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Global Cooling

Michael Shrimpton helps expose a hoax!

Plenty to write about this week, but as America freezes I thought it an opportune time to return to the global warming hoax. It’s the biggest and most expensive scientific hoax in history and it’s high time it was knocked on the head. Only the Western democracies are buying into this nonsense – the Chinese and German governments know full well that human CO2 emissions are not materially affecting the climate. Decarbonizing our economies however is materially affecting our prosperity and costing jobs. Having been wrongfully accused of a hoax myself I must confess that I’m rather enjoying the Bad Guys’ discomfiture as temperatures plummet!

As I commented in Spyhunter decarbonizing our economies makes about as much sense as decarbonizing ourselves. Britain’s absurd Climate Change Act is said to be costing the country £18 billion a year, enough to rebuild the Royal Navy. British households and businesses are paying far too much for their energy. Energy economics across the pond are different, but I have no doubt that inappropriate wind and solar power schemes are driving up the cost of your energy.

Why do energy costs matter?

In the UK, and I suspect in the US, artificially boosted energy prices are materially affecting disposable incomes. Poorer households suffer the most. In the case of older people, cutting back on household heating can be dangerous. This isn’t just about money, it’s about lives as well.

It’s not just households and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises which are affected. Energy costs are a big chunk of the cost of making steel and aluminum. (I know you guys spell that differently!) This not only gives Chinese steelmakers a competitive advantage, it drives up the cost of British and American cars and white goods.

Since the EU has bought into the Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis (AGWH) German, French, Italian and Spanish carmakers are also suffering, not that we care too much about them. The effect of current policy is a huge transfer of production and wealth from the West to the East.

Since the covert German DVD backs the ChiComs (Mao was a German asset, a fact which seems to have escaped the eponymous Senator Flake) getting rational policies in place is not going to be easy. President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement has been reversed by the State Department, which quietly caved in to UN demands to treat the agreement as having been ratified. I don’t recall the Senate approving it, do you?

Senior figures in the British government and the Cabinet Office are being blackmailed by the DVD’s London operation, GO2. Theresa May is powerless to change British policy, one reason she has rightly been snubbed by President Trump. She’s not the sharpest knife in the box, no offense intended, and seems to have bought into AGWH in any event. Most of the Cabinet are house-trained and equally incapable of independent thought, as demonstrated by their attitude to the EU.

We are imposing huge burdens on our economies and our most vulnerable people, all for nothing. AGWH has been the most successful propaganda campaign in history, a classic example of our community partner Dr Goebbels’s Big Lie concept.

As I explain in Spyhunter, AGWH was invented by a quack Swedish chemist called Svante Arrhenius (1859-1927), who was so bad they gave him a Nobel Prize. Dynamite his hypothesis wasn’t. Since Dr Arrhenius was responsible for more Wehrmacht casualties than any other chemist in history, perhaps they should have given him the Nobel Peace Prize! Since he hadn’t bombed Cambodia he probably didn’t qualify, however.

How did a 19th century Swedish chemist help inflict large casualties on the Wehrmacht in World War II? Easy. Our community partners the OKW (German High Command) bought into his silly hypothesis and decided it was now OK to invade Russia. Cue large numbers of German troops without enough winter woollies having their b……s frozen off outside Moscow in 1941. They probably felt like the people in Duluth are feeling right now, i.e. a bit chilly and a bit p…..d off.


The world is cooling, not warming

I don’t think too many readers in Duluth are going to have a problem with this. The planet is cooling down, not warming up. Since the biggest influence on our climate is the Sun and we are currently in a cycle of reduced solar activity this is not particularly surprising. For the benefit of any Congressmen or Senators reading this, the Sun is that big orange thing in the sky. It’s quite hot.

As my late friend Sir Patrick Moore, the astronomer, predicted, the planet entered a cooling phase around the turn of the century, having been warming since about 1975. Those of us who were around in the early 70s can recall scare stories about a ‘new ice age’. We have probably entered what’s called a Maunder Minimum, i.e. the cooling phase may last about twice as long as usual.

The UN has been distorting temperature and sea-level readings for years. What you get is not what the thermometers see. In order to fit the data to the hypothesis (serious scientists do it the other way round) the UN has been quietly cooking the books, as it were. They call it ‘adjusting the data’. I call it fraud.

Some of the temperature data needs to be adjusted, alright: downwards. As the footprint of Western cities has expanded met data-gathering stations in the countryside have been surrounded by development. Cities can be up to 1.5o C warmer than the surrounding countryside. A lot of what the UN is measuring is increased urbanization, not increased temperatures.

A lot of sea-level monitoring is done on gently rising landmasses, i.e. the data is a measurement of rising land, not falling seas. I suspect there’s also a problem with the CO2 data – the main measuring station on which the UN relies is sited in volcanic Hawaii. Great choice, guys.

The problems with AGWH

AGWH supporters, not least in the MSM, have a terrible habit of not engaging with their opponents’ arguments, i.e. they do not believe in the scientific method. They simply talk past us.

Again as I explained in Spyhunter the main problems with AGHW are fourfold:

(1)    CO2 follows temperature rises, not the other way round, with a lag of about 750 years. Current CO2 levels are tracking the Medieval Warm Period.

(2)    CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere, responsible for about 5% of the Greenhouse Effect.

