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Trust that you knew enough to put that tool in the path to be utilized in the Now moment. Trust that you already put it there and it will then be.

But today ... today is my day. Today is the day of Adamus, and here we are. You are at the pinnacle of the biggest change on Earth. It's Happening Now

Now, some of you may question that because in past lives the changes occurred during the times of war, for the most part, or famine. Those were the two ways that got change going. But here you're not going to see the type of wars that you've seen in the past. You're going to see a whole different way of changing consciousness.

For those of you who are waiting for 2012, you're going to miss the fun. You're going to miss the party, because it is happening right now. It started – the true deep changes started – a year ago. Oh, they've been building up for a long time, but the real shift in consciousness from Old Energy vibrations to New Energy expansion started a year ago, and look what has transpired since then. If you're waiting for 2012 for some grand change, you will have missed the whole thing.

Over the next four years in particular you're going to see some very difficult things, challenging things. You're going to see an old consciousness on Earth unravel, come apart. And yes, there will be those who panic. There will be those who are in fear, and there will be many, many who resort to stealing, whether it is stealing money, whether it is stealing other people's energy and consciousness, whether it is stealing their property. You're going to see a lot of this taking place.

The next four years are going to be a time for you to be in balance, to bring up within yourself everything that you've learned, everything that you've gained in wisdom, everything that you already know within yourself. The next four years are going to be a time to stop hiding and stop pretending that you're a victim, stop pretending that you're waiting for something else. Stop pretending that you have to learn more, you have to go through all of these rituals and ceremonies to become a New Energy human. You are it right here, right now, today. There is not one thing that you are missing other than the true trust in yourself.

What you're seeing happening all across the world right now, all around you, is a profound loss of trust – loss of trust in old systems, old organizations, lost of trust in government and it is falling apart. What you have, dear Shaumbra, one of the most important tools is the true trust in yourself. And ultimately, for the rest of the world, it is the same thing. It is about them learning to trust that they have the answers. But right now in these most shifting, in these most collapsing of times, it is time to remember, it is time to bring up the trust in yourself.

You will be able to get through every part of this nearly unscratched if you remember to trust who you are. And I'm not talking about trusting some unknown god. I'm not talking about trusting a guru. I'm not talking about trusting who you think you're going to be five or ten years from now. I'm talking about trusting you right now. You have every tool. You have every resource. You have everything you need right now, because, as a messenger, as one who can go across time and space, you put it there for yourself. Trust that you knew enough to put that tool in the path to be utilized in the Now moment. Trust that you already put it there and it will then be.

Take a deep breath. Wait not for 2012, because by then this shift in consciousness will have gone through its most difficult cycle. By 2012 you will see the beginnings, the manifested beginnings of the new Earth right here. The Loss of Power

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