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The Secret of Adam .. [A discussion ..] Anastasios

The Secret of Adam .. [A discussion ..] Anastasios

In the file in which your father says the '' Fifth Sun '' I saw that the Mayan prophecies say will be the last of this season. "

Edward sat in a chair a little further and began to listen to them carefully.
"And the Bible says something that coincides with the Book of Revelations."

  "And what is that?" Asked Alexia with interest.
"If I'm not mistaken, I think that says about this: And the earth, adorned with the best cloak the light, will rise and will confront another sun."

"Do you believe that this sun will be the last? What to do with this? It is impossible. You mean that the Sun will go out in December? Scientists have said that someday will go out, but it will be in the thousands, millions of years. "

"The Mayan prophecies is not fraud," replied Adam. "The Mayans were great mathematicians and calculated that approximately every 12,800 years the Sun, Earth and climate change exist and that every 25,625 years marked a stellar rotation."

"That's right," said Alexia affirmative shaking his head.
"For some reason the ancient prophets or some beings who do not know asked the Maya, at the height of their amazing culture, to leave their cities, leaving behind palaces, astronomical observatories, valuable art works and individual architectural monuments, quite simply disappear '.
Edward, who was sitting in the other corner of the cabin, came full of interest.

"And they disappeared?" He asked. His voice showed surprise and skepticism. "Somewhere to be gone, is not it?"

Adam shook his head negatively. "They left the slightest trace. And nobody goes just like that, leaving something of great value, unless you are going to exchange it with something better. The Mayan calendar ends exactly this year. "

  "I do not understand the connection," said the daughter of the Gospel.
  "It marks, Alexia. Both my father and his own you studied in depth the Mayan codes and symbols of Atlanta. The fact that the Sun blushed and presents unusual activity in combination with climate changes that have occurred and the fulfillment of six previous prophecies may indicate an impending a great mutation not only on our planet, but our entire solar system. "

"And us, how will it affect us?" Asked Edward frowning.
"It seems to me very important that the ancient Maya, a people who disappeared without leaving a trace and had teachers and scientists at the level of the most important current scientists were able to predict what would happen in the future with only average minds and their observatories . The most important thing is that according to them, every 5125 years stems from the center of the Milky Way a synchronistic radius raises the frequency of the Sun and all the planets of our system and harmonises with a strong universal energy ".

His eyes sparkled from Edward's interest that grew constantly.
Adam got up and went.
"In full rotation of the solar system in the galaxy, the Maya dividing the cycle of 25,625 years." He pulled a Parker from his pocket suit, which hung on a hanger, and designed in a paper an oval shape, which parted in the middle.

"We form an ellipse, the splits in two and have two years or fractions of 12,812 years each. The top fraction, which is located closer to the center of the Milky Way, is called day, and the bottom, the greatest distance from the center, called night. Each cycle looks like a heartbeat of Source or inhalation, The heart of the human body makes a contraction and expansion in a hundredth of a second, but the Galaxy takes longer. "
Alexia carefully looked at the plan with the global shortage resembling universal oval and the upper band saw Central Sun of the universe.

  "Continue your explanation," said Adam.
  "These two divisions are divided in turn into five periods of 5125 years: morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night." The sexologist formed in the shape of five years and it showed. "According to the Maya, just this year we leave behind the period represents the" night "to enter the" galactic morning. "It is the moment in which the synchronistic radius from the center of the world leaves its mark on the Earth and the solar system. "

  "And what does that have to do with us?" She asked timidly the Catalan, who looked suspiciously plan.
"Great, Edward. If we are going to step into a new year, this means that we will leave behind an era of pain, war, chaos, confusion and hatred, which the Maya called "night", the dark phase of the 5125 years we have traveled. "

"For continued," asked Alexia full interest.
"In 1998, if I remember correctly, NASA discovered that the center of the Milky Way had begun to arrive in our solar system large amounts of energy."
"It could be a coincidence," said Edward.

"It is not a coincidence but a true phenomenon. In the tradition of the Indians, in fact, called "age of Kali," a dark period and cultural destruction. According to them, make this cycle to get into a new one. "
"Something like death and rebirth or destruction and creation," commented Alexia.

Adam katenefse. He felt his excitement growing and seeking clarity.
"According to scientists, in 1994 there was unrest in the magnetic lines of the Earth, so many whales lose their way and many migratory birds become disoriented."

"Yes I remember the news that they had to change and reprint maps of airports, because the planes had to land manually," added Alexia.

