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the virus is reported to have been implemented by US agents during the recent presidential visit to Mexico.

The Pig ’Flu dimension: The combination of different strains of influenza, taken from pigs, birds and including two types of human 'flu, can only be achieved in laboratory conditions. The culprit is reported to us to be Fort Detrick, Maryland (Army Medical Command) and dissemination of the virus is reported to have been implemented by US agents during the recent presidential visit to Mexico.

Furthermore we have been told of the existence of a pig farm located in Mexico that is run by a US corporation out of Virginia (viz., US intelligence community-land). It would appear that this release represents a deliberate US counterintelligence diversion and obfuscation exercise. Considered in the context of ‘Executive Order 13295: Making individual US citizens subject to unrestricted arrest and detention in the event of a pandemic’, this is a decidedly sinister development, although it may represent yet another extremely cynical ‘scareism’ tactic. At all events, this 'flu issue is ‘perfectly formed’ to provide a diversionary background intended to obfuscate the wholesale stealing and diversion of funds over which this Presidency has been presiding, just like its predecessors.

According to the World Health Organisation, this particular strain has never been observed in pigs or human beings before, while a Reuters report has confirmed that the strain is indeed a genetic mix of swine, avian and human 'flu. An Associated Press report cites at least one financial analyst as estimating that up to $388 million worth of sales of Tamilfu may be pending in the near future, even without an epidemic. Tamiflu may deliver quite unpleasant side effects including nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, coughing – in fact the very symptoms that the concoction is supposed to counter. Japan prohibited this drug in 2007 following links to suicidal behaviour.

The real danger, then, is that, for nefarious reasons including, most pressingly, in order to provide a comprehensive diversion from the cascading exposures of decades of US financial criminality, as well as being beholden to giant pharmaceutical firms, this vaccine may soon be mandated by the US authorities and possibly by other Governments interested in the satanic objectives of population control and reduction, or, more likely, playing around with 'Black experiments' in this connection.

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