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VT: Breaking/Exclusive: Caught, US Hiding Germ Warfare Lab Near Russian Border

Breaking/Exclusive: Caught, US Hiding Germ Warfare Lab Near Russian Border

By  Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor  - January 25, 2018


Richard E. Lugar: Body of Evidence Suggests New US Biological Warfront Opening


by Henry Kamens,  … New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The move to push NATO to the Russian border went on under the Peace Prize man’s watch

[ Editor’s Note: Henry takes us back to an old story on the covert bio-weapons research that went on at the Lugar Lab in Georgia during Obama’s watch. The story got no coverage in the US Press, even by his enemies, as the Intel tie in scared them away.

But Georgia is a small country, and lots of outside, disposable skilled workers were brought in to control the spread of bad news over “death by goofing up”.

The US contractors overseeing the remodeling did the usual cheap subcontracting route to pocket more profits; and the low quality work was made public by Jeffrey Silverman, and where he was subsequently harassed for his efforts but still above ground.

This scandal has yet to make its way to Congress, as those who should be pushing for disclosure don’t see it as a problem for them. We have all been here before, where they can all claim “if only we had known”.  That is why they keep their noses out of it.

Bibi hyped “da bomb” endlessly, but failed to produce the proof to stop the JCPOA, because he didn’t have any

VT readers are well aware of the obvious Cold War-Economic War being run against Russia behind the backdrop of the silly claim that Moscow wanted to reestablish its former Soviet empire, but where not a shred of evidence has been laid out to support it.

It is a replay of the Iran secret nuclear weapons program that never existed. You know, the one that the Israelis told us year after year for decades that the mad mullahs were just a year or two away from “da bomb”.

They lied. They are still lying to us, and we are still doing too little to make them pay a serious price for doing so. Making outrageous charges with no proof has become a common way to grab news headlines. Doing this has become a staple of the Trump presidency… Jim W. Dean ]


– First published … January 18, 2018 –


We know that the Richard E. Lugar Centre in Tbilisi is actually a biological weapons lab. It has always been assumed that the US Department of Defense took over this facility, alongside a string of others in the former Soviet Union, for offensive purposes.


The “scientific research” into animal and human diseases it claims to be carrying out is merely a front for developing new biological strains, viruses and bacteria, and then testing them on the Georgian population and the agricultural industry, without asking for consent.

It is even developing new generation vaccines and cures which are often experimental, naturally donated or supported by the US Department of Defence and German medical research facilities.

There is much evidence that these strains are being tested on the population, ironically even pundits got-it-right. More measurable evidence includes the sudden unexplained spikes in various diseases, human and plants, mortality rates. One also needs to mention the great reluctance of medical people in Georgia to talk about such things, other than off the record and in total confidence, not even to be recorded.

Fewer are even willing to discuss the fact that, after millions of dollars have been spent on this “research lab”, because of flawed engineering and substandard safety standards.

Ironically it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find a single research paper published in Georgian, and even the clinical studies are done in secret—and without informed consent. Josef Mengele, Nazi doctor, would be impressed with the Georgian project.

This is not all.

The present Georgian government made a great show of taking over this lab as soon as it took office, due to public concern about it, but the US Department of Defense still claims to run it regardless.

A number of foreign contract staff at the centre had returned home to die, too many for these to be natural cause, unrelated deaths. If anyone starts asking questions, problems will result, as Ragnar Skre, a Norwegian Journalist found out after attacked at his home by masked men within hours of visiting the lab several years ago.

He thought at the time that robbery was not the purpose and suspected that the attack was connected to him having information on the planned production of biological weapons in Georgia. He had been carrying out journalistic investigation regarding the allegation.

“Even if the production of biological weapon does not start in Georgia, the government does not appreciate to expose the information that there is reserve of biological bacteria in the country,” said Skre in an interview with the Georgian Human Rights Centre.

All these things are matters of public record; even VOA tries to provide a smokescreen for its actual purpose, claiming that it is “politics-and-not-science” is why should Russia is concerned.

But recent developments suggest that the lab has other functions, including the links between DNA groups and bio weapons. It is not simply observing the effects of new biological strains by studying them by manipulating them. There is a strong possibility that one of its purposes is to inflict upon Georgia already proven viruses and bacteria, which no one needs to test.

Many in Russia and Arab countries suspect that they are likely the target of such research. Russian Senator Klintsevich claims that “It is no secret that different ethnic groups react to biological weapons in different ways and that is why the West is meticulously collecting material all across Russia.”  

In short, this and other labs, in Kenya, Thailand and Ukraine are not preparing weapons for future use by its favoured terrorists but by stockpiling them for a rainy day: using them itself: conducting its own biological terrorism against its friends rather than its enemies.

It is no accident that it partners with the Army Medicine’s US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command in carrying out infectious disease surveillance and research, purportly develop better diagnostics, treatments and vaccines. Naturally all this is in violation of the Bio Weapons Convention, but that is a moot issue when the research is outsourced to Grey Zones as Georgia, under the flimsy guise of human and animal health.

Each State Party to this Convention undertakes never in any circumstances to develop, produce, stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain: Microbial or other biological agents, or toxins whatever their origin or method of production, of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes Weapons, equipment or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict.

One of the people who ended up in a hospital for investigating what is going on  >>>>FIND OUT MORE

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