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The Occupy Movement.

With the advent of this movement two months ago,
the politics in this nation has been permanently changed.
The occupiers are not Republican or Democratic.
They do not identify with a particular party and they cannot find any particular politicians
they believe in or support.
In that sense it is beyond politics.
It is primarily an economic movement, proclaiming the micro-minority that holds power
on behalf of the elite few, is no longer viable.
While too many focus on the thousands who sleep and march in our cities,
they forget that the economic and social burden in our nation is felt by nearly everyone.
In a nation of 300 million, 99% is 297 million.
The idea that our government should serve the majority in the middle and at the bottom,
instead of the minority at the top, is a radical notion but one that has a wide and growing appeal.
The premise that a democracy should serve most of the people--
the majority of human beings in a society--is not profound, but is strangely unique to this movement.
You will never hear the Republicans or the Tea Party advocate for the 99%
because they would have to believe in equality to do so.
Their promotion of free-market capitalism as more important than democracy and equality means the current,
massive inequality will be sustained as long as they remain in power.
Until the Occupy Movement began, politicians and the media ignored the fact that the gap
between the rich and poor in the United States is among the widest in the world
and that this is an intentional result of government policy over the last 30 years.
They ignore the gap no more.
Until the Occupy Movement began, politicians and the media ignored the fact that
we are not a democracy but a corporatocracy.
From now on, this fact will be front and center in our daily national conversation.
Until the Occupy Movement began, politicians and the media could only see left and right.
The occupiers insist that we admit this horizontal distinction is meaningless
when the true axis of power runs vertically, like a pyramid,
with all the money and power guarded jealously at its tiny top.
Until the Occupy Movement, the media let corrupt politicians
and the soulless denizens on Wall Street determine what is true and real each day.
Now that truth and reality comes from the streets. Comes from the people.
Comes from regular humans who are not aligned to any particular political party or company
but only want a government that serves them, not global corporations.
As this progresses, we would be wise to completely abandon the Republican,
Tea and Democratic Parties and instead have a People's Party and a Corporation Party.
I am ready to register with the People's Party. How about you?
Doug Craig

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