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It's time to get lean.

And YES, this may mean weight!

Are you standing up again? :) Yes indeed, this is amazingly good news. It's more then weight though--it also means living authentically and from our true identities. It's a call to step forth into your true identity walking out of and over everything else, and just letting it fall away (yes more letting go). Lean-ness will open the gates to powerful co-creation, lead you to ease and living from your true identity will innately align you with the new timeline. How perfect is that?

First thing to let go of? Any lingering ideas that you need to worry about anyone else's path. You have more important things to do this year as someone who is already awake and can step forth into your own role as a way-shower and leader. To remind you of how you're going to gracefully handle this letting everyone else do their own thing while you roar into your own glory, let's read this amazing quote from the visionary rebel, Buckminster Fuller.

"There are three kinds of people in the world, those who are asleep, those who are stirring, and those who are awake.

If you try to wake up the sleeping person he will just mumble and go back to sleep. If you wake up the stirring person he will wake up just long enough to curse you and then go back to sleep.

Instead of trying to wake them up, if you come across someone who is asleep or stirring what you should do is, fluff their pillow, tuck them in, and kiss them on the forehead.

The important joy for those who are awake is to seek each other out, connect with others who are awake, talk, sing and celebrate together. This will create a groundswell of awareness. As this groundswell increases and spreads out, it will awaken the stirring and will begin to stir those who are still sleeping."

-Buckminster Fuller

So see? After the holidays it ought to be perfectly clear who it is easy to be around and who is not in sync with your new world views and experiences. Party with the first group. Pillow fluffing with the second.

Moving on...

We enter into this year of newness with the energy of joy.

We re-orient to our new landscape, having traversed through multiple homelands in 2010 and eased our way into the new year carried by a gentle bubble of energy cradled between the Eclipse-Solstice in December and the Solar Eclipse on January 4th.

Congratulations on knowing your true identity! Innately by discovering the eternal, expanded, infinite, allness that you are, you move into a harmony of spirit and heart which shifts you entirely onto a new timeline!

So today's energy update is to highlight some of the key themes of this new landscape. Although in truth, we're creating it day by day, moment by moment and forecasting this year is going to be risky business. So instead let's just observe some themes taking place and reflect on their possible meaning and what makes life fun and easy.

Movement | Rest: It's like breathing.

Now many of us oscillate between incredible energy and creativity and then we're sleeping all the time and amazingly tired. We're divinely inspired, and then we're in the void. We're learning when to be still and when to create. We're finding our third eye becoming another rhythm within our body--as it pulses and flows between activity and rest. A microcosm of our body, it is a doorway to perception here and connection with the vastness which is also us. We're beginning to consciously experience and deeply sense, and even understand a life experience which is layered, diverse, largely unknown and as expansive as anything which is. We are a divine manifestation coming into a sense of our true identity--individually and collectively.

2011 is beginning to flow.

For those who are already awake, the balancing and stability of emotions and energy is becoming easier. The changes to your physical body and the opening of your heart, crown and third eye chakras has liberated an expanded connection with your I AM Presence, a clarified sense of purpose, a return of physical health all of which was supported by the light=information flowing from other Light Beings and astronomic and energetic gateways and alignments. It might even be time now to drop a few pounds. You'll find that as your crystalline transition moves forward the body starts at last to separate the grounding water and extra mass needed to hold all this light from the crystalline structures developing which innately hold light more light with less physicality. Amen I say. So watch as your body lets go of what it no longer needs and support this by grounding. Learn grounding from waterfalls--see how all that energy goes right to the ground? That's the idea when the influx is big and you start to feel bloated (meaning your body is challenged to hold it all) just hug a tree, lie on the grass, soak in epsom salts and ground, ground, ground.

For those beginning to awaken there is the challenge of huge changes to your finances, relationships, home, work, health and sense of understanding and relying upon the world. You're being re-oriented to a deeper and more true fundamental: your own multidimensional, divine, eternal self. On what do you hang your hat? If it's anything outside of yourself, then now is the time to consider this. The fact that you're reading this message speaks volumes as to your readiness and ability to turn inward. Fortunately, there are many lovely and extremely tired elders who started grounding this amazing energy after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. If you meet them, thank them. They have paved the way for many now on the front line who have also assisted things by anchoring the timeline of a New Earth--the energy structure that will, like all new life--develop; diversifying and growing until it is ready to emerge. So although the world "outside" you seems to be in chaos, remember your early learning about caterpillars turning into mush before becoming new and take a deep breath. The holographic template of this new earth, has been conceived holus-bolus and the transition is underway. Everything you need is found through opening inward, and there are lots of people now out in the open and sharing their experiences so you are not alone.

