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Transfer of Keshe Foundation Know-How to world governments, made availabe FREELY

Transfer of Keshe Foundation Know-How to world governments


Source: The Keshe Foundation Forum April 24, 2012


On the 21st of the April 2012 in the first international presentation at the Keshe Foundation centre in Belgium, the Foundation did start the full transfer of technologies to world governments.


The Keshe Foundation through its ethos of world equality did organise and executed the first of its series of presentations of all its technologies for world governments.


In this first meeting the Keshe Foundation explained and demonstrated and systems were shown and physically given to their government representatives to the ambassadors and the representative of the attending nations to handle and test.


In this meeting full operation of systems for all technologies developed by the Foundation were fully explained and most systems were demonstrated for their operation.


In this invitation all the nations on the United nation charter who could be contacted have been contacted and were invited.


For this presentation world space organisations the Like of European space agency and NASA were directly spoken to and invited.


Therefore from 21.4.2012 the Space technology and all Know-How’s of the Keshe Foundation are directly offered and are made available freely for transfer to world governments.


From this point on it is the responsibility of the nations to bring the space, health, food and the energy discoveries and technologies developed by the Keshe Foundation to their citizens.


The copy of the invitation letter to world ambassadors in Belgium is attached below and information in the invitation clearly states that our technologies are, will and have been transferred free of charge and without any ties to all nations.


We invited the ambassadors of the United State of America, ambassadors of the smallest island nations in carbines to ambassadors of the poorest nations in Africa. Thus we have started the full transfer of technology to all nations irrespective of their size, colour, belief, financial strength and political orientation.


The second round of the presentation for the nations who could not attend for whatever reasons will be organised and to be held at the Keshe Foundation centre in September of the 2012.


Our technology from this point on is in the hand of your nation and from the Holy day of the 21.04.2012 our knowledge has become your nations knowledge and assets.


We hope that the world nations will use this new knowledge for its peaceful development for the advancement of human race.


Yours faithfully

M T Keshe

The founder of the Keshe Foundation.



Below is the Copy of the invitation to the representatives of the governments


Subject: Invitation for His/Her Excellency the Ambassador


You are cordially invited

Keshe Foundation kindly invites His/Her Excellency the Ambassador and your scientific representatives or specialists in the fields of space, energy and health to attend the first international space gravitational plasma technology presentation by the Stichting the Keshe Foundation for governments and their officials in Belgium.


In this presentation the new space gravitational plasma technology developed by the Keshe Foundation will be offered and the know-how and the full technology will be available for transfer to your government.


The new space gravitational plasma technology will allow your nation to have access immediately, directly and without much expense to the space program, energy production system and medical system technologies, which have been developed for space exploration by the Foundation over past forty years, where these new discoveries can create promptly new jobs and give access to new and energy resources for your nation.


This presentation will include:

The explanation of the first non-propulsion and the use of new gravitational positioning space plasma system, which has been developed by the Keshe Foundation. This allowing the space to be opened to every nation without delay rather than waiting for tens of years for other nations hand-downs of such a technology.


Where, from now on the human- race will work and develop the space technology as collective unit and not as separate space programs of different nations:


The medical application of the new space gravitational plasma technology, which has been tested and being developed by the Keshe Foundation can be read and seen in more detail at:


The energy production capabilities of the new space technology can be seen at:


According to the ethos of the Keshe Foundation our knowledge belongs to your nation and we transfer it as a whole and as a gift and free of any charges and without any ties attached the full know-how and all our discoveries to your nation, and we hope that your government will use this new knowledge for further improving the life of your nationals and bringing them in-line with the rest of the prosperous nations of today and in one collaborated move into space program of the 21st century.


The new space gravitational plasma technology works through principle of burning no fuel as the space propulsion and energy industries are accustom to at the present. The new technology uses the universal laws of physics and its principles are in-line with the creation of motion and energy as is attained in the universe by all celestial objects without burning of any fuel in the universe.


As we say in the Keshe Foundation “We do not observe any wings or jest engines and power stations attached to the earth, but earth has been in motion and creating its own energy and keeping its distance from other celestial objects in the solar system through universal principle of creation and positioning of its magnetic fields for millions of years using the interaction and positioning of it magnetic fields as is done by all dynamic celestial objects in the universe.


Hence the mans knowledge from this point on with this new technology has reached the point that we have finished with mans habit of burning of matters to achieve motion and creation of electric power and we use the universal principle of positioning of magnetic fields in our developed systems for creation of motion, energy and in the health-care.


What your government will do and how it will implement this new technology, which we transfer to your nation for advancement of your nationals, is your government’s decision.


You can read more about this new scientific development on the Website of the Keshe Foundation.


It will be kind of you if you could provide us with the name of the officials and in the capacity that they will be representing your nation in this presentation that we can deliver their personal invitation to your embassy for their attendance.


