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Three Days Of darkness.....A Message By Sanandas 'Eagles..... Posted by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on September 25, 2012 at 7:30am Send Message View Blog ----- Original Message ----- From: "Karin Stenius"

Three Days Of darkness.....A Message By Sanandas 'Eagles..... Posted by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on September 25, 2012 at 7:30am Send Message View Blog ----- Original Message ----- From: "Karin Stenius"

Three Days Of darkness.....A Message By Sanandas 'Eagles.....

From: "Karin Stenius" >
To: "Karin Stenius" >
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 2:16:09 PM
Subject: [SanandasEagles] The 3 Days of Darkness ?????????????????????????

It is mentioned in the Bible and might happen every 3600-4000 years.

The last time this happened might have been when Moses left Egypt.

This might be what is called going through "The Eye of the Needle" in the

The Hopi Prophecies says;

To stay indoors. Do NOT go outside or look out. Close all windows and
curtains and your eyes and remain in prayers and meditations.

Electricity is not supposed to work if it happens so keep candles, oil lamps
handy and bottled water. Food that does not need cooking like granola bars,
fruit, nuts, peanut butter sandwiches etc. and enough food for 3 days for
your animals. You can NOT go outside to feed. Warm sleeping bags too as it
supposedly will get pretty cold too. Children and others might just sleep
through it and let them. Do NOT wake them up. To sleep through this is
probably the best thing that can happen.

Entities and beings on the astral plane are supposed to come loose if this
happens. That is why we are not supposed to look out.

Mary Ma was contacted by Father God a few weeks ago about the 3 DD which
surprised her and she had not expected. She was told it is going to happen
soon. 30-40 days before it happens the sun is supposed to get dimmer and
red. I saw a red sun last Monday morning, the 17th and thought it was
because of smoke from forest fires. Maybe it was the 3 DD instead?????????
Somebody else here has also seen a red sun in the mornings the last week.
It is supposed to be obvious 2 days before it happens. It is supposed to
happen at the end of October. 2days of semi darkness before the 3 DD.

Keep an eye on the sun so you know if it is different and if this is

You might want to start preparing now if you think it is going to happen.

How to prepare;

Mary Ma was also told to write a free e-book called the "God Project" and
spread it around the world. Here is a link to it and please share with
others if it feels right for you
a href="">

Mary Ma's website;
a href="">

Face Book;

She is going to post info she has received about the 3DD on this website.
She has not had the time yet but hopefully pretty soon. Keep checking it.

She also empathized that the most important thing is to let go of all anger
, hatred, unforgiveness etc. and be in gratitude and compassion and be in
prayers if this happens.

She mentioned the Psalms in the Bible and her payer books at her website and
to sing spiritual songs.

Somebody else was told to put the names of the 3 Wise men- the Magi's on all
her doors for protection.

(use a pen or marker, not a pencil and not blood like in the Old Testament )

Balthazar a href=""> > on top of the door- He
brought Frankincense

Caspar a href=""> > on the Right side
of the door- He brought Myrrh

Melchior a href=""> > on the left side of the
door - He brought Gold

I received an e-mail where V.L. mentioned that ETs have told her Jesus will
return on 11-22 and somebody else said 30 days after the 3DD.

Please, keep an open mind in case any of this really happens.

Abundant Hope just posted for that too;

I (Mary Ma) have been a Messenger for over 40 years, but it is times like
this that I do not wish to be the one to deliver the message. Of course if
this is correct you will all be very grateful you read the following words.
You will probable thank me because you will know exactly what to do for you
and your loved ones.

Our Father is very concerned and wishes us to be prepared for what ever
happens. He has had me and Cathy working on a FREE eBook for you called THE
GOD PROJECT. As soon as it is ready it will be emailed to you. Send this
book out to your mailing list. This eBook contains very important prayers to
connect you closer to God and to yourself. your bodies, levels of self.
etc., but it is not about the 3 Days of Darkness. See below.

Here is a link to a video that talks about a new sun and that we are on a
new time line and in a new galaxy- the Wormwood Galaxy. It starts roughly 16
minutes into the program. First it is about GMOs
a href="">"" watch?v="obIeke2bT7k&list=PL2F66D007557D43D5&index=2&"> &list=PL2F66D007557D43D5&index=2&
feature=plcp> &list=PL2F66D007557D43D5&index=2&feature=plcp

God the Father

Know my children that I Am on Dimension 354 which is an etheric level beyond
the physical plane, yet I Am within my Messenger and do not leave her
physical form.

