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Wait a second. Those were Freemasons, and the USA remains a crown colony.

First Comment by Sid Green:
"The gratitude the patriot experiences in contemplating the daring of the men who in 1776 signed the Declaration of Independence against the world's mightiest military empire" Wait a second. Those were Freemasons,  and the USA remains a crown colony. 
This guy seems to be either deceived or a disinformation artiste. The establishment is not going quietly? If anyone is going quietly, that's us. Trump flashes the 666 sign more than anyone I've ever seen. Right now he's just playing around making stocks plummet by mentioning their names (lol) but soon he will be submitting to the agenda. Trump ain't no dreamer unless we are talking S & M or something porno. 
Prepare to get Cabala brain-raped unless you're smart enough to speak the language of occult symbols and newspeak. Those "daring" men wrote a constitution that only applies to certain elite members of society, this "New Atlantis" true to its heritage of fallen angel arrogance, is a place where the bottom of the pyramid (the TRAPazoid) are little more than slaves and animals. 
This is not a Christian Country and Trump does not represent the "white" race. The USA is a Cabalist country which benefits Cabal members. That Church that you see on the street, go up to it and it will have a plaque telling you which Masonic lodge authorized the building of the "Church". 
How come one my Caballa books it has an Egyptian Ankh and other pagan symbols? Hello people this is MYSTERY BABYLON......The eagle.....Rome's successor. In the book of Enoch, the eagle devours the sheep that will not defend themselves and the Lord allows it because they do not stand up for righteousness but instead let themselves be scammed. I hope most readers are not as naive as the author or disinfo agents or believers therein
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