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As  the reader of this modest publication will soon discover, every  important thing has it's time just as every person who ever lives has  their purpose, though many never know what it is.

This little book has been compiled in the expectation that its remarkable contents will at least help a few to understand.

I say 'at least' because, as you will see, it has the potential to do a great deal more than that.

Real understanding will guide your life so that you may play an active role in helping others to see by it too.

Little  Book - Big Secret covers two related subjects that combine to show and  prove the real nature of the truth behind our lives.

It  also brings to light the fact that there is an active opposition that  has been working for centuries to prevent that proof becoming widely  known.

This  opposition disguises itself as a supporter of the truth; it’s an  institutional liar in several guises and protects itself by being a  keeper of big secrets.

That  liar is a highly organised propaganda and education control network  that actively works to keep the majority of the people in bondage to  their system by keeping them in a state of ignorance by having them  believe false beliefs.

In  very recent times the interest and suspicion of 'ordinary' people has  been aroused by a little wake up bell that has spread throughout the  world and they have started to ask the kind of questions that the  opposition don't want them to ask.

That  opposition fears that their own secrets and the crimes related to them  will come into the open if people poke around and unearth hidden things.

The little nagging bell that I have mentioned is Dan Brown's immensely popular novel, The Da Vinci Code.

That book has upset a lot of people who think it offends them by putting their beliefs into dispute.

As  I write this in India the newspapers are full of letters containing  comments about the Da Vinci Code film written by enraged Christians who  seem to need to deny others the right to free thought or speech while  exercising their own God given right to have exactly that.

Those people are not going to like the real truth one little bit at first.

The Vatican's  reaction to Mr. Brown's book has been particularly aggressive yet it's  writer states that it is a work of fiction, and it is.

It does however contain some hints about some very sensitive factual links that I will come to in good time.

Dan Brown's novel is far from the only book that dares to suggest that Jesus was a man and not God.

Many  academic books that are not presented as works of fiction like Holger  Kersten's 'Jesus Lived in India' or 'The Jesus Conspiracy' have been  best selling titles yet there has been no uproar from the churches about  their publication.

When  'The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail' was released it caused a flurry of  interest among the kind of people who like the idea of mysteries and  like trying to solve them. That book hinted at the idea that Leonardo Da  Vinci was connected to the keeping of secrets that he had to conceal in  coded form because they were too dangerous to speak about openly,  secrets connected to the truth about Jesus that would put the holders of  them in danger if the established church discovered who they were. It  was the book that first aroused peoples interest in the secret of the village of Renné's Le Château in France  and the unexplained events in the life of it's secretive priest  Francois Bérenger Saunière. There were no worldwide cries of blasphemy  among the general population when it hit the bookshops.

So what makes Dan Brown's novel such a target of the church?

Why  are they so afraid of this one? If they really are hiding secrets from  the world as his book suggests why are they doing it and what are the  secrets?

The real answer to those questions will be revealed to the reader of this book.

The  reason for the Vatican's reaction to 'The Da Vinci Code' has something  to do with the fact that that book has aroused the interest of a much  greater number of people than the academic works ever did and it has  caused them to become interested in the subject of the book that Dan  Brown based his novel on, the subject being Da Vinci's connection to the  Priory De Sion, a secret society reputed to be the guardians of the  secret of the real Holy Grail, hidden codes and their connection to  Sauniere's lucrative secret.

In  doing so Dan Brown's book has prepared the way for the public  acceptance of the fact that there really is a Da Vinci Code although it  cannot be said that he created it, and there really are people who don't  want the world to know that there is.

One name of that code is THE ROSE another is THE ORACLE.

One purpose of this little book is to prove it to the world by demonstrating it.

Before  I help you to see what it is, how it works and why it has been kept  secret I need to tell you how I came to know about it and why.

While doing so I will show you the second secret.

In  1996 agents working for the British and American governments witnessed,  participated in and recorded a sequence of events that were designed by  God to give them absolute proof that God exists.

It was done in such a way that they could show that proof to the world if they elected to do so.

The author of this book was also involved in those shockingly crucial happenings.

The whole thing occurred totally automatically, as all things really do, so it was not by my personal merit that it occurred.

I had no idea that it was going to happen until it started in the spring of 1996.

Prior to that time I had been a mussel farmer in Scotland and I was also what people call 'a seeker'.

My role was to help God to supply parts of the proof directly to the British and American governments.

The proofs had been set up in such a way that vital parts of it were received by them long before I was born.

By  the time it got into full swing in October 1996 the intelligence  agencies had a better idea about the nature of the things that were  about to happen than I did. Thank God!

However,  having said that, the actual events that occurred must have shocked  them to the core even being, as they were, on the receiving end of it.

My own part in it was almost unendurably shocking at times.

Along  with the tangible proof that they received they also received an  ultimatum given to them in a very startling manner. The spoken message  offered them an opportunity to do things in the right way to solve the  world's problems before it is too late.

The  government agents who received that vital message were advised to tell  the world the truth about the things they have been hiding and to  implement drastic changes in the way they are governing this world.

Those  changes were to end the high level corruption that is currently causing  a massive problem for the people of this dying planet Earth.

They were compassionately warned that failure to comply with the voice of God's reason would result in global catastrophe.

Instead  of doing the sane and sensible thing they did the opposite and hid the  whole thing from the people at the expense of the lives of some very  well known figures who found out about it.

At  the time that I was used to deliver the ultimatum under very special  circumstances in October 1996 they were told that they had three and a  half years to set a positive response in motion.

A  very special identity proof that God supplied to the intelligence  services without my knowledge of it proved beyond all doubt that the  message I had been used to give to them was the genuine ultimatum from  God. They were literally shown THE WRITING ON THE WALL.

As  their response was a negative one I was led to my proof when their  three and half years was up to help me to break their secrecy.

That  proof was given to me when I was very cleverly led by God to break the  biblical seventh seal and find my own way to the discovery of the real  Da Vinci code. My own way to the discovery of the Ana Code, the real  name of the Da Vinci code.

After  the initial discovery of the existence of the secret Seven Seal code a  small group of people were led to complete the master key that contains  the anagram information lines that contain the timed links to recent  catastrophe's that prove that they were preplanned to provide further  warning 'hints' to the secretive government liar's who are still  concealing the truth from the ordinary people of this dying world.

LITTLE  BOOK - BIG SECRET part one, contains the details of the 1996 events and  some important things that happened in the years that followed them,  part two explains how the Ana Code and the real Holy Grail was given by  God. It contains a big demonstration of the proof in the code.

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