I shall also directly connect with your heart if you wish me too, but you
must call me into your heart.

"Father God come forth now." (3x) Feel your heart chakra, in the center of
your chest, activate as I anchor into your heart. This IS for real. Your
body may twist, shake or move involuntarily. Don't freak out, it is time
for this "reality check". I Am real - the Father God, that's it.

The Earth is about to experience my "reality check". This event has been
prophesized for centuries by many saints and sages. It is known as "the 3
Days of Darkness". The purpose is to get the attention of the Earth and her
people. Many slumber in a stupor of rat like existence. They live from day
to day, work to work or worse they are jobless, hopeless and depressed. At
home they watch TV, drink beer, watch football and interact slightly with
family and friends. That's it.

They have no higher purpose, right? Is that you? Brother, I come to shake
you awake, it is time. Your wife has probably been trying to awake you for
years, but she can't talk to you, because you would think she was crazy,
right? Isn't that true? Do you realize that life is an illusion, a hologram
if you will? Some call it a Leela, a divine plan. You could think of it as
a puppet show, a stage which is life; a story which is your life. Who is
the writer, director, and actor of your own personal drama? You are. You,
the soul that inhabits your physical vehicle, creates what you experience.
Some of you get this, other are very mad. If this was a book you would
grumble and toss it across the room, right? Remember, I created you so I
know you very well.

You are my son or daughter and I also love you and uplift you right now in
your shock and despair. What if this is real? I send chill through you
right now? Well, it is real. God is real. I AM talking to you right now.
I've waited for you to wake up, but most of you didn't. Yawn, that shows
that your mind has shifted upwards. Okay, let's continue. Let's be basic
and simple, down to earth.

1. I'm God the Father.

There is also God the Mother, but we are not going there yet. So, stay with

2. Life is an illusion, like a hologram appearing real.

3. Who are you? You are my beloved child, I love you just like you are,
no matter what.

4. Why are you here?

5. What's the purpose?

6. How do you make life matter?

We can move as slow or as fast as you wish. The important thing is that I
have your permission to proceed. This is a free will planet so life has
options. I won't force you if you want to go. I'll disconnect from you
now. But you will miss out on a lot of neat stuff - understandings which
you used to consider when you were young and awake. Let's call this
complete for now. Come back later if you wish. I will still be here
waiting for your call.

I will be sending out a free ebook to each of you who send in your email to: . I am giving Mary-Ma McChrist many messages
for humanity in general; for You in particular, so keep in touch.

I Love You.

This is God, Lord God Adonai


God the Father--Message 2

Dear Children,

I Am The Father, Lord God of Adonai. I come to give you a message of great
importance. For many thousands of years, 3 days of Darkness have been
prophesized by many saints and sages. The Bible speaks of it also.

This is a time of Repentance and Supplication. Many upon the earth are
sleeping in the ignorance of material life. They have not gone upon the Path
of Enlightenment; they have not taken the "Higher Path" of life. They are
only focused upon material pleasures and destruction, they know nothing

As God the Father I do not care which path your soul chooses to follow,
but I do expect the soul - you, to seek a higher life, to lift above the sod
so to speak. Otherwise, you might as well be an animal. You are given a
precious human body to explore Spirit as well as the flesh. What are you
required to know and do to pass through the 3 Days of Darkness?" What should
you do during the three Days of Darkness? Click to read more and please
attend the Teleconference on 9/22/12. read more here.
a href="">
Lt0NTE0QypEc2GLoRvN7zXxXlzuh0g==> I Am Your Loving Father Lord God Adonai
Mary-Ma McChrist 8/23/12

a href="">
wRvggZRZDtJpW8EIvh9xppPgm7gGpfgi1O2W_RFw0EmhOyE2ha8=> View our profile on
a href="">
r589N6qWI4wZ8nkOc70=> Like us on Facebook

What should you do if the 3 Days of Darkness really happens?

***13 Principles of Light***

(Suggestions by God the Father to use on a regular basis.)

1.) Connect with your favorite part of the "big Source":

1. Mother-Father God. God-Goddess or Supreme Mother (advanced - Blue Rose
pg. 231).
(Connect with your Higher Self and your I AM Presence (The God Project

2. Call in the Archangels (Use The Blessed Mother's Blue Rose of the
Healing Heart, (pgs. 137 and 225) or Archangelic Rainbow Manual (page

3. The Ascended Masters (see Blue Rose pg. 232) Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha,
Saint Francis all saints and sages of all religions who have ascended etc.

