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a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Robert Theiss

I, Yeshua, greet each of you with all my heart. As I blend my presence with the soul of our partner and friend (Robert), we remind each of you reading these words that this relationship is indeed available to anyone. My partner is more at ease when Michael comes through for Michael doesnít have a story, a history as a human being. As I ascended from the Earth plane, it was Michael who greeted me first with arms wide open. Since my last incarnation, I have shared my experiences on this side of the veil with many of you, encouraging you to allow your own magnificence to reveal itself, here on Earth. Together, we have endured many, many lifetimes filled with various disappointments and perceived failures. It is why, for those of you that can feel my presence, that you might also hear the sounds of celebration in the halls of many mansions. You, dear soul, have unlocked the key to your own heart. You are just beginning to truly fall in love with life, with your creative abilities, with your SELF. Earth is sharing with you the most perfect reflection of this new, deep appreciation that you are beginning to share with YOU.

These times offer a most electrifying experience of your own creative abilities which is also leaving many of you feeling overwhelmed. The energy of your divine presence is at times so intense that it leaves you feeling breathless, somewhat concerned and a little uncertain of how to live up to this new energy. We encourage each of you to use, on a regular basis, whatever spiritual tools you carry in your spiritual toolbox. Most importantly, use those tools that serve to ground you in this moment with your body and this Earth. Feel the energetic roots of your being descending down into the very core of Gaia. As much as many of you like to feel our angelic presence descend from above, the same relationship comes from below your feet. Many of you are sharing how your bodies are beginning to feel like hot air balloons. We recommend that you not go airborne quite yet. Let these energies integrate into every cell of your body and, of course, continue to breathe in life. Your body is capable of adjusting to whatever you desire to experience. It continues to be very, very important that you trust in the inherent design of these beautiful vessels.
Over the last 11 years, we have shared how your life here on Earth offers the opportunity to resolve many galactic dilemmas. In particular, your relationship with different aspects of yourself that perceive themselves as being in the light or dark. The mind or heart, embracing the divine male and female within you.

History will never, and we repeat, never forget this time you are now living in and how it serves all of life. We understand how your day-to-day activities can at times feel very unimportant to the bigger picture of life. Yet, even during those times when bliss isn't touching your shoulders, keep breathing life in with the awareness that somehow it serves All that Is, even if your mind doesn't know how.

These times are a little awkward, uncomfortable, and at times confusing. They represent a new emerging consciousness in the ìhuman spiritî that has discovered and is now just beginning to live out the very solution to a grand galactic dilemma. We ask you to trust in your own joy for life. We can clearly see the energies on Earth exploding with a newfound freedom. We are not the ones who are doing all the work to resolve polarized energies at the core of life. We simply compliment what you have chosen for yourself by blending our own presence with your energy. Let us be very clear, we compliment YOU, dear soul! You are the ones who are creating a new pathway for all of life to follow. Some have called it the FREEDOM PATH, and unlike other spiritual paths, it was not created by separating your light from your dark.

As your soul continues to embrace life with a newfound passion, your extended human family is just beginning to experience their own awakening process. Many are beginning to question the need to make others responsible for their own reality. Indeed, you are witnessing a relationship most have with Spirit/God that resembles a type of child/parent connection. The child expects the parent to provide, protect, and support its life until a time comes when life invites the child to experience the freedom of its own consciousness by taking full responsibility for your choices, support, and sense of wellbeing.

You, dear teachers, are the ìway showersî for this grand leap in consciousness. As the changes to your world continue to unfold, many will turn their attention away from the drama/trauma of your news reports with the intention of wanting a more meaningful explanation for why life is changing so rapidly. Most of humanity has never been given permission to ìthinkî that life wants to serve their own unique desires. They will feel, like all of you, very uncomfortable with this newfound freedom. Life ìwantsî to serve me? No matter what I choose for myself? Your human family will ask, ìdonít I first need to perfect myself, become enlightened or receive Godís blessing?î Many will ask, where are the writings, the sacred text or document that represent such a profound spiritual truth?

We know your mind relishes more and more information to confirm and validate your own personal experience. Many have already discovered that your mind simply isnít wired to keep up with all the current downloads of energy that are now entering your body. From our perspective, your heart is capable of tracking these internal changes which the mind can easily translate into words. We understand that for many of you, the moment you begin to speak on behalf of what you are feeling, your connection to the energy feels filtered. Your mind then feels responsible for creating this filter between you and Source. You simply lack the practice, and your mind needs to feel your ongoing support during these times. For indeed, it is translating the immense energy by looking at a grain of sand while feeling overwhelmed by the presence of the ocean. These words that you allow your mind to translate represent a new ìbook of life.These new books will not be secondhand accounts of somebody's life. I, Yeshua, have joked before about the nature of your religions. If Mohammed, Buddha, or myself had a laptop, how would your world respond to OUR truth?

Now, we can feel how many of you go into fear the moment we suggest you put your truth in writing. So let us be very clear. First and foremost, this is YOUR book. Imagine all the times in your life when you reached for the comfort of what others have written, relying on their connection to provide the spiritual guidance you were seeking. This has served many and yet no matter how clear a channel might be, they can never represent YOUR truth. We invited our partner (Robert) to write about our relationship as a gift to himself. He discovered he could not contain the love that supports our connection and so he chose to publish these books as a way to keep the energy between us moving, expanding. It was a way of claiming his own truth and discovering that love cannot be contained.

We are inviting each of you to write your own book of life that honors how you experienced life. We have asked our partner (see link below) to share the process of self publishing to inspire you to start writing. Like you, self publishing now allows for continuous updates and revisions. Your new book can literally change with you. If you decide to share your book with others, it can be limited to close friends and family or for all the world to read. The choice is yours!

There have been many moments for each of you when your place on this planet felt uncertain. The transition from a parent/child relationship with source energy can be very unsettling for all involved. We are inviting you to rely less on what others speak or channel and become more comfortable with your own unique relationship with life. Imagine laying in bed at night while feeling a little uncertain about your place in this world. Resting on your bedside table is your new book, filled with your profound truth. You glance over, pick it up and open it to any chapter. Almost immediately you begin to feel a deep sense of relief as you read profound, uplifting words that were spoken from your own heart. After reading a few pages, many of you will comment - ìthis is good stuff!!î Indeed it is Soul!!!!

It is a gift to yourself when you put your evolving truth into form. Self love can take many forms. A book is a very empowering expression of your love for life. Our evolving truth honors the journey you have taken since you left home. You have discovered while playing human that the presence of home loves to serve YOU. What a powerful gift you have given to yourself. We encourage you to let the gift grow and expand into every aspect of your soul. As I begin to move my energy outside the body of our partner, I remind each of you again to ìfeelî the roots of your body descending into the warm embrace of Gaiaís bosom. Itís safe to be on Earth. Your body will adjust to all of your changes and indeed, is it now time to celebrate!!

how to write your own book:
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