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The Path Of Discoveries

Their hope is to change the world without you knowing.  There will be no disclosure.  The criminals will be dealt with by new heroes and these heroes will become your new criminals.

Magic and technology are at their indistinguishable point.  Technology will continue to replace everything around us that is natural.

They can stage and simulate well enough to fool the majority of people all over the world.  And they will.

Discoveries will be made like a wild fire.  Each water cooler discussion will lead into the next with all the remarkable things "we" have figured out, created, built, found and encountered.

Sites that contain clearly ET materials are being cleansed and reduced to appear as if the site was only created by ancient humans.  The concept of ETs being all human Breakaway civilizations will be enforced squashing the idea that humans have ever been harvested by ETs or that ETs exist at all.

They will tell us it is all just us.  Nothing else.  No one else.  It's all people, who in times past, discovered the same things we discovered, and fell to tragedy.  Tragedy "we" will avoid.  All those in the past left and we will do differently.

We will stay.

Death of the west, rise of the east.  No more needs to be said on this.  Watch it happen.  Most are begging for it.  The grass is always greener...

Replacing the natural with artificial.  Artificial will then become virtual.  Hoping to create a new hologram for the mind to live within.  They don't need the body for their goals.

They do recognize they cannot hold dominion over her, and so the mission is to get us floating.

As you're reading you're connecting these things with several separate project and programs.  This is because the Parents started these plans many years ago now, granting them a head start.  They don't need to do much but let things play out.  One of them has actually used the word that came to mind - autopilot.

The noise is fun.  Whenever you need some entertainment go read it.  Trust me you will enjoy the distortions of the same old patterns.

The Variable is the wave.  Called this because they are creating a screen to blur it out.  They won't be able to keep everyone silent who can see past the screen but the noise may drown them out.

~Trust yourself, as this is part of your test.  These discoveries will trigger your long term memory from past lives and your universal consciousness.~

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Comment by CHRISTINA on July 7, 2015 at 5:45am

The Path Of Discoveries

[Notice:  From now on…, I will be referring to THE RUINER as simply “Harry”.  I asked him if I could use his real name and he politely declined for the moment. Harry is the name given to him by David Wilcock who…, has now stopped talking to him as a result of Corey Goode.  However, it is very important to notice that every single piece of information about:  THE PROGENITORS, THE GIANTS, THE PARENTS, and many other recent things that David Wilcock has come out with in his articles…, his TV SHOWS, and his Lectures in fact came from “HARRY”…, and not from Corey. 

It is also interesting to note that Wilcock has never “retracted” even one iota of this information that he got from “HARRY” even though he is no longer talking with him, but is still using it. – Bradley]


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