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first of all thank you brad and erv for the support -
i want to say that i left the chemicals although the doctors want me to keep having them.
I wasn't feeling good with the secondary effects of the pills.
they though i had fibromialgia and made me believe on that and after several examinations it was not that disease.
so i stoped.
my brain was changing.i felt nothing.i couldn't keep myself awake for more than 5/6 hours per day.
in fact i have something they say.they still don't know what it is.but i don't care about it anymore.
i live day by day and when i can't stand the pain or extreme exausting body i fall in my bed and sleep until i'm ok again.
for someone here who said to me on a private message that i was being dramatic...well i may be dramatic and so what?
that means i'm alive and i feel.and i do feel the fucking pain 100% on my body.sorry for that budy!


i kept living.started to think about me and the people i love.found out i have to take action.
i know i'm not ok, but i don't give up the fight.and i am determined to do what i came here to do.
if i live 1 day or one life time i will fight for the right to be treated like a human wich means with respect, full consciousness,true love,freedoom,unity and peace.

i returned slowly to my truth and path since 2008 when you first started to post your videos and spoke about issues i tried to forget on my youth.thank you brad,really...from my heart.
lets fight for us and for planet Earth.

may love guide us all!


I support greenpeace and animals rights.

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Comment by Trudy on August 5, 2009 at 12:34pm
It collapsed me in sorrow, you are sick. I will use all my energies to you to heal. One option that I can now offer
is Colloidal Silver ... here are some links ... : ... ...
Comment by Lisa on August 5, 2009 at 5:05am
Hi, am sorry to hear about your sickness. I will keep you in my mind and send you lot of love and light and hope. I also heard ( just heard) that changing food will also help. It think it is called macrobiotic food , heard from people who had cancer curred from it just by changing there food habits.
Comment by publix713 on August 5, 2009 at 1:09am
Marijuana has been known to cure fibro and many other forms of cancer. Search MJ cures cancer and u will find web=md harvard and several other top universitys agree with there own independent surveys. Marijuana has been know to help with cronic pain and give people with cronic pain help with digestion of food. As odd as it sounds look it up and you will see.

I will keep you in my prayers

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