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threat to attack Japan with a five kiloton nuclear weapon

On Monday 14th May 2012, Benjamin Fulford, the English-language spokesman for the Asian White Dragon Society, reported from Japan (here) that he had received a threat from the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) encoded within the above image.

The image shows a newspaper crossword puzzle being completed by the English footballer, David Beckham, in a YouTube video here. The video is entitled: "The Official London 2012 Olympics Film - Sport at Heart".

Fulford explains that the crossword contains a threat to attack Japan with a five kiloton nuclear weapon, and that the threat is linked to the G5 Rothschild banking cartel.

The solution shown for crossword clue one across is "Japan", and the solution for five down is "kilts". The words "roars" and "power" are also visible in the image. The crossword puzzle can be found at the 2.55 point of the video.

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