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    Seeking truth to be Free! 2016/10/20 

    Blossom Goodchild 2016/10/20 ~ Blossom Goodchild.

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 18 hours ago
    Message from The Federation of Light, Through Blossom Goodchild, Oct 20th.2016 *Hello Everyone.Well, here is the latest channelling. I haveto say I was pretty taken aback by quite a few aspects of it! It is up to you myfriends to make of it what you will. To see how it resonates with you. I had towork my way through my thoughts on it and it's me that channelled itthrough!! So, who knows what you will think/feel aboutit!!As you will see, I have expressed my feelingsabout it at the end of the session.I feel it very important that one reads thechannelling through first BEF... more »

    The Kybalion – The Ultimate Hermetic Introduction (Complete pdf) | ...

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 18 hours ago
    The Ultimate Hermetic Introduction (Complete pdf)Stillness in the Storm.The Kybalion October 19, 2016 The teaching of Hermes have been here distilled into one text. Written by three anonomous initiates the Kybalion is the first place any true master of alchemy must begin. We take great pleasure in presenting to the attention of students and investigators of the Secret Doctrines this little work based upon the world-old Hermetic Teachings. There has been so little written upon this subject, notwithstanding the countless references to the Teachings in the many works upon occulti... more »

    Benevolent Co-creation of the New Earth Matrix ~ Anna Merkaba,

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 19 hours ago
    Mosaic Amplification. Benevolent Co-creation of the New Earth Matrix. Realization of Self. Transformation of collective Consciousness. Key to Enlightenment.By Anna Merkaba, October 19, 2016 [image: love-magnet] Greetings Everyone! I hope you are all doing phenomenally well and are embracing and enjoying the new energies. The channeling that you are about to read talks about how our reality is changing daily and that we are able to literally “see” magic unfold before us. Many of you are sharing amazing stories with me of seeing your guides, communicating with other realms, and m...more »

    Unraveling Karma ~ Matt Kahn

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 19 hours ago
    Unraveling KarmaBy Matt Kahn2016-10-19 Any adverse experience is not your personal karma, but the aspect of the collective you are healing for the well-being of all. What if the notion of personal karma was simply an unconscious tendency to identify with the layers of emotional debris your energy field transmutes in all you encounter? What if everything you’ve cleared in the world was innocently woven into the fabric of identity, instead of passing through you and returning to Source? What if your current symptoms, illness, or patterns of conditioning are the very layers you are h... more »

    The Lid is Off ~ Charles Eisenstein

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 19 hours ago
    The Lid is Off Charles EisensteinPosted on Oct 10, 2016 It is getting harder to keep a secret these days. The collective shadow of our society, once safely relegated to the dark basement of the unmentionable, is now exposed to daylight, forcing us to face our contradictions. I’ll offer three examples: Donald Trump’s leaked recordings, Hillary Clinton’s emails and Wall Street speeches, and the endless procession of videos of police brutality. Once upon a time, “locker room talk” like Donald Trump’s lewd and degrading remarks leaked to the media would have stayed safely sequester... more »

    Blue Dragon Journal Entry ~by Eliza Ayres

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 19 hours ago
    Blue Dragon Journal Entry by Eliza Ayres October 19, 2016 [image: dscn0946-2] Journal Entry 10.19.2016 While perusing Facebook and Reader on WordPress, I often take a peek at the various lists of “ascension” symptoms. I have or have had a bunch of them, now or in the past. Does that really mean anything to me these days? Not really. I’m too tired to care. Oh, yes… that’s one of the symptoms. My sleep is either very heavy or broken up. Last night or early this morning, I actually had a dream of which I remember a short bit. I was walking and saw a broken field. As I crossed the field... more »

    Five Things in Life to Forgive ~ Healing Energy Tools

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 19 hours ago
    Five Things in Life to Forgive Healing Energy Tools 2016-10-19 *“You can never get rid of your fears, you can never get rid of your pain, no matter what effort you make, until you have the guts to forgive yourself. Just forgive yourself.” ~ Yogi Bhajan* Forgiveness is one of the keys to healing and recovery. All healing is based on a relationship. The fundamental relationship is to your Self and Soul. You are missing nothing. You are complete within yourself. Whatever you have asked for is given. But we learn fear (or to fear ourself). We learn that we are incomplete. We le... more »