"Exactly. Moreover, "added Adam with eyes glistening," in 1996 the satellite was sent to study the Sun discovered that the star was no longer either north or south pole. Had converted to a single magnetic field. "

"You're right," confirmed Alexia. "According to studies, the same year a strong magnetic drive makes the south pole moves at seventeen degrees from its position in a single day."

"And what does it all mean?" Asked Edward, who did not understand anything.
"That we have a change of long-range and that the Sun, as a living creature, like the Earth and planets, will soon ..." "... Evolve" added Alexia.

Adam nodded skeptical.
"I believe that the Earth is preparing for a unique event."
"Oh, yeah? And what is that? "Asked amazed Edward.
Alexia remembered certain parts and started to explain.

"In 1997 we had strong solar storms, magnetic forces arrived to destroy satellites in orbit around the Earth and something very important: Our planet has accelerated the frequency of the pulse Schumann. He than 7.8 hertz in 1997 to nearly 12 hertz in 1999. If the frequency of resonance touches the thirteen circles will get a magnetic field zero point. In this case the following will happen: The Earth will be stopped and in two or three days would start turning again in the opposite direction. This would lead to a reversal of the magnetic field around the Earth. Ground Zero, called and changing times, provided by the Hopi Indians, shamans and wise. For thousands of years there have been many changes, including those ever made every thirteen thousand years, half of twenty-six thousand years the sequence of the equinox. "

"This coincides numerically with the end of the Mayan calendar:," added Adam.
"What is the pulse Schumann?" Asked bewildered Edward. It was the first time I heard that term.

  "The antichounta waves are known as Schumann waves," said Alexia, "vibrate at the same frequency brain waves of humans and all mammals in general, ie 7.8 hertz, or cycles per second. My father used to say that has always been a secret of the big world powers, such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany, which have long been experimenting with antichounta waves, very discreetly, of course, and creating new artistic projects.

The electronic production of these waves is one of the most dangerous military weapons of the future, because through artificial and simultaneously create the exact resonance may be involved in mental processes of enemies. And NASA has studied these waves with the astronauts. "

"They can create artificial waves Schumann?" Wanted to learn Catalan.
"Of course. After several measurements were able to scientifically determine the exact value of the frequency of the hypothalamus is not 10 but 7.8 hertz. It is the only common frequency of all mammals, including man.
While the rate of alpha varies from person to person and are about 7 to 14 hertz, the frequency of 7.8 hertz is a normal biological constant that functions as a pacemaker for our organism. Without it life would be impossible. This is a frequency similar to that of Earth, that it was different, each man will literally exploded. "

Adam stared Alexia admiringly.
"At NASA found that the first astronauts returning from space missions with very serious health problems. Because they flew out of the ionosphere, the pulse lacked livestock frequency of 7.8 hertz. The problem was solved by producers of artificial waves Schumann. Normal science. "

Edward listened amazed.
"Implies that global change will also lead to a change in our biochemistry, in our mind, in ...»
  "In our people!" She added with fervor Alexia. "You know that the key elements that make up all things are those which are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons, which are together. The last two are the core. Electrons revolve around the nucleus like planets around the sun. Individuals vibrate and push their neighboring atoms to vibrate and those.

The point is that people form molecules, the molecules create cells and cells in turn form organs that constitute the body. Because they are so close, when people pulsate, vibrate and molecules, cells, organs and so on. All pulsed with a specific frequency. The transmission frequency is called resonance. "

"Allow me to say something," said Adam Approaching. "When two frequencies vibrate at the same rate, said to be the same. This also happens among people, but if you pulsate with one cycle per second and I with two or vice versa, one pulse is a multiple of the other and thus coincide. Called harmonics.

  Changes have been studied in the human body during foreplay. When the tide rises, said top and when he falls, called valley. These two frequencies correspond to peaks and valleys even when the frequencies are different, since one is a multiple of the other. In your body, then, each instrument vibrates at a different frequency, although all frequencies gives an atomic frequency. "

"And what does this?" Asked Edward amazed.
"At the level of the Earth, say, means that the days grow shorter," added Adam and he paused to think. "Remember that the Mayan prophecies indicate that we are on the" year of non-time. "It is twenty years that have passed from 1992 to 2012. They happen all too quickly. "
Edward remembered how many times he had heard acquaintances say they have no time for anything.


Alexia continued.
"The Earth's acceleration frequency Schumann affecting us pale-tively, because we transmit the same trepidation. Although we have come a period of thousands of years of darkness and now the Earth and the Sun are beginning to change, it is scientifically possible to enter into a new.,. "

  "Dimension" added Adam.
Alexia and Adam looked at each other. They had thought the same thing.
"I do not follow you," said Edward shaking his head negatively. Hastily approached the fridge and put a Martini. "There is something I can not understand. The Mayans said that we face at the End of Time ... What happens in December? We will all die? "
Alexia and Adam exchanged a look full of complicity.