4. The Elohim (See Blue Rose pgs. 226 and 227).

2.) Use discrimination to test all spirits before you communicate with
them. Ask them, "Are you Christed, from the highest Light and Love?" Ask
them 3 times (3x). The first two times they can lie. On the third time they
are to tell the Truth by the rules of Cosmic Law. Go to "Testing the spirit"
(see Blue Rose pgs. 143-145).

3.) Use your breath to calm and settle your body, emotions and mind.

4.) Meditate 15 + minutes. But first drop your mind/brain into your heart
chakra in the mid-chest. Only the heart can discern Truth the brain and ego
can be tricked.

5.) Explore the levels of yourself in The God Project pgs.13-16.

6.) Know your soul (-) the feminine self. Communicate with her. "I call
my soul self to me." (3x) *Give me chills when you are here. Use
clairaudience (hearing spirit), muscle testing, mental telepathy etc. to get
this information. See "Testing the spirit" (see Blue Rose pgs. 143-145).

7.) Know your spirit (+) your masculine self. Communicate with him. "I
call my spirit self to me." (3x) See *above.

8.) Ask Archangel Michael to be- friend you. "Archangel Michael come
forth now." (3x) Learn about him. Read Blue Rose, "The Protection Game"
(pgs.148-153). Receive your Sword of Michael. Teleconference Recording
6-22-12 Archangel Class #4 -

9.) Connect with Divine Mothers in spirit: Mother Mary, the Virgin of
Guadalupe, Kuan Yin, and Goddess Isis. etc. (See The Heart of the Mother and
Virgin of Guadalupe's Gifts and Prayers).

10.) Mother Mary-Ma McChrist. Go to the eBook Heart of the Mother,
"Calling the

Divine Mothers" for a very complete list (pgs. 34 & 35).

11.) Find out your own teachers and guides in spirit. This is one of the
5 pages about you that are included in your "Spiritual Evaluation Reading"
by Mary-Ma. $165.00

12.) Prayer for Peace, Love and protection. Join our Free Blue Rose
World Service Prayers 8:00-9:00 A.M. P.S.T. on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Call 218-944-3388 Code 22-22-22.

13.) Discover your personal Mission and do it with all your heart,
passion and power.

Hear you on the call.

Protection, Love and Light,

Mother Mary-Ma McChrist


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Comment by Ismail on October 10, 2012 at 10:33pm

Well at moment i can look at the sun straight up and it appears as if is eclipse...and a massive pink or redish aura apear around it...i can see this all the time the sun is has really puzled me...its this a sign too? your comments will be very much appreciated.....

Comment by ian on September 28, 2012 at 3:11am

Well this would sure change things.  Anything will do to make this world a better place.

Comment by Besimi on September 28, 2012 at 2:45am

Reply by Allanah Stanhope yesterday

Thanks very much for this, I have been given messages since January 2012, that we will Crash 3 days, maybe more, and to start to collect supplies, Food, tinned, have camping stoves,  with gas cannisters, matches, Water bottles, buckets with water,  blankets, pillows, yes warm clothes, it will be like winter, no petrol, no electricity, I was told it would be like in the days of the Pharophs, when the doors were marked in the time of moses, now mind you i have never read the Bible in my life, and still havent, ...I went into a physic shop about 4 months ago, talked to a lady about this, she started vomiting, dry reaching, ooops!..I asked her freind what was happening she didnt know...then I got told it was all the sludge,dark negative energies she hasnt let please let go of your stuff u are holding back, fear, hate, havent forgiven families, friends, past things, give it back to God, give him your burden...and believe, me,...that woman who vomited, said to dont want to see what coming out..!.I believe that happened, because i am so full of LIGHT/LOVE, and the negative couldnt stay their...I tell you this of my experience...and since then i have been doing awakening energy healing, and opening the channels, to let light in for I have been told, the last 2 days, to no longer charge, for my services, but to just offer it for FREE, to help as many as I can...everyone please start to eat light food, drink plenty of I an no a long term Medium, of 40 years, am only 1 year at this. yes i too am a bit scared, but i know the future will be truly of love, harmony, no wars, peace, and something magnificant....he wont tell me what, i keep asking,...but we must be strong, faithful, true to ourselves, and him, love yourself, families, forgive and let it all go.......WALK IN THE LIGHT, we are LIGHT BEINGS, SOUL, FULL OF SUCH BEAUTY...and  now we go forward.....was told to give you my story...take or leave, its your free will....or come on the RIDE of this lifetime....and we have done this before.....we can make it...Allanah Stanhope

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