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The Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights

The Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights
Planet Earth is entrusted to humanity for the benefit of all beings. The planet is our capital asset, and we the people have a responsibility to ensure that this asset is protected, not exploited. We can do that by being trustees for the planet. When humanity becomes the trustee of the planet and holds the asset in perpetuity for use of all beings, as guided by the principles set out below, life is assured for us all. What has been set out below is a trust, a Planet Earth Trust, in which we the people are trustees and all beings are the beneficiaries.

We the people are trustees of Planet Earth.

Our purpose is to ensure life for all beings.

As a Trustee of Planet Earth, I honour our values, I accept our responsibilities, and I uphold the natural laws as set out herein. I commit to acting on behalf of Planet Earth each day of my life, at the end of which my trusteeship will pass to others.

Our values
We are all one
Life is sacred
Love is all

Our obligations
Ecological justice
Future generations

Our duties

Our rights and freedoms
Right to exist
Right to habitat
Freedom to be

Right to diversity
Right to ecological integrity
Freedom to the natural cycles of life

Right not to be polluted
Right to restorative justice
Freedom to a healthy and clean environment

Right to compassion
Right to peace
Freedom to be loved

More Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights background from Polly Higgins here, here and here (pdf file - 21 pages).

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Comment by CHRISTINA on July 19, 2010 at 5:51am
Beautiful! Spread the word!

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