Please confirm the acceptance that representative(s) from your nation will be attending this presentation by e-mail to ———————————————————– no later than 20.04.2012


For this presentation governments official and international diplomatic-core from all nations are invited.

We have foreseen maximum three to five representative per nation for the first presentation as the auditorium of the Foundation has one hundred seats capacity.


The space gravitational plasma technology presentation is arranged for 6 pm on 21.4.2012 at Keshe Foundation centre in Ninove, Near Brussels.


Yours faithfully

M T Keshe

The director of the Keshe Foundation Space Technology at the service of humanity


Address The Keshe Foundation Ring Oost 14 9400 Ninove Belgium

Telephone contact number: Mr M T Keshe on ============

The presentation will be in English


Please advise of the address for the delivery of the invitations Buffet dinner will be provided.

-- Donald Turner

"The Purpose of an Education is to Replace an Empty mind, with an Open one" M.S. Forbes

"Information is the currency of democracy." - Thomas Jefferson


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Comment by CHRISTINA on September 12, 2012 at 3:39am

Johneye: Keshe technology blog - harnessing a fusion reaction that manipulates dark matter

Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail] Date: Tuesday, 11-Sep-2012 21:39:20

I have called the US Secretary of State, and emailed the Ambassador to the US from Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela, inquiring as to whether or not their governments had accepted the offer from the Keshe Foundation ( Mr. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation offered his technology to all the governments of the world. Employment of this technology by Iran “captured” a US drone, and Mr. Keshe claims that it was his technology that brought it down in one piece. (The Iranians have quite a sense of humor, sending a toy drone to the Pres. when he requested the drone back.)

The purpose of this blog is to be a focal point for the answer to the question, “Has your country accepted the offer of the Keshe Foundation to their plasma technology?" Whereas the Keshe Foundation itself offers the same on it’s website,, this blog will go further; it will provide readers with a forum to post YOUR OWN experiences with the gov’t, and, it’ll provide news on any and every country in the world in regard to their plans and progress with Keshe Technology.

That’s it, short and sweet. I have also made the same inquiry to the US State Dept., and the Senator and Congressman for this state. There is nearly no end to the number of people who NEED to be made aware of this information, in order to bring pressure upon their own governments, as well as here in the US.

Here is some press re Mr. Keshe: “Of all the inventors making bold claims on the internet, Iranian nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is perhaps the most enigmatic, and the most interesting. By allegedly harnessing a fusion reaction that manipulates dark matter, regular matter, and antimatter, he claims to have developed technologies that rival those in science fiction. As we reported last April, Keshe claims that years ago he gave the Iranian military his technology in order for them to produce flying saucers; and the alleged Iranian flying saucer that had popped up in the news last March was a result of that. He had offered it to NASA, but they poopooed it.” Link:

Of course, we may also want to inquire as to how the President can justify promulgating an executive order that will make us enemies of the State (which they already consider us to be anyway) and inspire fear in the hearts of those who might otherwise have made valuable contributions to the implementation of Keshe technology in America. Obama has issued an Executive Order essentially prohibiting US citizens from dealing with Mr. Keshe. Find Obama’s E.O. here:

Mr. Keshe has already given demonstrations to interested government officials from an unknown number of countries, in April and in September, and plans to release the technology to all scientists around the world. From their website: …”the presentation on 21 September 2012 will be the first step in the Keshe Foundation’s teaching program to share its knowledge and put it into the hands of the people worldwide. Once these new technologies and their benefits are known to the general public, the leaders of every nation will need to decide how they are going to implement them for the betterment of everyone.”

People will be mad as hornets if they discover that their “leaders” are depriving them and their loved ones of this potentially Earth-saving technology.

So please take a part in this exciting venture, take part if you can, and keep up with keshearoundtheworld :-)

Peace to all, John Charles: aka johneye

Comment by CHRISTINA on May 10, 2012 at 2:14pm

when the whole world demands this, no one can stop it!

Comment by CHRISTINA on May 10, 2012 at 2:09pm

your welcome, dear simmy.

keshe is an inspiration to all!

his level of consciousness speaks volumes!

keshe deserves our support.

keshe technology is for the benefit of everyone!



Comment by Simmy on May 10, 2012 at 12:49pm

I just watched the 110 minutes' video 'Introduction to Keshe Foundation'. If this guy is for!!!

Thanks for sharing Christina!

Comment by CHRISTINA on May 3, 2012 at 3:59pm

so would i, dear gerd :)

Comment by Gerd Ambranovic on May 3, 2012 at 3:14pm

for sure dear Christina :)

still would love to meet the galactic family :-))

Comment by CHRISTINA on May 3, 2012 at 12:50pm

yeah gerd, amazing beyond words, no need for our galactic family to come down or our cousins from inner earth to come to the surface to help us :)

we have technology from keshe to resolve our problems here....





Comment by Gerd Ambranovic on May 3, 2012 at 12:26pm

if this is true, and I blieve it is, then it's just plain amazin beyond words :)

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