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Join us tonight as we discuss why we are still here! If we are still here.

Predictions have been made. Some have believed. Some have scoffed. Some like me are turning it into publicity. But wait! Before you come after me with your pitch forks and torches, give me a little credit for waiting till after the predicted event time passes. After mocking the false prophets, we will take on the serious issue of doomsday scenarios, extinction level events, and some of the other predicted “end of the world” dates that have created panic, as well as profit, in the past, ands those in the future. We will be taking calls and simulcasting with the Debi Daly show. Also to be discussed was the dropping off of the BTR platform last night during 100ds of shows broadcast.

Here is the link to the show page with live chat:

Mr Es SV3 "Doomsday"

Feel Free to call in to listen, or press 1 to let me know that you want on the air.

Call in # (714) 816-4778

you can also skype in from the show page or look me up

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