"This can not know one, although every time people are born and die around the globe. What we know is that a change in the frequency of Earth will also affect the frequency of our brain. You know that brain waves are divided into Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta and measured in hertz. "

Adam looked at his daughter Evangelos.
"Let me connect the data and correct me if I'm wrong, Alexia," he said. "The Beta, the usual condition of the body when awake, ranging from 12 to 30 hertz. The Alpha, the looser condition that can achieve one with the practice of meditation, is from 8 to 12 hertz. Theta range from 4 to 8 cycles and the Delta from 1 to 4. The deeper the relaxation, the more it decreases the frequency. "

"What do you mean by all this?" The Catalan was confused even more.
Adam was quick to respond.
"That to obtain the high frequency of the universe, our brain waves should be relaxed and meditative state," replied gently.
Edward was annoyed because he did not understand nor scientific terms used by the interlocutors nor that went. He wanted, however, to know what it was about.

"I have the feeling that Achilles discovered the truth about it. The change of the human genetic code and activation more propellers can bring real, major revolutions, "said Adam.
  "He explained it a little better," asked the Catalan.

  "You know, I imagine, that our genetic code, the human DNA, otherwise deoxyribonucleic acid, is our genetic material, ie the raw material from which they form a kind not only we, but what else is there."

"DNA is the genetic material of organisms and is based on four important amino acids. It consists of two strands of the twelve clones. It is important to distinguish that from the twelve clones are active only two. Similarly, it is not active or the sixty-four codons, but only twenty. The codons encoding the amino acid compound chances. "

"What would happen, then, if they were activated all clones and all codons?" Edward felt great curiosity.
"It awakens the maximum creative power", Alexia replied.
"The same is sought and the Maya," added Adam. "We teach young children to raise his eyes upward."
"And what were able raising his eyes upward?"

"To activate the pineal gland and the pituitary gland," Adam replied. "So a stronger internal capacities and trigger other strands of DNA. It is believed that the active internal capabilities give them the power to make measurements, calculations and predictions. "

Alexia stared at him with love.
"Wait," said Adam skeptical. "The even mentions Jesus in different words: Let your eyes become one and your body will be filled with chros. But if you are divided, will stay in the dark. "

Referring to the inner eye, the pineal gland that creates light in the whole body! The enlightenment of consciousness. As scientists say, the essence of people is the light and the void.
Edward shook his head slowly filled with disbelief. He needed time to digest all this...Blessings

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Comment by Besimi on November 25, 2014 at 12:49am

Never Explained Mystery Of Star-Shaped Towers Of The Himalayas

 What was the purpose of building these strange Tibetan towers?

They are commonly referred to as Tibetan or Qiang Towers, after the Qiang ethnic group of western Sichuan Province.

Among many Chinese mysterious structures, are star-shaped towers. Some of them are more than 100 feet tall. Not much is known about their origin. Their age is also very disputable.

According to what the locals say, the enigmatic unknown towers withstand the force of earthquakes!

What did make them to resist an earthquake?

An explorer, Martine "Frederique" Darragon have spent much time to investigate these old stone structures, widespread across the lower slope of the Himalaya Mountains.

Living in the area monks were not able to shed light on these puzzling structures that in some way, do not fit the landscape of the Himalayas.


The star-shaped towers have never been mentioned in centuries-old monastery documents.

Furthermore, no trace of these Tibetan mystery could be found in the Chinese chronicles and other older diaries and records of Western travellers who might in fact see them while passing by the region of Sichuan Province.

Some samples of wood from thirty two towers were sent to a laboratory in Miami for radiocarbon dating.

They seemed to be several hundred years old except for one particular sample taken from the Kongpo structure in Tibet (in the vicinity of Lhasa). This one was in fact much older. Why did possible knowledge of the mysterious tall star-shaped structures disappear? Built mostly of he cut-stone and timber, the Tibetan towers have some unusual characteristics. Some over forty of them have eight points and some others have twelve which is yet another mystery of them.

There are approximately two hundred fifty unique freestanding Tibetan towers located in five geographical regions in Sichuan Province, mostly in the areas inhabited by minority (non-Han). Of course as always there are many theories, speculations and suggestions regarding almost everything.

The star-shaped structures of Tibet are not any exception. There was theorized that the structures were "likely used as signal towers" and provided a line of sight from one to another.

However, people walking on the ground and seeing those towers are not able to see the star-shaped top of the tower!