    Physical Transmutations ~ Humanity Healing

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 19 hours ago
    Physical Transmutations Humanity Healing 2016-10-19 Ascension is an expected and normal part of the evolutionary development of the Universe. It has always been so and will continue until it is no longer necessary as a collective process. The body during Ascension will know how to readjust and reorganize itself because this process is quite normal. This process of transformation has been coded within the cells of the body and is taking place naturally. What people are now learning to do is how to assist what is occurring naturally with outside factors: being aware of the foods th... more »

    Pleiadian Teachings - Part 1 ~ NewSunUnity

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 19 hours ago
    Pleiadian Teachings Part 1 Posted on October 19, 2016 by NewSunUnity You think you are flesh and bone when in actuality you are a combination of intelligent electromagnetic signals. The evolution that you are now going through involves the process of building and integrating a light body. Your light body must be tempered, exercised, and stretched to gently bring it into its own awareness. Clarity concerning who you intend to be in your reality is one of the prime keys in building your light body. Your light body knows that it creates through thought, and links you to the fabr... more »

    A Message about Light and New Life from Archangel Uriel ~ Shanta Ga...

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 20 hours ago
    A Message about Light and New Life from Archangel Uriel. Via Shanta GabrielAugust 18, 2016 I was so fortunate to be able to work with seven different Archangels in my recent *Walking with the Archangels through Life* classes. The exquisite blessings and information that Archangel Uriel channeled for our group felt so important that I wanted to share it with all of you. When we are able to work with these empowering frequencies of Divine Light, our lives take on a magical quality that allows us to bring our Soul's gifts into the world. A Message to You from Archangel Uriel *We are i...more »

    A Vision for The Code ~ Alignment Project

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 20 hours ago
    *A Vision for The Code *The Vision Alignment Project We see a world where people everywhere have rallied around *The Code*; where *The Code* has become a solid reference point for how to believe and behave in these most exciting of times. We see all those who were previously unempowered or feeling disconnected saying *The Code* once a day and having their lives turn around. We see those who were confused or wounded having found a guideline for living in *The Code*. We see*The Code* followed in every household, in every workplace, in every heart and mind. It is the helpmate to the he... more »

    Wisdom Comes Through Insight. ~ Beloved One; Lytske.

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 20 hours ago
    Wisdom Comes Through Insight.*Teacher: The Beloved One. *Message received by Lytske. Urantia, September 4, 2016. *The Beloved One:* “This subject really ‘throws’ you, as you feel very inadequate on this subject. Well, my dear child, I am not inadequate, so please put your fingers to the keyboard and type whatever words may appear on the screen of your mind. Lately you have received some powerful insights that I know to be worthy of being shared with others. Do not be concerned, for I will not reveal that which you are not yet ready to share. “Life itself is gaining greater signif... more »

    Popular UFO Researcher Found Dead Days After Texting: “If Anything ...

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 20 hours ago
    Popular UFO Researcher Found Dead Days After Texting:“If Anything Happens To Me, Investigate”By Arjun Walia, *Collective Evolution*October 19, 2016 [image: max] British researcher and ‘conspiracy theorist’ who was visiting Poland to give a talk about his research into UFO’s was found dead on a sofa just days after sending a fearful text to his Mother. Max Spiers, 39, was starting to make a name for himself in the realm of alternative research specifically into the topics of UFO’s and government cover-ups. Like many researchers in this field, he began to seem worried that his line ... more »

    Take the Rest with Us ~ Steve Beckow

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 20 hours ago
    Take the Rest with Us By Steve Beckow, *Golden Age of Gaia* October 19, 2016 [image: Sacred 11] It’s becoming clear to me that what I’m doing right now – my inner work, as we’d say on the awareness path – is polishing up my barely-existent social skills. The hermit monk in me is ideally suited for awareness writing, but sacrifices social grace. But … *I’m not complaining*. (1) I love what I do. I was very much impressed by my assignment as Archangel Michael laid it out for me. Writing would always be my main task. Apart from that, I was to have six people report to me. That was it. So...more »

    Big Pharma’s Marketing Budget Could Bring Clean Water to the Entire...

