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Things that have to Go, New Year’s or Not

Things that have to Go, New Year’s or Not
By Steve Beckow
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Another personality element that I have to draw on in building is experience as a military commander many centuries ago.

Some of the skills are exportable; some not.

The sense of reliance upon the group and of being powerless without their assistance is exportable.

A sense of the need for sound and stable leadership towards a goal that most, if not all, can get behind is also exportable.

The anger and rage used to reach battle pitch is not exportable. (1) I may still be recovering from that! That unresolved energy may be what domestic abuse this lifetime was designed to reawaken, for resolution.

My self-confidence is only slowly returning. I took a battering in early years and don’t feel fully recovered from it.

I’m motivated to recover by something Michael said, which may....+

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