The Tibetan towers explained as "signal towers" unfortunately do not answer perhaps the most important question:

Why are the towers star-shaped?

Eventual suggestions that the towers could be some kind of forts or watchtowers do not respond to the above question either!

There is also an explanation that they could represent the dmu cord. According to Tibetan legend, "dmu" cord connect heaven and earth. This one I like much better, a star may symbolize connection to the sky. All those towers could have been raised as a symbol of extraterrestrial visitation on earth.

Tibet is full of ancient legends describing events related to flying machines and alien beings. The Kanjur and the Tanjur books are the two most important writings of the Tibetan Buddhists.

They state that:

    "...gods regularly visited Earth in transparent flying spheres or "Pearls in the heavens." It is an interesting description because it clearly indicates that another type of flying machine, as its shape differ from the design of the "dragon", was seen on Earth.

    Dealing with flying machines and the technology of the gods' later on, we will learn that our ancient visitors possessed various types of spaceships. The Rgyal-rabs is another ancient text rich on information, which support the ancient astronauts' theory. The text preserves the genealogy of ancient Tibetan rulers and refers to 27 legendary kings.

    It is said that seven of these kings came down from the zenith of the sky, passing through the levels of the atmosphere on a heavenly ladder or "sky-cord." These kings, also called "gods of light" re-ascended up the sky-cord to the zenith after fulfilling their mission among the Tibetans..." Ellen Lloyd, "Voices From Legendary Times"

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Comment by Besimi on November 24, 2014 at 2:39am

Physicist Says Human Intention Physically Exists, Can Be Imprinted Into a Machine

Physicist Says Human Intention Physically Exists, Can Be Imprinted Into a Machine


The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In "Beyond Science" Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide.

Dr. William Tiller had a successful and prestigious career in the world of conventional science. He was chair of Stanford’s material science and engineering department in 1996; he published numerous orthodox scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. However, he had a nagging urge to study “crazy-seeming kind of stuff.” 

He was intrigued by the experiments on human psychic abilities conducted by Soviet scientists. He knew his colleagues found the topic preposterous, yet he asked himself, “How might the universe be constructed to allow this crazy-seeming kind of stuff to naturally coexist with the orthodox science I am doing at Stanford with my Ph.D. students every day?”

He lightened his workload at Stanford, in order to make time for independent research to answer this important question. His colleagues staged an intervention to try and stop him from doing this.


Dr. Tiller was undeterred. “There are thousands of people over the last 150 years who have done such remarkable things that are put in the category of parapsychology, which orthodox science has wanted to sweep under the rug, because the results are not internally consistent with their results,” he said. “Anything that doesn’t fit their kind of results and the methodology of getting those results, they think is crapola.”

What Tiller discovered, however, and even the way he discovered it, could spur a Copernican-scale paradigm shift.


When Epoch Times learned that Dr. Tiller had developed a machine that could hold and dispense human intention, we eagerly contacted him to see how it works.

He doesn’t know the specific details of how it works!

But he knows it does work. So how does he know it works?

Firstly, his experiments show that human intention can significantly change the pH-levels of water up or down (with no chemical additions) or change the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in fruit fly larvae (and thus enable them to mature more quickly). Secondly, he’s shown that test subjects can direct their intention to  his Intention Host Device and that device can later emit this intention, having the same effect without the person being present. It holds and dispenses intention. It works!

Glass of water (Istmylisa/iStock/Thinkstock) Fruit fly (Et_engineer/iStock/Thinkstock) Man concentrating (G-stock Studio/iStock/Thinkstock)

Glass of water (Istmylisa/iStock/Thinkstock) Fruit fly (Et_engineer/iStock/Thinkstock) Man concentrating (G-stock Studio/iStock/Thinkstock)

But if he doesn’t have a serious inkling of how it works, how in the world did he come to use it in the first place? Why did Dr. Tiller use this device and not, say, a toaster or an alarm clock, or any other electronic device to try and capture a specific intention?

He was working on research unrelated to human intention, his conventional studies. This device was being used in those studies for a more mundane purpose. On a whim, Tiller decided to use it for informal intention experiments, just for fun. It worked!


It gets weirder. Unbeknownst to Dr. Tiller, this wasn’t the device he was supposed to be using for his conventional studies. A manufacturer’s error had landed the incorrect device in his lap. When he received the device originally sought, it didn’t work as an Intention Host Device. No other device he’s tried has worked either. Only this particular device that came to him by accident and which he decided, on a whim to test with human intention, works as an Intention Host Device.

“I think of it as a divine mistake,” he said.


After his informal experiments, he began serious research on it. 

[Read More >>>]

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