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I've been looking at this star in the southwestern sky for about a month now. It makes its appearance around supper time. It's brighter than Venus and when u put ur google sky app up towards it, there should be nothing there. It's freaking me out. Tonight I finally got the telescope out and here's a pic of it. Wtf?

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Comment by Besimi on November 25, 2013 at 9:10pm
Comment by Joanna 58 minutes ago

I've been seeing a lot of activity around Venus the last six weeks, both ships and orbs; ships coming and going, and orbs stationed in geometric 'holding patterns' around Venus (which has stepped up its energies as a conduit for the Tenth Ray and certain solar frequencies). 

The last full moon was also very amplified, with colour changes/flashes and many orbs clustering in close around it.

Sananda's ship, the New Jerusalem was the guiding star of the birth of his incarnation as Jesus. Ashtar's ship is the Phoenix....interesting that ISON is now being seen/spoken of as a phoenix or eagle/hawk type form.....

This photo is from Nov 22, of a green orb near Venus, with a ship to the left....

Also from the same evening, Venus in the upper right, and on the left a ship came up from behind the clouds and headed in the direction of Venus.

Comment by D. Whip 3 hours ago

I Really Love this stuff... and I Pray that this is a SIGN for our Transition into The New Golden AGE that we all have been waiting for / I for one am Ready for the SHIFT !  Blessing to you ALL.....     D.Whip

Comment by Maryla Szurek 6 hours ago

I observe it too,every moght with the binoculars.

Tonight it changing colours from red to orange and yellow.

Comment by Auri 6 hours ago

Hi George! I agree about the New Jerusalem being the "star" that led the wise men - not so sure about Sheldon tho I like to read his stuff, my "gut" has not offered up any red flags so for the time being I will at least listen to what he has to offer - those who follow Zorra on Hollow Earth would agree about all living things being "relocated" for a bit while Gaia goes through her "growth spurt" in getting ready for the Golden Age... 

I did not put up the enlarged copy of that last image because I wanted people to see how very large the ship appeared in the frame of the picture - I did not do anything to the picture at all. To be honest, it is puzzling to me because when taking the pic without the night time laps setting it was a very bright "star" in the sky when I used the night setting that is what I got - I did ask them to bring it in closer for a good picture, perhaps I got what I'd asked for! smiles....

Here is a copy of the first picture taken down in town before I cropped it to get a better view of the two ships, the red is a plane flying by, the result of the night shutter staying open longer, but it gives you an idea of how much bigger it was when on top of the mountain...

Comment by George Noble 7 hours ago

This, if it's the New Jerusalem,  may be the same "star" ship the wise men were reported to have seen & been led by to Christ baby's  birth place..  ...since Jesus Christ IS who Sananda is.   I also heard some place also that our historical Christ came from the Arcturus star system.  Maybe we'll be picked up.....or led somewhere.  I don't like to think that things may get so difficult here that that may be necessary.........however I have heard that (in my 3rd ear)...&.  It's what Sheldan Nidle, PAO has been saying as well. ....tho one commenter on the 2012 site opined that Sheldan was a Psy-Op..

a deceiver.  He's been saying that a time would come for a cleansing of Earth's surface and some of us would be taken on board craft,  which have a special compartment for 3-D beings and some would be taken to inner earth......w/ Agarthans

     I could only count 10 sides in the magnified photo image of the big bright object,  tho 12 would make sense.   I was hoping for it to pulse VERY bright while I watched.   I first thought it could be a man made satellite. 

Comment by Dee 8 hours ago

Well of course the powers that be/are, are going to explain it off as a planet, ( Venus ), but we All know that planets are round, not misshapen like this one is, and we have already heard about ships hiding behind the moon as well. I for one have never seen a star, or planet shine this bright. 

Comment by HILARIE MOORE 9 hours ago

I have been looking at the very same star from Southern California area and having the same experience when I put my Google Star Map up to it, nothing comes up. The intensity of the brightness seems to wax and wane as well.

I was wondering what it was. Could it be Jupiter?

Comment by Barbara tenWolde 9 hours ago

I just saw that star. Very broad. It's quite cloudy and we're yet far from seeing any stars yet. But there it is. (Austria)

Comment by Teresa Santiago 9 hours ago

According to Zorra/Father God, that bright star is the New Jersusalem, the mothership of Jesus/Sananda and Ashtar.