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 20 hours ago
    Big Pharma’s Marketing Budget Could Bring Clean Water to the Entire World. By Christina Sarich, *Waking Times*October 19, 2016 [image: Expensive healthcare] About a decade ago, a *New York Times* article said that it would cost $10 billion annually to provide clean, safe water to everyone in the world. This number was likely arrived at without considering free and low-cost energy which could help to desalinate or filter water, or the latest sustainable technologies which pull water right out of thin air. According to data pulled from Pew Charitable Trusts, the pharmaceutical indust... more »

    Seriously? Coca-Cola and Pepsi Fund 96 U.S. Health Groups ~ Julie F...

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 21 hours ago
    Seriously? Coca-Cola and Pepsi Fund 96 U.S. Health Groups. By Julie Fidler, *Natural Society* October 19, 2016 It sounds like a bad joke, but it’s the sad truth: *Coca-Cola and Pepsi*, the nation’s 2 top soda makers, *recently gave money to several prominent public health groups – including some run by the government*. [1] Source: Medical Daily The sadder truth: Those groups were more than happy to accept the funds. As reported by a new study published October 10 in the *American Journal of Preventative Measures, *researchers at Boston University School of Medicine reveal that a w... more »

    Ask. ~ The Creator via Jennifer Farley.

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 21 hours ago
    Ask. The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner October 19, 2016 [image: images] It is imperative for you to remember that the road you walk may be challenging at times. The growth process can be that way sometimes. What I am asking of you is to not give up! Instead, take a step back and look at what you need to change within? Take a look at the people who are surrounding you. Do you feel they understand you or are they attempting to keep you tied to your/their old ways? Look at those coming to you for aid. Are they real... more »

    Cedella Marley: If You Are Feeling Held Back ~ Positive Vibrations

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 21 hours ago
    If You Are Feeling Held Back Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, *A Nice Time* October 19, 2016 If you are feeling held back from achieving your goals, stop and evaluate your own actions. Are putting limitations on yourself? Your thoughts could be the biggest obstacle you are facing. Stop those thoughts now and begin to visualize your dreams. You will start to move closer to those dreams and will find a new inner confidence you may not have had before. *One love…* *Cedella.* - -----------... more »

    Energy Update – Full Moon Of October 16th Was A Very Significant Tu...

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 22 hours ago
    Energy Update.Full Moon Of October 16th Was A Very Significant Turning Point By Anastacia, *Thanks to* October 19, 2016 [image: fhwtw5455w] When it comes time for me to go away, as I do from time to time to feel and process what is going on, we know something big is going on, Humanity wise. I am on day two of my ‘time away’ and much is going on. I was taken above and saw like a long table which was humanity and beings were watching and seeing where humanity is now at with all of Humanities energies like lights as the table was like a ‘map’. Like a re-assessing and streamlin... more »

    USA - Bernie Sanders Might Actually Still Win the Presidential Race...

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 22 hours ago
    Bernie Sanders Might Actually Still Win the Presidential Race…In Vermont By Jake Anderson, *Anti-Media* October 19, 2016 [image: 14801246_1458878437474100_207562656_n] *(**ANTIMEDIA**)* – Vermonters who still “feel the Bern” on November 8th may provide enough write-in votes for Bernie Sanders to hand him the state’s three electoral votes. It would be the first time in history for a write-in candidate to win a state in the general election. With Bernie’s indefatigable popularity in Vermont and Google searches for ‘write-in’ candidates at an all-time high, there is a legitimate chanc... more »

    Self Criticism? How to Overcome Your Inner “I’m Not Good Enough” Vo...

