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"UFOs over major US cities for past 8 days"

I don't know if other people have noticed but since Oct. 10th there have been a rash of UFO sightings all over the US; New York, El Paso, Phoenix and LA to name a few. I have compiled the videos from the last 8 days; these sightings have not gotten wide spread attention but if they keep happening than I don't think the MSM media can ignore it for long.

UFO's over El Paso, Tx Oct. 17

UFO's over Phoenix, Arizona Oct. 17

UFO's over Manhattan, New York, Oct. 13

UFO over Garden Grove, California Oct. 10

UFO's over College Station, Tx Oct. 10


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Comment by solfeggio on October 25, 2010 at 8:31pm
thats a very interesting first i thought they were ballons....however if they were then at the beginning of the video when they were dancing around each other it would stand to reson that they would be tied together....during the last quarter of the vid they separated at what i would guess to be at least 100-200 feet and stayed at a relatively stationary position......not ballons in my opinion, not helicopters, not airplanes.....facinating...Sol
Comment by Simmy on October 22, 2010 at 5:11am

Baloons would never behave like this. I think this is the best NYC Oct 13 video!
Comment by Bishop on October 19, 2010 at 11:13am
thanks jose!
Comment by Simmy on October 19, 2010 at 10:44am
I found these comments about it on a different website:

"Robert Kim
10/15/2010 8:06 PM
I am a contributing photographer to the Daily News and a freelance UFO investigator.
Although this may indeed be a case of misidentified party balloons, there are several key points I would like to address.
First, these "balloons" managed to make the voyage from Mt. Vernon to Chelsea in only 30 minutes. Yet how does one explain balloons suddenly standing still in wind currents many judged at 5,000 feet in elevation for nearly a full hour? I find it wonderfully "convenient" that such a mundane "answer" for this sighting has been put forth without even a preliminary examination of the actual video tapes in question! Using simple video enhancement techniques would have provided us with the approximate size, distance, and flight characteristics of these unknown objects, including meteorological reports that could easily have refuted or confirmed this as a bona fide UFO event. And what of the "eye in the sky" helicopters that regularly patrol the Manhattan skyline every day?
In any event, this occurrence bears a striking resemblance to the time-honored "weather balloon" myth perpetrated by the United States Army over the Roswell desert in 1947. UFO debunkers and skeptics will no doubt get mileage out of his recent event to further muddy the waters regarding the truth behind the UFO question.
The only thing I believe anymore is never to believe at face value what our government claims to be "the truth." As far as humanity has evolved in this regard, it's clear that they are still stuck in the lies of the past."

10/15/2010 2:37 PM
I agree with NYnative's post. So view it from a scientific point of view folks and let's not lose the education that's been given to us all. Ever hear of perspective ... maybe uh vanishing point. For a balloon to be the size it was in the images and footage, the balloons if brought back down to soil would be pretty big folks. So it's funny that a group of kids have close to 50 car sized balloons for an engagement party...for a teacher. Cuz every St. Patrick's day parade i have gone to, every single balloon lost doesn't get that high cuz they either float away, pop, or are lost in a human's field of sight. So yer telling me a human eye let alone an iphone can see an average sized balloon hundreds or thousands of feet in the atmosphere?? May not be aliens but it wasn't balloons."

"Kathy in NYC
10/15/2010 9:09 AM
This is NOT what we saw in Chelsea. This is midtown around 59th Street at 4PM. The UFOs were at 12:00 thru about 2PM in Chelsea, 30 blocks lower than this picture. This picture is obviously balloons. What we saw was not. There were hundreds of the objects flying in a stable, straight pattern. NOT BALLOONS. I don't know what it was, but it was not balloons, not birds, and definitely not this picture. COVER UP!"

Read more:
Comment by Simmy on October 19, 2010 at 10:33am
Apparently a headteacher confirmed that the NYC sightings were balloons that flew from her school... YEAH RIGHT!
Here is what was said in the Daily Mail (UK):

"... those objects turned out to be nothing other than wayward party balloons from a school in Mount Vernon. Angela Freeman, headteacher of the Milestone School in Westchester said she was astonished at all the attention her decorations caused: 'It was just a freak thing. Frankly, I'm shocked by it'.
The cluster of balloons were apparently inadvertently launched when a parent bought the balloons in for a celebration at the suburban school.
'The kids had an engagement party for a teacher, and a mother brought four dozen balloons, and she's coming through the door. It is very windy in Mount Vernon. Suddenly, 12 of the balloons let loose,' Freeman explained.
The shiny balloons which were meant for language arts teacher Andrea Crapara were released at around 1pm. The first 'UFO' sighting was just thirty minutes later."

Read more:

Arghhhhhhhh, this makes me so annoyed!!!
Comment by Simmy on October 19, 2010 at 9:22am
Thanks Jose!

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