Comment by Rachel Bultman 10 hours ago
Brilliant buddy..... Amazing
Comment by Besimi on November 25, 2013 at 9:08pm
Comment by NDrou 11 hours ago

This is the Vega Star in the Aquila constellation  appearing  South. It has been very bright/active  for the last month. I have been observing the sky and it seems the stars are reacting to the happening of the energy disturbances. I took a picture with just a regular camera and it came out as an blue Orb. I have noticed also the Deep Dipper to be more active than usual. This is a beautiful picture! 

I use the program Stellarium which i find to be a very good tool to locate the stars, constellations and comets.

Comment by Nancy Wilson 11 hours ago

Thanks for the taking the picture. I've been watching it too. The first time I noticed it "space ship" flashed in my mind. I love your picture. It's just another space ship! Say hi to them and let them know you are cool with them and want them to come closer. Welcome them with open arms. 

Comment by Trinity 15 hours ago

Really good picture.  The day before yesterday I spotted a very bright star before dusk!!  I couldn't take my eyes off of it because it was way too early for stars.  As it got dark the rest came out but this one was soooooo bright.

Comment by Randi Lange Reinhoff 17 hours ago
In What direction do I look from Norway? Northeast?
Comment by hari kishan 17 hours ago

really good  its a space ship ..............................................

Comment by Joanna 17 hours ago

Wow, stunning photos, Dawn and Auri! Thank you..... 

Auri, I haven't seen the ships' reflections in water, but have also been seeing red and blue flashes/twinkles around them....

Comment by Carol 17 hours ago

that post was from   but several of our observatories mention Venus and the reason it looks so big. Would have been more fun if it was a space ship though! ?

Comment by Carol 17 hours ago

It appears that it is Venus.

Interesting Objects in the Western Evening Sky in November 2013

Venus, the brilliant 'evening star', holds its position in the evening sky as the stars slip lower. So Venus appears to move steadily up through Scorpius during October. The Scorpion is head-down, tail-up in the evening sky now. It sets in the southwest after midnight. Antares and the tail make a back-to-front question mark. In Maori star lore the tail is the fish-hook of Maui. 
Venus has been increasing its angle from the sun since April as it catches us up.  It is now near its maximum angle from the sun.  It is also near to its most southerly location in the sky.  The combined effect of these makes Venus set after midnight NZDT; a brilliant 'star' in the dark night sky. Venus is heading straight at us as it comes around the corner.  Through October its distance shrinks from 136 million km to 102 million km. In a telescope it looks like a tiny first-quarter moon.

Comment by Carol 18 hours ago

Aaah, just watched your video Lydia and viewers in New Zealand are mentioned, so I must be seeing the same 'object' 'planet' or whatever it is. I can't view it tonight coz it's cloudy, but I am off to do some internet research, there may be something mentioned in our astronomy sites.

Comment by Louise Claassen 18 hours ago

Wow! Thank you Auri - it makes sense! Louise

Comment by Besimi on November 25, 2013 at 9:07pm
Comment by Louise Claassen 18 hours ago

Oh MY! I have been seeing the same bright 'star' and I know it is not Venus - If it were - I have never seen it that bright in my life. Thank you for this.................any ideas?  Louise

Comment by George Noble 18 hours ago

Thanks very much Dawn and Lydia for posting this!  I have been wanting to find out about this "thing".  It's so big and bright.  It is NOT venus I'm sure.  It's higher in the sky than venus here ----in northern CA, USA, 

Comment by David Lee Williamson 19 hours ago

We have been seeing it also from Princeton, Tx

Comment by Carol 19 hours ago

Here in New Zealand we see a very bright object in our Southwest sky too, early evening just after the sun goes down which is about 8pm at this time of the year. I have been watching Venus transverse our sky, but not sure if it is Venus I am seeing or the same object you are talking about. I would have thought it would be reversed down here? ie in the North Eastern Sky? Our moon rises in the East and sets in the West, is that the same for you guys in American and Europe?

I am going to see if I can zoom in on it, but it is pretty cloudy tonight so might not get a good view.

