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URGENT GLOBAL NOTICE: To President Obama - 3/31/2009

URGENT GLOBAL NOTICE: To President Obama - 3/31/2009
Dear President Obama:


You are fully aware of the FAST approaching time schedules whereby YOU, Mr. President MUST make the "RIGHT DECISION" that releases and creates true Good Cause for America, the People of America and thereby fully creating Good Effect for all other global countries and their citizens.

You are a TRUE LEADER.

NOW IS YOUR TIME to completely seize the opportunity to AFFECT America and the World the "RIGHT WAY". Mr. President, you MUST STOP being affected by those "Special Interest Groups and the Military Establishment" that are closely intertwined with the WRONG global agendas. Make no mistake, this serious and final hour of decision involving America and affecting the Global is "NOW on your Watch".

You and your Financial Economic Team are focusing on the SYMPTOMS / EFFECTS of the Global Financial Collapse, however YOU know the TRUE CAUSE is due to the "OVER PRINTING of USD" continually since FDR up to now and then conveniently positioned the USD throughout the World. Now that SERIOUS BAD CAUSE brings SERIOUS EFFECT back to AMERICA and also affects others in the global.

The G-20 meeting and its true outcome is fast approaching. Mr. President you have "little time left" to do the RIGHT THING. May You be full of the SPIRIT of WISDOM and a STRONG DETERMINATION to stand against and STOP those in the LEADERSHIP of DARKNESS in America of which you now have a more clear understanding.

Mr. President always remember that the "SOURCE MONEY or SOURCE VALUE" of all GLOBAL CURRENCIES is what truly is important. Please consider seriously before your "FINAL HOUR OF DECISION" that Without the "SOURCE VALUE" backing the USD; there remains NOTHING but continual Financial Collapse and especially the "AMERICAN COLLAPSE" which goes to a point of "NO RETURN".

President Obama may you now "CHOOSE RIGHT and CHOOSE GOOD" for ALL the PEOPLE. Change Must Come Now, ACTION MUST BE SEEN AND EXPERIENCED to receive "GLOBAL FAMILY SUPPORT".

Sincerely and with great hopefulness.


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