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Time to Wake Up The sole intent of this video is to educate you to the fact that the real rulers of the UNITED STATES is, and has been for quite some time, the private Federal Reserve banking system. John Fitzgerald Kennedy threaten the future of the central bank on June 4, 1963 when he signed presidential Executive Order No. 11110. This order gave the treasury branch of government the power to issue silver certificates, which in essence would have eliminated the demand for federal reserve notes, the tool which was used to enslave our once wealthy nation.

Within five short months of signing the presidential order, Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight, suffice to say the order was ignored, and or invalidated by his successor, Johnson. The history of the struggle between united States presidents and international bankers has been very lengthy and spans all the way back to the days of Lincoln, and Jackson.

As you know, \"He who owns the gold, makes the rules\", earlier in American history on April 5th 1933 U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 which forbade the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates, go figure, can you imagine that hoarding / holding your own money was made illegal in 1933 and people bought that hook line and sinker!?

Think of that next time someone asks you if they can hold a 20, it\'s a hustle now, like it\'s always been, history repeats. So now that were on the verge of a completely collapsed economy, and probably a decade long depression. You know the truth, you\'ve been lied to, there going to get away with it, and there aint sh!t you can do about it, except extract what little trust you had from the clutches of government and into the safety of your own paranoia. Buy storable food right now, while you can still afford it. Buy guns and ammunition if you feel the need for the ability to physically protect yourself from threats that may arise in an unstable economy.

Ron Paul courageously addressed the root of this problem months ago during his run for the White House, retrospectively I\'m sure you can understand, how the mainstream media and propaganda pundits were fools for doubting his strong reasoning and simple common sense that struck to the root core of the problems that we are suffering from today. Unfortunately we didint get Ron Paul into office, the censorship and propaganda was to powerful, and the corporate illusion of \"Change ™\" prevailed.

Now that you\'ve seen this video and you know and realize that Obama will not address the root of our problem, that being the Federal Reserve. Rest assured things will go progressively and hastily into a downward spiral from this point forward. The hardships will be great, and we must be strong in order to survive, now that you\'ve been awakened, please take time to educate others on how we\'ve been swindled so that we don\'t fall for governments false solutions to this problem, that will be crafted with the intent of further enslaving us all.

I have bad news, the depression is already here, it has been here for quite sometime now. The mainstream media is simply in denial and would rather tell you that it\'s merely a recession. Martial Law is coming next, be ready for swift \"Change ™\" to come. This country is about to be turned upside down, and we are all to blame. Educate people on the nature of the Federal Reserve system, EO 11110, and EO 6102, also watch the movie. America From Freedom to Fascism.

Good Luck...

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