(3)     Humankind is only responsible for about 3.3% of CO2 emissions and

(4)     Recent planetary warming and cooling cycles tracked solar activity, i.e. solar output is the most important factor affecting the climate.

This explains why we had global warming phases long before we had SUVs. At most humanity is responsible for about one thirtieth of one twentieth of the Greenhouse Effect, i.e. a fraction of one percent, i.e. barely enough to boil a kettle.

CO2 BTW is a colorless, odourless gas. For some reason the BBC (I daresay CNN and CBS are the same) always have background images of factory chimneys belching out smoke when they talk about climate change. If you can see it, it’s not CO2 guys. Once CO2 concentrations rise above 15% (it’s measured in the atmosphere in parts per million for a reason) you start to lose consciousness. I wonder how many global warmists have died in sealed environments with rising CO2, thinking that because there was no smoke or vapor there wasn’t a problem.

Water vapor and droplets are the largest contributors to the Greenhouse Effect, which, like CO2, is essential to life on Earth.

There isn’t space in this column to delve more deeply into the arguments. There are excellent objective sources out there, including the website  My friend Christopher Booker has also written a lot of sense about climate change in the Sunday Telegraph. This is unusual, since the paper’s current owners, the Barclay brothers, who let us say probably prefer sausage to roast beef for their Sunday lunch, don’t encourage common sense.

I should explain that Christopher is one of only two intelligent journalists in the UK, hence the sustained rationality of his weekly column, except about the EU single market, where my old friend has gone a bit off-message, no offense intended! (I’m sending him a copy of this column.)

The memo

I gather that there’s an interesting memo circulating in Washington! It seems to giving the Democrats a fit of the screaming heebie-jeebies, which is encouraging.

More to come on this in future columns, I suspect, but the broad story, reported first on VT, is that the FBI colluded with the Clinton campaign and involved themselves in illegal wiretaps on the Trump Campaign. Since the FBI asked the CIA to get GCHQ to monitor Trump Campaign communications this is not too surprising.

There was foreign interference in the 2016 campaign, alright: German intervention. The FBI is largely controlled from Frankfurt by the Correa/COREA Group (I wish they’d set up a website so that we could clear up the confusion about their name!). Germany backed Hillary Clinton.

Sadly, there are few if any intelligence-literate Members of Congress. The overwhelming majority have never heard of the DVD or the Correa/COREA Group. The eponymous Senator Flake is not alone in his ignorance. It’s about time that a copy of Spyhunter was deposited in the Library of Congress.

One of my greatest faults, as Christopher Booker well knows, is an excessive tendency to hide my lights under a bushel. I’m working on it, though! Although it goes against the grain to say it, Spyhunter is a ground-breaking intelligence text, which reveals a lot of dark secrets. It’s about time Congressmen and women and Senators started to read it. Until they do we’re going to keep hearing from Senators who think that Mao Tse-Tung was a communist. (I suppose that the next thing Senator Flake will be saying is that Marx was a Marxist!)

The Vegas mass-shooting

I have an interesting development to report. Seems like a couple of top Saudis were in town that night, one in the Tropicana and one in the Mandalay Bay. It is being reported elsewhere that one of the Saudis was keen to take pot-shots at the other and that the mass-shooting was a diversion.

At this time I am not able to confirm these reports, but they have the ring of truth about them. One place you won’t be getting the truth from is the FBI. The Bureau is about suppressing the truth, not discovering it. The fact that they are still clinging to the single-shooter theory says it all.

The sad thing is that the Mandalay Bay insurers, who ought to know better, have fallen for the single-shooter nonsense. I wouldn’t want to place a policy with them! I haven’t had a call from a single insurer or a single lawyer acting for relatives of the victims. Naivety can be charming, especially in children, but it’s a bit worrying in grown-ups. It’s probably a worry also for parents as their children grow older.

Lawyers are particularly vulnerable to ignorance and conceit, but I had expected more from the insurers. Watch this space.

This Week’s Movie Review: Darkest Hour

(2017 dir. Joe Wright)

Released to theaters in the UK last week, this is an excellent movie. Above all, for the first time in years, we have a movie which is fair to Sir Winston Churchill. I had the privilege of knowing the great man’s grandson, also an MP, and I suspect that he would have approved.

The producer and scriptwriters are fair enough to fact-check the myth that Churchill was an alcoholic. Just a bottle of champagne for breakfast, another for lunch and a few glasses of brandy in the evening. Hardly what a barrister, even a suspended one, would call an alcoholic!

Gary Oldman, as the lead, turns in one of the finest performances in living memory. It is a very human portrayal of a great human being. You can scarcely believe that it’s Gary Oldman, which is surely one of the points of acting. He has to win the Oscar! If he doesn’t, it will be political – I really can’t see anyone else turning in a better performance this year.

The plot takes a few liberties with history, but it’s a movie, not a documentary. There are a few factual errors – the majority of the evacuees from Dunkirk were brought off in destroyers, e.g., and the Royal Navy paid a fearful price in ships and men. I knew someone who owned one of the Little Ships of Dunkirk (the late, great Raymond Baxter) and he was always keen to emphasise the Navy’s role. The movie is broadly true to life, however.

What it doesn’t do is reveal the intelligence background to May 1940. Chamberlain and Halifax weren’t working for the home team. It’s still a great movie, however, and well worth watching.

Source: veteranstoday

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