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Gray Bases
--------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Wed, 19 Jun 96 13:29:39 -0600 From: library patron Subject: Gray Bases

Dear ORL:

I just thought I'd share some information on a major underground base in Utah that I've been investigating.

As you may realize, the Grays would not have attained the influence that they have in our world had not certain high-level 'elite' chosen to sell-out our planet for short-term personal gain. The collaboration began back in Nazi Germany, where the Grays helped the Germans -- via a secret cult of mediums operating within the Thule society -- to develop some sophisticated UFO-type craft that are NOW operating out of underground bases below the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica -- to where the 'Last Battalian' of the Nazis escaped during the close of WWII. Some abductees have been taken to underground bases and reported 'swastica' emblems on the walls. Also, you may recall that the abductee Barney Hill reported under regressive hypnosis that along with the Zeta Reticulan 'Grays', he had seen an evil-eyed "German Nazi" working on the ship as well. The Nazi gazed at Mr. Hill with contempt and hatred -- Barney Hill is black.

Anyway, you may have also heard of Project Paperclip which was a Rockefeller- supported project to bring Nazi S.S. war criminals into the U.S. and give them immunity and new identities within the military-intelligence-industrial establish- ment. These 3000 plus Nazis and their American 5th-column double-agent collabor- ators helped to form the CIA, which was originally an "information gathering" entity but has now spread like a parasite through the whole American intelligence system and CONTROLS most of the intelligence exchange. You may wonder why the "Company" has been so involved in overthrowing the governments of third world countries and installing fascist puppet dictators... it is because the CIA is not just an "intelligence" agency, but a national socialist revolutionary organizm. So it's not too hard to imagine how the Nazi-Gray collaboration led to the present CIA-Gray collaboration -- and the hundreds of thousands of mental and emotional wrecks that have been left in the wake of the joint Rockefeller-Nazi-CIA-Gray- Reptiloid mind control / new world order / technocratic agenda.

One of the major 'joint interaction bases' lies below Little Cottonwood canyon east of Salt Lake City. Apparently this base was originally utilized by the Melchizedeks -- a secret interplanetary lodge that connects Masonry, Mormonism, the Mt. Shasta or Telosian spiritual lodges, and the Ashtar collective at the deeper levels. The Melc's were inhabiting a huge underground system of natural and artificial cavities which generally spans central Utah and reaches north into Idaho, west into Nevada, south into Arizona and New Mexico and east into Colorado. That is, until the Reptilian-CIA-Nazi forces moved in that started running the show. The Melc's were in part to blame, in that they made certain 'concessions' with the Grays before-hand in an attempt to stave off a potential conflict, and the Gray's - Reptiloids inevitably turned on them like the cunning vermin that they are. Once thay had taken control, they began to plan for a future infiltration - invasion of the surface of the planet with the help of the fascist "New World Order" traitors, some of whom actually worship this 'serpent' race [the Reptiloids and Saurian Grays] as some kind of god-like race.

You know of the underground bases below the Nevada Military Complex, and also the base under Dulce, New Mexico. There is also a large facility under Page, Arizona which connects these two. In Colorado other connected bases include the Ute Mountains in the SW and Creed. The late Phil Schneider who was murdered, stated before his death that he helped construct portions of the Dulce and Nevada bases, and had been in a firefight between the Grays and human special forces at Dulce in 1979. As a result of this bloodbath during which 66 men were kill as well as an unknown number of aliens who far outnumbered them, the intelligence community split into two factions -- the two factions rallied around Navy Intelligence's COM-12 group, who now resist the Gray agenda and do not trust them but would rather deal with the 'Nordics' such as the Pleiadeans, et al; and the other being the CIA's AQUARIUS group which decided to continue collaborating with the Grays in an effort to establish their national socialist "New World Order". The Grays and the CIA [Nazi's] realize that they need each others assistance to carry out their joint plans for global domination. I've heard that the Bavarian-Rockefeller-Nazi-CIA interests intend to settle for 1/4 of the planet once planet earth is annexed to the reptilian or draconian empire [headquartered in Alpha Draconis and ruled by the tall reptiloid species who in turn rule other sub-empires in Epsilon Bootes, Zeta Reticuli, Rigel and Bellatrix Orion, etc]. Anyway, Phil Schneider stated that there were nearly 11 "New World Order" underground bases below Idaho alone.

