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The Unicorn Earthstar Planetary Assistance & Galactic Global Update!

The Unicorn Earthstar Planetary Assistance & Galactic Global Update!



LIVE! International Tele-session

  September 24, 2022  

9am (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time)  $35  120 min

Replay Available \

Is there an metaphysical object, a unique lamp or gift someone gave you long ago, a rare piece of clothing or jewelry, a decorative piece of art or furniture or toy…or even an unusual pet accessory, a favorite candy from childhood or something that you had in your teenage years that is constantly on your mind?  A Unicorn is something very unique, special and seemingly impossible to find…and you may come to realize that what you are actually thinking about or looking for is a ‘unicorn’ in a specific form!   Although the object on your mind may seem frivolous to others and impossible to find, it is at the same time extremely important to find it for many reasons.  This session will focus on helping you to find your ‘unicorn’, explain why the internal messages and urgency are significant and give you the secrets to finding the impossible.  Join Bryan and the Ashtar Command for this fun and magical session!

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