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The Shift Has Hit the Fan: Welcome to the Sane Asylum

I love this One!

Want to read a delightful, yet very insightful State of the
Universe by Swami Beyondananda?

Here, it is:

Swami's 2009 State of the Universe

The Shift Has Hit the Fan: Welcome to the Sane Asylum

By Swami Beyondananda

The shift has hit the fan!

Humanity has shifted its karma into surpassing gear, and political climate change has come to America . Thanks to a grassroots up-wising, we the people huffed and puffed together in the same direction and the winds of change blew in a breath of fresh air. And we can all breathe easier.

The vote in November was more than a vote for a new President. It was a vote for a new precedent to overgrow the "lowest common dominator" paradigm and take a step towards government of the people, by the people, for the people. Now the government does our bidding, not the bidding of the highest bidder -- and now the Golden Rule can finally overrule the rule of gold.

In the short term, the up-wising has been successful, and the American Evolution has begun. The first big shots have been fired, and we are on the road to recovering from an eight-year bout with Mad Cowboy Disease and Electile Dysfunction. But now, if we want to heal the body politic of conditions like Deficit Inattention Disorder, Truth Decay and the deadliest one of all, an unchecked Military Industrial Complex, we must elect ourselves.

Spiritually, it's time to quiet our barking dogmas and evolve past the Ten Commandments to an even greater realization - the One Suggestion: "We are all in it together." Once a critical mass of us chooses to live by this credo, we can avoid the critical massacre called Armageddon, create Disarmageddon instead, and achieve fulfillment as a species -- Humanifest Destiny.

The End of the Age of Nefarious?

Every journey into the light is preceded by a dark passage, and our entry into the Age of Aquarius is no different. As
predicted in the celebrated quatrain:

"When the goon moves into Lincoln's house, and stupider aligns with Mars, then greed will guide the planet and fear obscure the stars ..."

The Age of Nefarious delayed the start of the new millennium. But now the quatrain is heading down a new track, and soular power is shining a light on the endarkened corridors of soulless power.

Just as the eight-year journey that took us from Whitewater to Blackwater was coming to an end, some overzealous
Bush-bashers hurled footwear to give the departing regime one final boot.

That was understandable, but unnecessary. Better we should keep our shoes on, and use them to stand together at a time when healing wounds is more important than wounding heels.

Besides, without Bush there could have been no Obama. His alarming actions awakened more people than Buddha, and a body politic in a fear-induced coma miraculously regained consciousness.

And now there is a new President: Barack Hussein Obama. After eight years of insanity, we can proclaim to the world, " America has a President Hussein!"

So now, we must face another awesome truth: We are living in a world gone sane.

Welcome to the sane asylum.

Trickle Down Goes Belly Up...

It's a good thing our political fates are on the upswing, as our economy has taken a sharp downturn. The house of credit cards economy based on trickle down has gone belly up, and we must face another, sadder truth. Individually and collectively, we've been suffering from Deficit Inattention Disorder, and since we were unable to do the math, we must now do the aftermath. It's a buy-o-logical fact. You cannot spend more than you have. Nature knows this.

We can use no more energy than what we have in reserve. We cannot charge energy on our Ascended Master Card and repay it next lifetime.

So, yes, the casino economy is coming down, but there is an upside to the meltdown. There is a great opportunity in the crisis. Consider this. When the dollar hits zero, we can pay off our entire $10 trillion national debt and hardly feel it!

Meanwhile, over the past eight years we have seen the fall of reptilian entities like Enronosaurus Wrecks, and most recently a character named Madoff made off with billions. Our entire economic system has been revealed as an extraordinary ponzi scheme where ordinary people are left holding the empty bag.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. It's the same old needygreedy where our collective fear of not having enough -- "scare city" -- has empowered those privatizing privateers who are plundering our planet with their mining operations: "that's mine, that's mine, that's mine."

This overmining the planet has undermined humanity. Thus, the emergency we face right now. So, what do we do? I am glad I asked that question. We must go beyond the fear-based state of emergency, to a state of
emergent seeing.

This is where we emerge and see the genuine wealth that is all around us: the virtually infinite energy from Father Sun, the prolific nourishment Mother Earth brings us every season, the love we generate from our hearts, and the inventiveness of our minds.

With this realization, we have a one way ticket out of scare city ... and we enter a state of a-bun-dance. That is where we get up off our assets, move our buns, face the music and dance together. In using our resources to create good goods and greater goodness, we can weave a web of mass construction that will make us all interdependently wealthy. Heartland Security and Purple People Power.

So ... how do we do this? How do we go from our habitual "every cell for itself" consciousness that has caused our
current "mining disaster", to acting on the evolutionary truth that we are in reality "all cells in the body of humanity?" How do we shift from survival of the fittest to thrival of the fittingest?

First we must move from the fear-based Homeland Security to the love-based Heartland Security, and realize our one true security is in the land of the heart. While the beliefs in our head fool us all the time, the love in our heart is
foolproof. When we face up to love, we can face down the fear. What this means in practical reality is that we must step across the "red-blue" political divide that has kept us separate, and show our true colors as one purple people.

Yes, we have all been wounded by polarizing politics, so let's give ourselves a purple heart, and take the next courageous step to cohere around our shared "heart core" values and become ... we, the purple.

I have a dream ... that the rednecks shall lie down with the blue necks, and we tune out the polarizing mainstream
media, which is sadly a brainwashing machine stuck on spin. More than ever, we need forums not againstums, dialogue instead of debate. When the body politic stops mass-debating and chooses to have healthy, pleasurable intercourse, we will finally create a healthy brainchild together. This February, we celebrate Abraham Lincoln's bicentennial, and our friend Richard Lederer (the anagram master known as Riddler Reacher), tells us that when we scramble the letters in "Barack Hussein Obama," we get "Abraham is back: One U.S."

You don't have to be a Barack-backer to see that instead of relying on leaders from above, the next evolutionary step is for us to become the leaders we have been waiting for. I am Lincoln . You are Lincoln . We are Lincoln . And by linkin' together, we free ourselves from slavery to the divisive beliefs in our minds, and form a more perfect union in the land of the heart.

Sure, these ideas may seem far-fetched, but we are nearer to fetching them than ever before. Remember, we are now living in a world gone sane. Change is ahead, change is afoot, and everything is changing from head to foot. Like it or not, we are destined to have heaven on earth. Might as well get used to it.

This article originally from www.wakeuplaughing. com.

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Comment by CrystalClear2313 on February 13, 2009 at 8:32pm
Great work Blisseon
Comment by Alex on February 13, 2009 at 3:55pm
very well written you should be proud

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