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Understanding Ascension Emotions By Mahatma Energy Through Natalie Glasson

Understanding Ascension Emotions
By Mahatma Energy
Through Natalie Glasson

with video
Greetings and love extend from all aspects of my being. I am the consciousness, the energy known as Mahatma, I exist throughout 352 levels of the Creator's Universe. It is my purpose to oversee the cosmic level of the Creator as well. Each of you are a part of my energy, and flow through my being and consciousness in order to manifest and exist within the Universe of the Creator.

Today, I wish to speak of emotions. It is time to acknowledge the impact of Ascension upon your emotions. Ascension is quickening and moving at great speed. This means that you may feel unbalanced, uncertain or confused when you grow spiritually. When you awaken you may gain a new insight about yourself as an expression of the Creator. There is a period of time when you become accustomed to that new vibration. This period of time is when your emotional body can experience high or dramatic reactions. You might feel wounded by the words of another, you might find yourself extremely emotional, or upset, or maybe the opposite deliriously happy. As your body and your being is adjusting to the new vibration of Ascension that you have accessed, it can mean that you experience emotional highs and emotional lows. Once your vibration and your being become...+

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