As our Earth shifts toward newness, we too are--all of us--being led to our remember and realize our true identity. We're discovering a connection--sustained and rich--and our body is becoming our portal for our own Divinity.

Sensation is the new language of life.

The nature of communication and understanding is re-located. Sensation is the new information conduit. Learning to listen and communicate with your body is essential. It's standards must be learned and honored for you to live in ease and joy, abundantly resourced for all you desire to experience, create and know.

Now, back to the call to awaken to your true identity.

True, is not the same as truth. The word truth, has various meanings and is perspective specific and solidified by repetitive thoughts. True, is a word that conjures alignment, and it's timely-ness is reflected in business coaching and self-help programs over the past 20 years that speak of authenticity. In addition to the definition of authentic, the word true also means fundamental, sincere, reliable, accurately placed and even refers to placement relative to the Earth in certain usages (true north, for example).

True, is a lean word.

Once true or in becoming increasingly true, the superfluous disappears. :) Like weight! Sorry, it's SUCH a happy thing--I just had to mention it again. True means, simply and honestly being harmonious. The word "true" even has a interesting roots in the Celtic history--the root, *dru-, appears in the word druid, a type of ancient Celtic priest; his name is etymologically *dru-wid-, or "strong seer." (bold is mine)

Doesn't it make sense that when we're true, we see clearly?

The companion energy to joy this year is clarity.

It is that which emerges when we become lean and aligned with our own "true north", yielded in part by our relationship to the planet and the senses of our vessel, but essentially informed by our expanded connection to source and the specific blueprint of it which flows to us in our I AM Presence.

Clarity comes with alignment and lean-ness.

Clarity is that which opens the floodgates to joy. For in clarity and in living Divine Will as our own true nature, we experience a flow of energy which is natural and abundant, not diverted or diffused by obstacles or blocks. If we recognize this as our source in endless supply, we move into true being as a channel of this very life energy as it flows through us--not hoarding, not fearing it's running out--but letting it flow abundantly through us and allowing it's ebb and flow to be natural and organic. Trusting the voids and enjoying the space they create. Welcoming this influx of energies and attuning ourselves to our body's guidance and wisdom in aligning and allowing.

It's joy that which we potentially seek in all experiences we desire to create, manifest and know. It is joy which arises naturally in expansion.

Archangel Michael tells us in his most recent message that all of the newness we seek and create is for the purpose of expansion and joy. As we approach and expand our capacities, elevating human potential into a vibration which liberates the qualities of the 5th Dimension, it is this focus of our true identity flowing, unimpeded through us, which closes the gap of time between intention and manifestation. Which allows us to BE love, and experience wholeness and unity organically; for love is innately inclusive and allowing, radiant and magnetic.

You are Becoming a Channel of Light & Love

Which FEELS like peace and calm and ease in your experience. It brings forth grace. I can feel that this year will--for those of us already awake--be so much about shining, sharing, being, flowing, offering, radiating...all of this in all we are and create. About continually re-orienting to peace and love and our grounded knowing about the true nature of reality.

I'm personally in a space of ease and abundance and as such, I must simply allow it to flow through me and become entirely a channel, a conduit for love.

For each of us, the newness we will create this year, will be most expansive and joyful when it's aligned and when we're open to being the channel for love to flow.

As we create the specific qualities, essence, forms and intentions of our own New Beginnings this year--I invite you to align them with your True Identity which is layered, and therefore to develop an approach to creating intentions that includes creating at the personal, planetary and cosmic levels of experience.

If you'd love some meditative time and would welcome a guided experience in creating new beginnings for 2011, join me at the Lightworker Collective Co-Creative event this Sunday. You can explore more by clicking here.

As we begin this year of newness, let us remember and honor the unique path we each take to wholeness. Let's enjoy connecting with those who relate to our experiences and allow our light to shine allowing those just awakening to find us when they want to talk and choose to understand more. Let us trust in the divine organizing power we each are, to allow this entire planetary and human evolution to happen with grace and ease; knowing all are inwardly guided and awakening in perfect divine timing.

For those of us who are already awake, it's time to step forth into lean-ness and live as our True Identity. To own our abilities to be a lens for amazing qualities and quantities of light and use this together to co-create; stabilizing the transition for our entire Earth Community by energizing holograms of peace, balance, harmony, ease, and grace. Transmitting love and loving images of life on earth and amplifying these collectively; creating powerful and available options to fear as a response to a dissolving old earth timeline and the chaos inherent in the creation of newness.

Let us turn our attention to our own True Identity, orient to the New Earth Timeline and Co-Create! The energy of newness is calling us forth. It's what we came here for! It's time to expect more...of course I'll be Expecting Wonderful!

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