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 22 hours ago
    Self Criticism? How to Overcome Your Inner “I’m Not Good Enough” Voice. By Juliet Tang, *Wake Up World* October 19, 2016 [image: self-criticism-heres-how-to-overcome-your-im-not-good-enough-voice-2] *“Self criticism is an art not many are qualified to practice.” **~ Joyce Carol Oates* We live in a world where the theme of unworthiness shows up in all areas in life. As kids, we proudly show off our high marks and perfect behaviors knowing they will earn us praises and approval from adults, and as adults, we constantly judge and punish ourselves for our lack of wealth, success, re... more »

    5 Personal Philosophies That Need To Go Viral ~ Bardia Rezaei.

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 22 hours ago
    5 Personal Philosophies That Need To Go Viral.By Bardia Rezaei, *The Mind Unleashed* October 19, 2016 [image: 20151014_134204] *1. Wake up early * Sleeping in is fucking lazy. Until you’ve earned the opportunity to sleep in every once in awhile, get used to waking up early. You have to look at it like this. You’re not here forever. You’re here for a very, very short period of time. And most people don’t even figure out what they want to really do with their life until they’re a third or half way through it. That means if you want to live a happier life, on your terms…you’re going ... more »

    Memories of Home – The group; Steve Rother.

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 22 hours ago
    Memories of Home.Message from The group Through Steve RotherOctober 19, 2016 [image: three-buddhas-in-lotus-by-vijay-kulkarni-buddha] Painting – Three Buddhas in Lotus – by Vijay Kulkarni * Memories of Home Greetings Dear Ones. Greetings from Home. We bring you the energy that you have lived in for so long. We bathe you in this energy from Home so that you can re-member who you are. The truth is, these beings are always around you. Yes, you reach out of yourself into the spirit world to communicate, channel, meditate, and bring the energy Home. Yet, you carry all those memories of H... more »

    Utilize your many strengths. ~ Angel Wisdom; Sharon Taphorn.

    ML Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 22 hours ago
    Strengths. Utilize your many strengths.Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn.October 19, 2016 View yourself with compassion and love, always. Anytime you find yourself thinking or feeling poorly about yourself, focus upon your many strengths instead. Use positive affirmations to lift your energy and help you keep the faith. Your strengths include your loving heart, pure intentions, talents, skills and all of the different aspects of growth that you have been working on. The more you honour and bless your strengths and assets, the stronger they become and the stronger you become. Be ...more » 

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  2. OCT

    A Verdade Libertar-nos-á ~2016/10/20 

    Blossom Goodchild, 2016-10-20 ~ Federação da Luz.

    Mensagem do Federação da Luz, Através Blossom Goodchild, outubro 20 de 2016tradução automática. *Olá a todos. Bem, aqui é a última canalização. Eu tenho a dizer que fiquei muito surpreendida por muito poucos aspectos dela! Cabe a vocês meus amigos que fazer com ele o que quiser. Para ver como ela ressoa com você. Eu tenho feiro o meu caminho através dos meus pensamentos sobre ele e que sou eu que tenho canalizado !! Então, quem sabe o que você vai pensar / sentir sobre isso !! Como você vai ver, eu expressei meus sentidos no final da sessão. Sinto-me muito importante que ... more »

    Popular ufólogo encontrado morto dias após mensagens de texto: "Se ...

    Popular ufólogo encontrado morto dias após mensagens de texto: "Se alguma coisa me acontecer, Investigue"Por Arjun Walia, evolução coletiva19 de outubro de 2016Tradução Google. [image: max] O pesquisador britânico e 'teoria da conspiração' que estava visitando a Polônia para dar uma palestra sobre sua pesquisa sobre OVNIs foi encontrado morto em um sofá, poucos dias após o envio de um texto medo de sua mãe.Max Spiers, 39, estava começando a fazer um nome para si mesmo no campo da pesquisa alternativa especificamente para os temas de OVNIs e do governo cover-ups.Como muitos pesqui... more »

    Pensamento do Dia, 20 de outubro de 2016. ~ Por Sathya Sai Baba.

    Manifestações do Amor Divino!Pensamento do Dia, 20 de outubro de 2016. Por Sathya Sai Baba. [image:] O Avatar do Senhor é o verdadeiro Guru, que é muito mais superior e compassivo que todos os Gurus. Ele pode, pela mera expressão de Sua vontade, conferir a mais alta consumação da vida espiritual. Mesmo o mais vil dos vis pode adquirir a mais alta sabedoria, em um instante. Tal é o poder do Guru de todos os Gurus. Um verdadeiro guru roubará seu coração, e não sua riqueza. Q... more »

    Peça. ~ O Criador via Jennifer Farley.

