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Title: The Master Plan Of The "Elites" [thepowersthatwere] by X22report Spotlight

A comment from a reader, Tracy . . . my thanks for caring and contr...

I just finished reviewing this short 33:31 min video that talks about Greece, GMO Foods, Vaccines, Agenda 21 etc. and this grip of “absolute” control over the people who when they speak out against this “force” being imposed upon us, these “elites” don’t care what we think and pass law to enact their own plans, not that of humanities “free-choice”. ** This is just a reiteration of what many of us know, but it is a good education for those who are “beginning” their journey down-the-rabbit-hole.

Title: The Master Plan Of The Elites, Control The People And Remove Their Rights, by X22report Spotlight ~ I urge you to listen.

As far as this article, I have been aware of this information for some time. In fact this WHO report and information has been available for a while, just proposed in a different manner ~ Title: Almost a quarter of all disease caused by environmental exposure —

And for those who are interested in this 2012 video by Gary Null exposing the dangers of GMO Foods. (Where they show DNA damage and more) Here is a quote from wiki regarding [Seeds of Death] “The film looks at the possible relationship between governments and corporations that engage in genetic modification. In the film, Dr. Bruce Lipton mentions the world heading towards the sixth mass extinction of life on the planet.”
Seeds of Death full movie links:; and also here **

A word of caution IMO this movie will cause you to become angry about important “knowledge” that has been shielded by MSM. At least it affected me in that manner.
And remember this ZeroHedge April 15th article: Monsanto Furious At World Health Organization For Claiming Weed killer Causes Cancer ~

Jean I’d like to ask you as my final comment if you would re-post this important video to get people to remember what “personal responsibility” means — Order Followers – The People Who Keep The System Of Slavery In Place ~ Thank you & sending ALL Blessing of LOVE

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Comment by CHRISTINA on July 17, 2015 at 6:20am

Together we can starve the Satanic Energy right out of this Reality.  It has always been here.  And it is YOUR choice whether it continues to be fed, or whether you want to starve it so that it goes away.

- janet diane mourglia swerdlow

Satan Is Alive & Well-Fed

Comment by CHRISTINA on July 17, 2015 at 6:03am

You MUST reclaim your free will. Do the Soul Contract Revocations; these will ensure that you free yourselves.

[Andrew Bartzis and Bradley Loves have made them available to you on their web sites.]

- montague keen, sunday 12 july 2015

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