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Hakann trough A. S.

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

This “path” series is a collection of exercises with which you can grow spiritually. Not every suggestion will be helpful to every person, and I understand that some of you will have more than enough on your plate already. So if this either doesn’t appeal to you or if you need rest more than you need another spiritual exercise, that is entirely understandable. Still, for some of you the following will be a beneficial exercise.

As the title suggests, the end goal of this exercise is being able to see Source in everything. You may not be able to see Source at all times and always, but it would be beautiful to have access to a metaphorical pair of glasses that you can put on, and if you do, you see that everything and everyone around you is Source. So it would be good to be able to see Source in something if you focus on that.

Authenticity remains critically important. So if you don’t see Source in something, that is entirely fine too. “Fake it till you make it” usually doesn’t work very well in the spiritual field.

So, how do you see Source in everything? Well, first start by seeing Source in one thing. An easy way to start out is by trying to see Source in something that you love. Can you see Source in a beautiful flower, or in the happiness of a cute puppy or kitten, or in the face of a baby? If you don’t have any of those nearby, then yes, we are suggesting that you look at cat or puppy or human baby videos on the internet. Who said that spirituality always has to be a struggle?...+

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