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The time of the great awakening is now
Ahanryia via Galaxygirl
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We dragons speak now. I Ahanryia am speaking. I am lending my smoke, my fire, my cunning and wisdom to the Earth Project. The sacred Gaia has called out and we Ascended dragons have answered.

This one sees me as an emerald green female dragon.
(She is quite beautiful with aquas and yellow, and golden eyes rimmed in green, appearing modest in size.)
Do not be fooled by the size of a dragon, human. For not all are as they seem. We are not bound by the space time that a human form is. We are malleable, changing, squeezing through wormholes and large enough to incorporate planetary energies.

The time of preparation is over. Either you are prepared or you are not. Either one is of the light or of the not-light. There is no more time.
(I am seeing an hourglass whose sand has run dry.)
The time of the great awakening is now.

I Ahanryia am speaking on behalf of the ascended dragon team....+

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