You can investigate CIA-Nazi-Corporate connections to such organizations as EXXON/ STANDARD OIL [formerly Standard/I. G. Farben], ARCO OIL [or Atlantic Richfield, which sponsors the HAARP project in Alaska]; I.T.T. [owned largely by the German Krupp family who built munitions plants for the Nazis and funded the Montauk-Phoenix Projects]; WACKENHUT; FEMA, etc. etc.

Now all of these bases: Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and so on are so-called 'joint interaction' bases. Since the 'split', the only ones who are now collaborating with the Grays are the worst humans that our race has to offer, or else they are absolutely mind-controlled by the Grays for absolute obedience to carry through on their "Operation Trojan Horse" [as John Keel referred to their infiltration of this planet]. 'They' will try to take this planet through covert means, and will only use outright or overt attacks or invasion as a very last resort. And even if this comes to pass, they will not commit to the fight themselves until they have used up their Bavarian-backed collaborators [human shields] to destroy the forces of freedom on this planet. At the core the reptilians are terrified of the potential threat that the human races on earth and beyond pose to their continued conquest and rape and exploitation of the galaxy. They succeeded in destroying several human colonial worlds who posed a threat to them: near the Lyran Ring Nebula, in Rigel, and in Procyon, etc. Now planet earth is their target because it is a literal oasis of wealth -- water, minerals, flora, fauna and genetic sources in great abundance and variety compared to most other worlds. Earth is, you could say, the "last line of defense", because of its KEY strategic nature. As goes earth, so goes the galaxy!

The Grays are even now working within the CIA and other secret puppet governments of their empire to depopulate the planet via virulogical warfare, conventional warfare and genocide with the hopes that one day the human race will become so weak that they will be able to take complete control. The Grays have incredible technology, but they lack something that humans have... passion! Passion is an incredible motivating force and the aliens realize this, and this is why they are relentlessly trying to subliminalize and somnambulize us into a state of apathetic semi-consciousness... the same state that most of the joint "underground base" workers exist in. See the John Carpenter movie THEY LIVE [there is a LOT of truth in that movie].

The Orion sector actually is inhabited by 6 reptilian-controlled star systems which have through their own insatiable greed devoured their resoruces and now see planet earth as an enticing "fix" to their immediate needs, a ripened fruit ready to be devoured. God help us! They have succeeded in infiltrating the 'Ashtar' or 'Astarte' collective, a vast psionic collective mind operating via direct mind-links to the collective via implants -- which had its origins within certain sub-terranean humanoid cultures who had colonized this sector of the galaxy over the past 4000 or so years [these being the Telosians, Aghartians, etc.]. One of the 'Ashtar' elite is HATTON, a self-professed 9-ft. tall Reptilian from the Pleiades who claims to have 'defected' from the Draconian empire. I'm not judging 'his' motives, but I would keep a close eye on 'him' in the event that he or it turns out to be a double-agent who is being used to subvert the New Agers, and in turn, this planet.

These six Orionite star systems are also known as the 'Unholy Six', because of the 'unholy' ways they have treated the peaceful inhabitants of other human colonial worlds. In 1953 two 'asteroids' entered geosychronous orbits around the earth simultaneously. This fact even hit the newspapers at the time. Now for an asteroid to enter a geosynchronous orbit is nearly impossible, much less two of them simul- taneously. The CIA used this opportunity to negotiate a contact-landing at Muroc AFB in 1954 which introduced the gray 'space brothers' [hah!] to our Air Force, who made the unfortunate mistake of letting the Gray 'Trojan Horse' into their own underground bases for 'technology exchange' purposes. Following the Dulce Wars and Groom Wars of 1979 the Grays managed to take full control of several of the former 'joint-interaction' bases and abduct several of our key scientists who posed a threat to the alien agenda. Several other Air Force, etc. bases suffered the same fate, and now the Grays are currently in the process of undermining America [in some cases collaborating with the fascist elements in American intelligence] with a massive system of underground bases.

