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Metatron: We met at a Lake in the HighLands in Scotland

There we met with the Spiritual Leaders preparing for the Disclosure and First Contact.
Mother Sekhmet, AA Michael, Maitreya you and I were there with Sananda and other Galactic Representatives. It was discussed what will be revealed, and in what order.

KOS Lady Nada, St Germain continue to work on changing the Government and Financial Systems. You are witnessing a worldwide dissolution of the markets, trade, banks, and bad paper deals. This dissolution is causing the Political Leaders to have heart aches. The governments and finances are intrinsically connected. Each Country on Earth is interconnected through Trade Deals and Military Deals.

In order to start something new, everything in the system Worldwide, which does not work will be removed. The criminals working in government now, from the top down, will be arrested publicly and the worldwide community will be told, in Announcements, the Truth of what has happened, as well as NESARA and the new Treasury Rainbow Bills. The information about the new basket of currencies, backed by silver, gold, and platinum will be Announced. Reindexing will be Announced. New Government Leaders will be Elected in and these changes are necessary to set the stage for Landings.

This great day of Emergence will bring Kalki Maitreya, he is the Cosmic Christ, He has mastered Classical civilization, Western civilization, Chinese civilization, Hindu civilization, Persian civilization, Islamic civilization He will be speaking to all Peoples all over the Earth, simultaneously. He will speak to religious followers in the Buddah, Krishna, Christian, and Islamic Cultures, as well as others. He will explain in all these cultures, our Unity, our Truth Story of One. He will bring the news as the World Teacher about Ascension. He will say this message in a way that all everywhere will be able to relate to and understand their own role in Ascension.

Lord Michael will be working with assisting all in remembering their Galactic Herstory/History. He carries the sword of Truth. Now it is time for each individual to meet with their Galactic Mentor and remember who they are. It is in Divine Mind where these records are kept. Each one will remember their Truth and remember their Mission. Each One will learn to read the auras of Others, thereby knowing their Truth, their intension toward you. Each will be reminded how to obtain abundance through manifestation. Lord Michael will help the awakening balance their emotional and mental bodies as they come back to the Truth of their Galactic origins.

Mother Sekhmet will be the great equalizer. She is the dark and the light goddess. She is here now to carry out the removal of the dark Ones. Mother Sekhmet is here to invite The Children of Ra back to their Sovereign Status as members of the Galactic Society. It is time to remember we exist in a 5th Dimensional World where we are the Creators and the Manifestors of Light.

Mother is here to see to it each and every Soul in the Great Experiment is taken care of in the way they have called for according to their herstory/history. Mother is here to liberate all her children in the way they require.

Lord Metatron is here to help Mother Earth clean and clear the negative influences in Her field, environment, and energetic pathways connected to the Universe and beyond. He is here to heal the Earth and all on her. He is working with the Galactics in removing the old energy sources and install new clean energy. He works on installing new infrastructure and buildings which resonate with the Earth. Metatron is here to return Earth and all on her to their Divine Blueprint and that means remembering that our bodies and her body are StarGates that launch us to other parts of this Universe. He is here to remind us of our Oneness with All That Is.

Thursday was a meeting in the HighLands of Scotland, in this sacred place where those in the magical kingdom joined us. All were represented here to discuss the unveiling of the next steps. Lord Sananda presided over the Meeting as the Rainbow bridging the Earth with the Galactics. All are working together in cooperation and coordination for the next steps.


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Comment by Andy (UK) on March 23, 2010 at 4:44am
i read the same text over 1 year ago?

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