness with the Heart of
the Milky Way, the Heart of the Universe and the Cosmic Egg--Mother
Mary's Cosmic Heart. This is how we unite through One Star Gate into
a New Star System.

ORONS (oxygen bound with Helium) pick up solar charge – natural emissions from the central sun, and they store this energy after they densify a bit and then they stream it
into the Earth's atmosphere. This light energy comes through the
breaths of angelic consciousness of the 12 tribes of Israel- or the
12 groups of angels which are the Consciousness of the 12 Suns of the

This light energy comes down as liquid light and then densifies into form into the Light Body Structure of our new Silica Based body, which is half etheric. In a normal star
system- such as the one Mary Magdalene's Consciousness was attached
to- this solar charge streaming ORONS from Cosmic Consciousness
through the star gates of Ursa and the Solar gates of the Milky Way-
happened several times a day. This was the stairway to heaven that
Mary Magdalene, her sisters and her Father rode up quite frequently
from their city of Magdal.

These Light Bands would go into the surface of the Earth and the surface of our skin or tissue of the skin. There are crystal spheres of light energy running through all
muscle structure. Orons are crystal bands of crystal light energy,
crystal dust energy and crystal gel energy that make up the structure
of the body, the planet, the solar and cosmic systems.

The Earth's system was so damaged that it could no longer accrete frequency like a natural system. A natural system is a sun system that is accreting frequency and then going up
higher and higher in frequency. A damaged system is broken from this
frequency accretion and it has become stuck in a time warp. This
planetary system has not been able to perform its normal symbiosis

This September will be the first time in many millions of years that our system is able to become normal. This is why everyone in our universe, our galaxy, our solar system,
and many other solar systems are
celebrating now. Most systems (the planet, universe, galaxy, star,
beings, animals, plants) have the solar symbiosis cycle. When a star
breaths it draws energy in and when it exhales it sends energy out.

When we breathe, we send energy out. A living system sends energy up and out to the top of its poles and out to all of the planets and suns in its system. There is a breathing circulation within and
between all planets and suns in that system where solar currents go out of the top
of the sun and they get picked up by stars around it gives off energy around it
and picks up energy from those around it on a horizontal plane.

We must also accumulate all frequencies of the entire system through our breath of consciousness and exhale these higher frequencies out into our environment to create our
natural symbiosis cycle. We must first allow the crystal light,
crystal dust and crystal gel to enter into our elemental charts of
our templates.

We are presently returning to our elemental structure that is normal in a star system. Our physical elements from the elemental chart are now uniting with the elements from the spiritual elemental
chart into the set of elements that are a part of any normal solar system. Our system
is converting water and air into hydrolaise. The new earth and those on
it will be a part of this star system that is hydrolaise based. We are now becoming a
normal eternal breathing system. We are becoming immortal. We are becoming
normal. A carbon based system is a dying system. A hydrolaise based system
is a Christic based immortal system.

There is a natural solar symbiosis cycle with an eternal life solar system. In such a system all Merkabas are spinning at the right speeds and everything is exchanging energy through Prana in
natural crystal order. Around each Merkaba is a chariot of fire with
electromagnetic fields that plug into the next level up. Our body works similar to this Natural Flow

A natural conversion process is hydrolaise. The light body builds on this Template. The light body is a breatharian body that breaths hydrolaise.

Hydrolaise is key to an intricate breathing process that stars use. It is like our process of breathing that keeps cellular process going where we emit carbon dioxide, but it is closer to the
photosynthesis process that plants do. The natural prana exchange cycle has to do
with bringing in spirit body and progressively re-spiritualizing matter
through prana exchange. Building charge that allows you to move forward in time
by re-creating your spiritual body frequencies.

Three Knights of the Templar appeared to me and handed me three crystal spheres. The first sphere was Crystal Light, the second Crystal Dust and the third was Crystal Gel.
They connected a pillar from my ear to the Elohim of Hearing and then
they told me to connect my consciousness to the Breaths
of the Elohim Angels. I was told to take the three spheres and spin
them into one sphere. I was then to use the spheres to breathe into.
Finally I was to activate the spheres through the activity of
breathing crystal light energy from Cosmic Consciousness through
them. I was later told that this is the hydrolaise breathing process
that stars use. I was told by my starry brother Zaurak that these
streams of solar energy and star energy is what we will use to exhale
our new reality of the Kingdom of Heaven through.

That is the natural exchange cycle of a star. We inhale the cosmic frequencies, we exhale the angelic frequencies and we create prana exchange. Next we connect this energy
into our heart's desire in our Crystal Heart, see our heart's desire
in our third eye, connect to our Higher Selves and then Exhale our
Desire into our new atmosphere of co-creation.

Now is the time to connect our Crystal Heart into Oneness with Mother Earth's Crystal Heart and breath together as we become a Star.

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