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The Photon Belt ~ 2012 & The Wave of Love~

The Photon Belt ~ 

2012 & The Wave of Love~

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The Photon Belt is a Toric field of energy that emanates out from Alcyone in the Pleiades.
Every 11,000 years our Solar System moves into this Toric field of energy,
spending 2,000 years within ‘the Light’ to then spend another 11,000 years in ‘Darkness’ and so forth.

But before we look at the Photon Belt, lets cover some background information first.

The Diagrams referred to in this article can be download
in the following pdf document:


Our Earth rotates around our Sun, taking approximately 365 days for one complete revolution.

Then our Sun (actually our entire Solar System) rotates around Alycone,
the brightest star of the Pleiades constellation.
One complete revolution of our Solar System around Alcyone
takes approximately 26,000 years

In addition, Alcyone (and our Solar System) are revolving around the Galactic Core
(central region) or our Milky Way Galaxy.
One complete revolution takes approximately 225 million years.

Now that we have had a quick glimpse of our cycles,
lets now look at some of the energetic fields within our galaxy.
The Milky Way is made up of spiral arms (Fibonacci spiral arms),
extending out from its central Galactic Core.

Our Solar System rests approximately two thirds out from the Core along Orions Belt.

The entire Milky Way Galaxy is held within an energetic field,
which is a Torus (or Toric field).

A toric structure is easy to picture if you think of a slinky
and join the two ends together to form a donut.
Energy moves up from the centre of the donut,
along the energetic meridian lines of the Torus, over the top of the donut
and moving back into the donut hole underneath, then moving out from the centre again…
repeating the cycle over and over.

Thus energy waves are continually being released from the Galactic Core of the Milky Way
(called Waves of Love), and are moving out through the Galaxy
(via the energy meridians of the Toric field), and returning once again to the Galactic Core.


A similar toric field is also found emanating out from Alcyone in the Pleiades.
The Toric field sits at right angles to our Solar System,
and creates a huge donut field that extends out past our Earth's Sun.

Energy moves around the Alcyone Toric field in the exact same manner
as the Milky Way Toric field – via energetic leylines.

This Pleiades toric field is composed of Photons –
the smallest possible particles of light in quantum physics.
Hence the Pleiades Toric Field is commonly referred to as the ‘Photon Band’ of Light.

What are Photons ?
Photons are emitted during the transmission of one energy state to another.
Photons have zero mass, and no electrical charge. Photon energy is the energy of the future.
Photons are what the ancients harnessed as energy for communication,
stellar travel, energy production etc…. but more about that another time !


The Toric field of the Milky Way and the Pleiades are implicitly connected.
As energy waves move out of the Galactic Core of the Milky Way,
extending out across its toric fields energy meridians,
these toric leylines also extend out to the toric field of the Pleiades photon belt.

Thus electro-magnetic energy is moving from the Galactic Core and ‘electrifying’
the Pleiades photon belt… bathing its field in ‘The Waves of Love’.


As the Pleiades toric field is positioned at right angles to our Earth..
there are times during our 26,000 year revolution around Alcyone, that our Solar System
sits either partly or fully within the Photon Belt (referred to as periods of Light)
and greater periods of time where our Solar System
is not within this Photon Belt (referred to as periods of Darkness).

Thus due to the width of the Photon Belts toric field, we spend 2,000 years in the ‘Light’,
then 11,000 years in ‘Darkness’ then 2,000 years in ‘Light’ and then 11,000 years in ‘Darkness’ –
making up our full 26,000 year cycle.
And so the process repeats itself over and over.

The last time our Solar System was fully in the Photon Belt was in the Age of Leo,
and with such a ‘surge’ in Galactic Core energy available to us
at this time it also heralded the downfall of Atlantis…. again that is for another time !

Our Solar System is now moving into Pleiades Photon Belt once again,
into another 2,000 years of ‘Light’, and by 2012 our Solar System
will be entirely within this Photon Belt Toric field.


On the solstice of 21 December 2012
(Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere
and Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere),
our entire solar system will be in the Photon Band of Light,
receiving direct energetic transmissions from Alcyone
and from our Galactic Core of the Milky Way – The Waves of Love.

In addition, we are also coming to the end of the Grand Cycle of time,
the end of another 225 million year cycle, 26,000 year cycle and 365 day cycle.
Thus on this December solstice there is a grand alignment in our stellar skies
of the Galactic Core of the Milky Way, with Alcyone, with our Sun and with Earth –
marking the end of some significant cycles of time (or frequency’s of consciousness).

The Greater Central Sun (Galactic Core) is directly pulsing electo-magnetic Wave
of Love vibrations though our Central Sun (Alycone), through our Sun and into Earth…..
bringing through very high pulsations or frequencies of light energy to Earth.

What this electo-magnetic energy is facilitating is a shift in consciousness,
a divine shift of the level of awareness of humanity from an egoic 3D state of fear,
to a consciousness level of Wisdom… an 5D state of being.

‘The Wave of Love’ as we move toward and beyond 2012

Simone Matthews

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