Exciting whatever it is 

Comment by Auri 20 hours ago

The New Jerusalem is a ship guys - it is Sananda's ship - a mother ship that was parked in front of Venus for quite a while (great way to hide a ship if you think about it) but they have moved away - it is always in the South West sky, close to the horizon - it doesn't move with the others stars, there are others if you look, they are parked in a kind of grid and are as a norm in the same place in the sky. Once you find them, you will wonder how you ever missed them in the first place, if you are near water (like a lake) you can see the ships reflections in the water, you can't see the stars... only the ships and if you watch, you can see the colors red, blue, green around them - I have another picture I took of the New Jerusalem about a week after the first I posted here, the only difference was I went on top of a mountain I live close to so there were no city lights at all and I was about 4,000 feet higher - the thing that amazed me was even though the lens was a 50-300, the image I got literally filled the frame it looked like I was taking a shot of the full moon, only the moon was a crescent that night... here it is - you can count 12 sides on it...

Comment by Lydia 21 hours ago

Friday, November 15
Venus continues to grow more prominent in the evening sky this week. Not only does it appear brighter (magnitude –4.7) than it did earlier in the month, but it also climbs higher. You can find it some 15° above the southwestern horizon an hour after sunset. If you target Venus through a telescope, you’ll see a disk that spans 30" and appears slightly less than half-lit.

Comment by Lydia 21 hours ago

Bright "planet" in south west sky, Getting brighter folks! 9-23-2013 8:30pm EST

Comment by Lydia 21 hours ago

IT Could BE Venus ? 

"The brilliant planet Venus is now a beautiful evening "star" in the late-fall twilight, shining brightly in the southwest through the purple dusk. But did you know Venus has phases like the moon that are visible in telescopes?"

Comment by Anita Camera 21 hours ago

What a great picture, thank you Dawn  We have been watching this for a while, and are fascinated by it. Interesting that this is the first post I see after joining here 

Comment by Lydia 21 hours ago

The one above I see is between 6 and 7 in the evening West/South direction and as Gail described it here:

It is very large, very bright, and sort of irregular shaped.  It seems to be lower on the horizon than most stars, and when I look at it I always get a strong feeling that it is not a star at all.

Comment by Besimi on November 25, 2013 at 9:06pm

Comment by Gail Price yesterday

Yes Dawn, I've been noticing it too and wondering...  It is very large, very bright, and sort of irregular shaped.  It seems to be lower on the horizon than most stars, and when I look at it I always get a strong feeling that it is not a star at all.  If you learn anything more about it, please post your findings here for all of us who are also wondering what it is.  THANKS!

Comment by Lisa DogFancier 21 hours ago

Been wondering about that star that is there and then gone when I go back an hour later.  It sure is bright--the New Jerusalem star?

Comment by Tommy 21 hours ago

is the one that is the last to dim out in the am, i mean like way late, like it's almost full sun up and you still see this puppy. i bring the kids up to the road for school and have a great SW view. we always stare at this star or whatever hangin there when there is no other star anywhere else in the sky. i also see a few of them in the evening, out hours before any others pop up.

Comment by lacemoon 21 hours ago

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Comment by lacemoon 21 hours ago

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Comment by Lydia 21 hours ago

wow, thanks Auri !

Comment by Auri 21 hours ago

It is the New Jerusalem - it's been there for quite a while now but they have started bringing it in closer...

Here is a pic I took a while back - the green could not be seen by the naked eye but the camera sure got it, I think it is another ship!

Comment by Lydia 21 hours ago

I have been seeing the EXACT Light for over a Week and I get a Really Good Feeling ~ its Magical ~ Thank You so much

for sharing this Blog Dawn because I would Love to Know what it is !!! 

Wow Great Pic !!!  ~ Hope you will take more 

Comment by Dee 23 hours ago

Just noticed it the first time tonight as well.  I am dying to know just what it is !!!! 

Comment by ian mercer yesterday
I see it too in the southwestern sky I think it is the new Jerusalem its funny I know pilots have too see it but they are probably under a gag order
Comment by Dawn yesterday

do you think this could be the space probe "deep impact".  it is the proper position to be

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