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In case you can’t see it yet, read the section on Trump and Putin’s connection to Chabad-Lubavitch…
…in Update 23 (it is the November 7 prescript near the top of the article).

By the way, here is a notable excerpt from the Forbes article on Trump’s Lubavitcher son-in-law

“The most compelling figure in this intrigue, however, wasn’t in Trump Tower. Jared Kushner was three blocks south, high up in his own skyscraper, at 666 Fifth Avenue, where he oversees his family’s Kushner Companies real estate empire. Trump’s son-in-law, dressed in an impeccably tailored gray suit, sitting on a brown leather couch in his impeccably neat office, displays the impeccably polite manners that won the 35-year-old a dizzying number of influential friends even before he had gained the ear, and trust, of the new leader of the free world.”

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