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TSA Scanners are illegal ~

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 113B > § 2332h
§ 2332h. Radiological dispersal devices

(a) Unlawful Conduct.—
(1) In general.— Except as provided in paragraph (2), it shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly produce, construct, otherwise acquire, transfer directly or indirectly, receive, possess, import, export, or use, or possess and threaten to use —
(A) any weapon that is designed or intended to release radiation or radioactivity at a level dangerous to human life; or
(B) any device or other object that is capable of and designed or intended to endanger human life through the release of radiation or radioactivity.

(c) Criminal Penalties.—
(1) In general.— Any person who violates, or attempts or conspires to violate, subsection (a) shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment not less than 25 years or to imprisonment for life.
(2) Other circumstances.— Any person who, in the course of a violation of subsection (a), uses, attempts or conspires to use, or possesses and threatens to use, any item or items described in subsection (a), shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and imprisoned for not less than 30 years or imprisoned for life.
(3) Special circumstances.— If the death of another results from a person's violation of subsection (a), the person shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and punished by imprisonment for life.
[end excerpt]
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