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Unseating the Entrenched Polticians in Bed with the Bankers

One of the biggest problems we have such turmoil in our great nation  

is the political establishment in all levels of the government from

local government to the top.  

These people have not only undermined the people, they used their office

they were elected to serve the people.

They used the office for personal gain.

Over the years when they deceived the people into reelecting them.
As time goes by, they reorganized the government structure to insure
their political career will survive.
They fortified the government to protect them from the people.

             These entrench people have sold themselves out for power,
they sold themselves to the bankers and any corporate donor with deep pockets
to guarantee to fund their campaigns.
As a result of these people being in office too long has only benefited
the politicians and not the people.
We have voter fraud with Diebold voting machines to steal elections to make sure
these people hold onto office.
They use the force of government to harass their political opponents
and rivals not to challenge them.
This entrenched political class will abuse their office to hold onto power
when they have the bureaucracy at their disposal.

              When you see people like Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rengal, Eric Canter,
John Boehner and John McCain.
These people are all brought and paid for by the bankers.
They have been well entrenched for a long time.
Texans have been tired of Gov.Rick Perry for a long time.
Just there has not been a viable alternative for Texans to choose from to replace slick Rick.
Mayor Bill White who was the opponent was a white bald Obama.
Gov. Perry has been the longest sitting governor in Texas history.
Still people are tired of entrenched politicians in Texas of not only Rick Perry,
they are tired of these insiders like Speaker of the House Joe Strause and Lt Gov. Dewhurst.
These have done a terrible disservice for Texas.

                When we see these bailouts to the mega banks,
the raiding of family farms, the shutting down of farmers markets,
the harassment of health food stores, eminent domain abuse stealing of private land
for their campaign donors, our jobs outsourced to other countries,
the super wealthy exempt from taxes by laws the helped write,
monopolies have been erected to wipe out any competition and wars for Israel.
That is because of these entrenched politicians doing the bidding
of their donors and not the people.
This means we need to bring back term limits to prevent this political class
being entrenched in office too long,
They only way they can maintain control after a while is using the force
of goverment to keep the status quo in place.

                 We have a fascist dictatorship because government and corporate merging
thanks to the entrenched political class in both parties
who used their office to profit personally.
We need to shorten these session of congress.
They are in session way too long passing unnecessary laws.
They need to spend more time back in their districts with the people
and not with the lobbyist.
Politics is not supposed to be a career. It is a service they do for two or four years.
After they served, they go back home to live under the laws they passed as private citizens.
When we get our republic back, we have a restructure so people we elect to office
do not benefit personally, that they do their job,
they go home and live as private citizens.
We can no longer allow a political class to be entrenched in office again.

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