As for the 'asteroid' carrier-ships which are serving as staging platforms for the massive world-wide abduction-implantation-programming scenario, several of these have been traced back to a large body in space which has been given the name NEMESIS. It is a frozen planet on the far fringes of the solar system which is no longer in actual orbit but is via complex propulsion systems maintained in a stationary position [at last report it is located in the west sector of 'Orion' as seen from earth]. For centuries, according to one source, reptilian mercenaries have been placed in cryogenic freeze on Nemesis by the Unholy Six in preparation for the time when they will be awakened for the final invasion effort against planet earth...

What can we do about it? unfortunately it is not technologically feasible for us to send an intercept force to Nemesis, but we CAN defend ourselves from their collaborators on earth, the Gray forces which are now infesting the underground regions of America and the rest of the world. We might start for instance with the current 'joint interaction' base below Granite Mountain in Little Cotton- wood canyon. One of the several enterances to this facility is an underground 'storage vault' maintained by the Mormon church. This is being used as a cover, and the Mormon heiarchy has been told only that the underground system which lies within large natural caverns deep in the Wasatch range, is a CIA - Government National Defense facility... and that it is their "patriotic duty" to keep it a top secret. Actually one worker within the "vault" was brave enough to go into the "forbidden" area after he and fellow workers observed -- down in the darkness beyond -- short, large headed, gray skinned beings with large dark eyes observing their work. He later left the work crew and followed a cavern tunnel deep into the mountain and emerged into a huge cavern wherein a great deal of construction was going on. He entered one 'building' and saw humans and grays sitting on benches working on electronic equipment. He was caught by two military guards and taken topside and given the stern warning that If he told any of his fellow workers what he had seen, he would be killed.

I think it's time to stop the insane sell-out of our planet by certain power-hungry cults before its too late. The first course of action would be to 'dismember' the CIA as it exists [this was the intention of John F. Kennedy, and he told MJ-12 member Gordon Gray so early in 1963. However John F. Kennedy lay dead in Dallas before the end of that same year]. Then we can go after the enemy in their under- ground bases and blast the living hell out of them, not only for what they've done to our world, but for the atrocities that they have committed against other worlds as well.

If you think this is all science fiction, and it turns out to be to be true... then you will have lost everything. I personally believe all of this based on my own PERSONAL experiences. We must realize that if an alien force were intent on taking over this planet, they would support any agenda which would cause skepticism as to their actual existance. We could be 'skeptical', however, are we willing to take that chance?

Sincerely; Cyberknight

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Comment by 陳思如 Luz on August 17, 2010 at 2:37am
Thank you precious Besimi for sharing, why share it, it relates to my dream some time ago, and this time the aliens come down from sky did not seem friendly!

I also believe that aliens have various levels of frequency, there are as reptiles and other extreme evil, or also as an angel like god's aliens. My body is very sensitive, and soul often fly and out of the body. But since yesterday uploaded those two messages, in a dream, I was attacked, from the Satan - the snake - Reptiles, snake in a very short time birthed to a lot of small snakes, including a small snake bited me! in the soul level, by the shocked was still full of fear, my right foot was bitten by a snake bited, I woke up and begged Jesus for treatment, I really felt the healing power flow to treat my right foot , God healed me, let me once again full power of peace!

I believe that the spiritual battle, this is true not false. Satan do not want us reveal the truth, Because you know with the truth, confuse fear will disappear! Also as you said, the message from all sides, it is really confusing... I believe that good and kindly highly frequency energy evolved aliens, and the God, I still will with they maintain a channel of communication, get to know some valuable information. So I will still rely on the Holy Spirit, Jesus, give me more wisdom and strength! under attack, it makes me even more of the alert and the pursuit of extreme thirst for God love and the angels and the Holy Spirit to help! last relied prayer, meditation, light and love of God, once again, happened to me, I once again win for it!

Recently I was busy with my own creation, I dream to see the work of God's great ability, I want to display the creation out of it, this need to invest a considerable time, so recently, my time is very limited! I have not shared message in facebook, but, will definitely go visit a dear friend- with you! much love and light to you,May God bless you, have a nice week♥
Comment by Besimi on August 16, 2010 at 11:34pm
many motherships of Andromeda are located now within Saturn Rings, ..but looks like that video was removed by You Tube:
Comment by Besimi on August 16, 2010 at 10:41pm
thnx Luz . ... :):):).
..indeed,lots of mess is going on,in our world.
Comment by 陳思如 Luz on August 15, 2010 at 5:15pm

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