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The reality and work of the Space Brothers

The reality and work of the Space Brothers
"In my experience, what we call UFOs, the flying saucers, come from the planets of our own system. Not from the Pleiades, or Sirius or somewhere outside our solar system, but from, mainly, Mars and Venus. A few other planets like Jupiter and Mercury are involved, but the vast majority of sightings of the UFOs come from Mars and Venus. Practically all of them are made on Mars, even the Venusian ones. They are Venusian in design, and they are quite distinct, different in design and technology, but they are actually constructed on Mars. And they are all constructed by thought. In the next 2,500 years we will reach a stage where we can travel around our solar system at will, and out into the galaxy, exploring first our own solar system and then the vast galactic area, using energy which does not work within the time/space reality. So that distance is annihilated, time is annihilated. People think that if you are going to send something into the galaxy, it will take hundreds of years, the people would die before they could reach anywhere that was worth going to, and they would never return. It is not true. People come from Mars and Venus, which are not so far away, but they are still a long way away by our reckoning of distance, but they come here in minutes. It does not take time, once you understand that time does not exist and that the space which you thought you have to cover to get from one place to another does not exist either, and in minutes you can travel vast distances in space."

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