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V.K. Durham - Let's Deal With The Facts

All of this "odious debt" situation was created when a collective group of individuals thought they could take an individual ..murder him...and assume his [Durham Holding Trust, Property] Corporation known as Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd.., forge his name, get the forgery notarized and proceed to terrorize the Global Banking, Financing and Economics.., and even brazen enough to state "Only VK Durham would know the truth."
How would VK DURHAM know the truth? Because it all was owned by Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087...and what was in the Trust..had been owned by the Durham Family since 1876. VK Durham was very familiar with each 'i' and 't' and even the '.'s involved.
Right now.. it is rumored G.H.W. BUSH has lost $370 Trillion USD.
UnPrecedented 'intervention' by THE GEORGE H.W. BUSH'S Administration into the current George W. Bush's "Presidency" by bringing in James Baker III, Ed Meese, Lee Hamilton etal in to 'CLEAN UP' or act as "Sweepers" for Bush the younger and his Brothers, Neil and Jeb's screw ups..and MalAdministration under BLACKMAIL which you can read about in a PUBLIC NOTICE at . That's pretty explicit!

Then a new player entered the picture..bringing up "old" issues on MONEY LAUNDERING ..exposing Hillary's Giga Accounts in the Grand Caymans..
The TRUST had some of it's own information as did Sherman Skolnick.. Sherman posted his article: GREENSPAN REPORTEDLY BRIBES AND AIDS BUSH IN GOLD SWINDLES, Part Two
[ ] further posting U.S. Treasury investigative Documents inside the article.

Oddly, I was sent 'more bank accounts and documents' by someone involved with the U.S. TREASURY INVESTIGATION involving JORGE BUSH and LEO WANTA.. I did an article and Patriotlad did one also.. Patriotlad's Article: LEO WANTA AND THE BANKING PANIC OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER elaborates on BANKING SCANDALS AND THE IRAQI NUCLEAR PROGRAM
[ ] while my own article listing the actual documents was posted at .

December 7, 2006.. It became apparent The GAIA-Ekker's were being seriously challenged as to PRODUCTION of Bonus 3392-181..which my husband was MURDERED over.. They could not produce the BONUS 3392 OR 181.. They alleged the Documents were in Peru..
No.. the documents are not in Peru.. The Documents are 'safe' and 'secure'..filed of PublicRecord in Gallatin County Illinois, Washington County, Illinois and Ida County Iowa..
When I placed the Attache Case next to my murdered husbands coffin.. I made him a promise. "I promised him the son of a bitches who did what was done to him..would lose it all..and it would cost them and those they love dearly." See: article TRILLIONS LOST IN ARTIFICIAL NAKED SHORT AGAINST USD.
Until the "cause" or the "beginning" of this crap is dug into and investigated properly (minus the MOUTH's INTERFERENCE)... AND THE PERP.S PROSECUTED; ITS ALL PURE 'BULL'.. WON'T GO ANYWHERE BUT 'GOSSIP PAGES'..

Subject hot money in off shore accounts: GIGA SCANDAL DOCS
(Note* Individual access numbers are assigned to an individual’s Name when an account number has multi access.)
Think about this.. If you make a debt..who is liable for your debt? You are..

WE the People are not responsible for any of this DRUG AND MONEY LAUNDERING DEBT of the BUSH, CLINTON, BoA, WACHOVIA mess..[ see: ] .
I will restate:
: If, and I say "IF" I were in a POKER GAME as to who
: holds the Black and White Zerox Copies betting against the
: COLOR.. and it came time to show your hand, I believe I
: would say: READ 'EM AND WEEP, BOYS:

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