    Peça.Os Escritos do Criador transcritos por Jennifer Farley, 18 de outubro de 2016 [image: images] É imperativo que você se lembre de que a estrada por onde anda pode ser às vezes um desafio. O processo de crescimento pode muitas vezes ser assim. O que estou pedindo a você é que não desista! Em vez disso, dê um passo atrás e olhe para o que você precisa mudar dentro de si? Dê uma olhada nas pessoas que estão ao seu redor. Você sente que elas entendem você ou elas estão tentando mantê-lo amarrado às suas ou aos seus velhos hábitos? Olhe para aqueles que vêm a si por socorro. ... more »

    Mensagem da Nave ALFA, de SÍRIUS ~ Sohin; Kris Won (Audiovídeo)

    Mensagem da Nave ALFA, de SÍRIUSComandante SohinCanal: Kris Won (Locução: Conceição Vitor) 19 de outubro de 2016 Fonte: Youtube: Facebook: Locução e produção de vídeo: Conceição Vítor / ALMA CÉLTICA, SIRIANA e Projeto Águia ------------------------------ *Agradecimentos* a: *Por favor, respeitem todos os créditos* Arquivos deste escritor em portug...more »

    Vocês estão em transição. ~ Arcanjo Miguel; Leslie-Anne Menzies.

    Vocês estão em transição. Mensagem do Arcanjo Miguel Através de Leslie-Anne Menzies. 17 de outubro de 2016. Tradução: Ivete Adavaí. Meus queridos, A sua capacidade de superação é inspiradora. A rapidez das mudanças interna e externamente é inexorável, e ainda assim vocês continuam a servir como soldados. Para muitos dentre vocês, a mudança tornou-se o novo modo de ser e vocês estão fluindo com mais facilidade – estão se tornando ajustados e adaptáveis. Não é assim para todo mundo, e sim para aqueles que estão despertando da ilusão. O despertar de sua plena consciência exige ab... more »

    Sheldan Nidle, 2016-10-18 ~ Federação Galáctica

    Atualização via Sheldan Nidle, da Hierarquia Espiritual e da Federação Galáctica 5 Imix, 4 Tzec, 13 Caban (18-10-2016) Tradução: Candido Pedro Jorge Dratzo! A vitória da Luz cresce. Em todos os lugares, em seu mundo, o surgimento do novo sistema financeiro e ondas intermináveis de prosperidade continuam. Juntamente com estas mudanças maravilhosas está a perspectiva de uma paz que quase não aconteceu. Em seus momentos finais, a escuridão tentou, mas não foi capaz de instigar uma guerra global. Felizmente, nossos contatos e os seus homólogos terrestres impediram que isso acont... more »

    Arcanjo Gabriel: 2016-10-18 ~ Shelley Young.

    O QUE VOCÊ ESTÁ ESPERANDO? Mensagem Diária do Arcanjo Gabriel. Através de Shelley Young. 18/10/2016 Traduzido por Adriano Pereira Queridos, você dá seu feedback ao Universo através da gratidão. Nós damos-lhe nosso feedback através de sinais e sincronicidades. A comunicação constante está absolutamente disponível para você, se você entender isso como um dar e receber. Muitos de vocês pensam que não podem trabalhar com o Espírito se não tiverem a habilidade da mediunidade. Nada poderia estar mais longe da verdade! Há todo um Universo de guias, ajudantes e mestres que amam você e... more »

    Reconexão com a Natureza ~ Por Gustavo Tanaka

    Reconexão com a Natureza Por Gustavo TanakaAuthor and Entrepreneur Reconexão com a Natureza Olhe à sua volta. Tire os olhos do computador ou do celular. Olhe em volta. Provavelmente você está vendo concreto. É muito provável que você esteja em um ambiente fechado, cercado de paredes. Olhe para seus pés. Onde eles estão tocando? Talvez você esteja calçado. Com meia e um solado de borracha. Se estiver descalço, está com o pé em cima do concreto. Pois é. Enquanto eu escrevo, eu também estou. Estamos desconectados da natureza. Criamos um estilo de vida que nos isola e nos separa d... more »

