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The World Described from the Grid. New and inspiring information - Fireside! ~ Channel Panel

Sananda will come to help Kathryn and Meg, who will interview Christine about her ability to see, feel and experience the Grid, and her lifelong work. 

Christine came to Earth, at Archangel Michael's insistence, with very little veil.  They work together to build, protect and create the Christ Grid, which has displaced the Matrix grid.  Our Grid is crucial to life on Planet Earth.

They also work with teams of angels, who oversee and effect the smallest detail of our lives.  You will learn how intimately they really work with us.

Archangel Michael will assist Christine to explain things we have never heard before, to simplify their work so that we can meet them half-way between their 5th dimensional point of view and our 3rd dimensional perspective.

Get ready to stretch your mind and open your hearts to a fascinating new way of seeing the world.




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