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The tipping point has been reached: Mass civil disobedience is erupting against tyranny

The tipping point has been reached: 

Mass civil disobedience is erupting against tyranny

Mike Adams

November 2, 2021

With pilots, police officers, firefighters, nurses and people in all walks of life now taking a stand and saying, "NO" to the deadly vaccine jabs, a tipping point has been reached in America. The realization has hit home for millions that complying with the increasingly insane demands of vaccine tyrants leads only to more suffering and death.
We cannot "comply" our way to freedom... especially when those demanding our compliance are power-hungry criminals and psychopaths.
All across the cultural landscape, people are rising up now, and two walkouts have been publicly announced. This is the moment humanity must take back core freedoms or lose them forever.
We also have a special mini-documentary about how globalists are using vaccines to eliminate the "obedience" class of sheeple across the world, either deliberately or unintentionally.
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Mike Adams
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