    Felicidade agora ou amanhã? ~ Por Vinícius Francis

    Felicidade agora ou amanhã? Por Vinícius Francis19 de outubro de 2016 Eu gosto de conversar sobre felicidade. E acho engraçado como ela ainda é vista entre a humanidade como um objetivo a ser alcançado, como uma meta lá na frente. Ou pior, ainda se tem a felicidade como algo que não pertence a este mundo. Pra você ver como ainda são as crenças dessa civilização! A felicidade não é de mundo nenhum, primeiramente. Ela é sua, está em você, é seu estado primário, que vibra na polaridade da perfeição, do amor que criou tudo. E outra, ela não pode ser um objetivo porque não está... more »

    Sobre estar a serviço da felicidade! ~ Por Talita Rebello

    Sobre estar a serviço da felicidade! Por Talita Rebello19 de outubro de 2016 Nem sempre temos consciência suficiente para compreender o que nos é dito. Nem sempre damos abertura suficiente para uma nova informação, pois nos apegamos a algumas “verdades quase absolutas”. Mas é como se recebêssemos um empurrãozinho, uma sementinha, uma flecha que nos indica um caminho interessante a seguir. Quando menos esperamos, aquela informação incompreendida - e até mesmo esquecida - desabrocha a partir do coração e nos faz dar um passo para trás. E o que parece um retrocesso é, ... more »


    SENDO ACIONADO PARA FLORESCER Mensagem de: A Equipe Através de Peggy Black.19 de outubro de 2016 Tradução: A Luz é Invencível Estamos aqui para apoiá-lo conforme você se move através do incrível caos e energias de mudança que fluem rapidamente. Perceba que o caos existe porque uma nova realidade virá. Os próprios eventos que estão ocorrendo estão empurrando para a evolução da consciência acontecer. Nós percebemos que alguns podem ter dificuldades em acreditar que as coisas podem mudar, especialmente quando elas parecem tão desanimadoras e intensas. No entanto, estamos aqui para l... more »

    Utilizeos seus muitos pontos fortes ~ Sabedoria dos Anjos; Sharon T...

    PONTOS FORTESUtilizeos seus muitos pontos fortesSABEDORIA DOS ANJOS canalizada por Sharon Taphorn17 de Outubro de 2016. Veja-se com compaixão e amor, sempre. A qualquer momento que se encontre pensando ou se sentindo mal sobre si mesmo, concentre-se em seus muitos pontos fortes. Use afirmações positivas para elevar a sua energia e ajudá-lo a manter a fé. Seus pontos fortes incluem o seu coração amoroso, intenções puras, talentos, habilidades e todos os diferentes aspectos do crescimento em que você esteve trabalhando. Quanto mais você honra e abençoa os seus pontos fortes e habili... more »

    LEMBRANÇAS DO LAR ~ O Grupo; Steve Rother

    LEMBRANÇAS DO LARUma mensagem do grupo, canalizada por Steve Rother.19 de Outubro de 2016. Tradução: Regina Drumond. Saudações, queridos. Saudações do Lar. Nós lhe trazemos a energia com que você viveu por tanto tempo. Nós o banhamos nesta energia do Lar, de modo que possa se lembrar quem você é. A verdade é que estes seres estão sempre ao seu redor. Sim, você alcança o mundo espiritual para se comunicar, canalizar, meditar e trazer a energia do Lar. Sim, você mantém todas estas lembranças do Lar em cada célula do seu corpo. Nós lhe dizemos que ao longo dos próximos meses as cois... more »

    CONSCIÊNCIA E MUDANÇA ~ Kara Schallock.

    CONSCIÊNCIA E MUDANÇAMensagem de Kara Schallock19 de Outubro de 2016. Tradução: Regina Drumond. Eu me pergunto, muitas vezes, onde todos estão com a consciência nestes dias. Para mim, parece que há muita variedade onde se está. Alguns parecem estar voando alto, enquanto outros parecem estar se debatendo. Alguns parecem estar ignorando tudo, fingindo, parece, que nada, sob qualquer condição, esteja ocorrendo interiormente e, então, estão tão fascinados pela vida exterior que eles ficam ligados à velha matriz. Eu, certamente, não consigo assumir que tudo se encaixe em uma visão genera... more » 

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