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Anyway since everyone is putting so many wonderful stuff in case of sharing their experiences and creations and translate them to 3D language as well. I want to share my tonight's experience as the same way.
This is my first writing attempt. I even hardly write at all and english is not my main language soooo lets see what we can do here :D

These days im planning a good initiation. I feel so responsible. I feel so responsible beacuse i have a belief that "if i dont ,who else will".
As we all know in this Earth time We, the initiators are spread in areas. I mean we often dont form a big community in one particular place instead we spread our incarnations all over the world.
I think one of the reasons we have done like this is the responsibility feeling what i was saying. Often times we cry about "ooo im soo alone" "uuu nobody understand me but a few friend if anyone".
But mate when we dont have a community like we are. We feel obligated. This is so well designed i would say.

anyyway i feel sooo responsible i have decided tonight is gonna be the night. I am planning to go our favorite place in nature :D annd im gonna go deeep. i do this often but i have a feeling that this time it would be different.
because we came this far and experienced so much and i decided now its the time
for some days i was adjusting my psychal body sleep pattern for that initiation. because i will start it at night for maximum comfortability since this is gonna involve too much of my psychical body my body needs good rest.
today i wake up at 16:30pm hmm perfecct 4 hours for the preparations and i will set when the sun goes down.

ok i start my psychial prepartions i drive with the car to the little shop that i know. i specifically choose this shop because the owners are not that low frequiency people. and i have hope that i can make it to the spot on nature with minimal frequency drop
i get my usual stuff for the night 7litres of water some sweet stuff and little bit no meat food for eating and just a little bit of ice tea uhhh souuur :D
But my main substance is water im gonna pump my body full of water ^^anyway after i buy the stuff from the shop and pass the other nonsense and drive to the location which has the entreance to the forest. car is 4x4 and in the entrance spot there is a Tree farm.

i enter the forest road area and i see a farmer guy sitting with his daughter. The moment he saw me, he entered very protective state and looking me veeeery mean while i was driving by there.
I waved at them and smiled i was trying to ease them and telling them i am no threat to them.
also after the farm road and begging to forest road, there is a forbidden sign. in the sign says "you cannot enter to forest please report tresspassers to this phone number and the call is free of charge"
anyway i made it to the spot but now i feel nervous already. my thoutht process is "this farmer guy is a mr anderson with a lot of fear he could just lost it to fear and make the call and send those police people and interrupt my process".
oh my god im already dropped soo lower i feel uneasy because if the police comes there while im middle of something i will make them so much uncomfortable. because i wont be operating at their frequency and i dont want to make anyone uncomfortable tonight.
anyway i set my tent because im gonna need resting after this and keep nervously thinking about that man making the call. hmm what should i do. should i call of for tonight should i go back to him and pretend im leaving and come back later.
my resonance is already dropped and the challenge already started hmmm i like this.

While i was wondering around my higher self sends me a message that its ok, initiate the process. by the way we communicate musically since i like music and im musician too :D
anyway since i have the go from my higher versions too i was so confident that our fearful man is not going to call anyone :D
When the sun starts to go down  i just walked around and i already have good high frequiency. im in a meditation state all the time while i am walking and stuff.
normally at the start i do some cleansing and clearing low stuff from my sub-counciousness but this time my mood is soo good im thinking like maybe this time i wont do any clearing and just elevate my frequiency directly because maybe i did merged my sub-counciousness with my human counciousness.
and maybe i dont have sub-councious anymore

im digesting my counciousness. i came back from the amazing walk but my frequency is going dooown. its going so low...
hmm i think this is a good sign, i remember what arcturians said one of the writings that we drop our selves soo loow so we can jump so much higher. ok im gonna focus it and gonna use this technique.
im wondering why my frequency so low when i look at the trees i see them like they want to hurt me. what did i put my sub-counciousness to make me feel like this? movies games all the lower stuff?
now im wondering why did i do that why i participate this low frequiency.

i came back to the start. its easy to accept the light as ourselves since we are lightbeings. but its hard to accept low-dark stuff as ourselves. but if i cant accept this darkness as my self i wont be the infinite whole being. because we are the darkbeings aswell!
im doing a lot of clearing cryiing soo much i realised that i didnt merge nothing. my sub-counciousness is full of traaash. while i was doing the clearing i decided to put this on a higher gear.
but i feel sooo coold. oh my good soo cold i have all the wearing stuff but it's not cutting it. what do i do . ok i go inside the car at the passenger seat close the door. ok now i dont feel cold anymore.
at the same time clearing of the counciousness continues. suddenly my breathing went too fast and im crying at the same time. i breath faster i cry more. but when i cry more i feel quiet good too because i know what im doing.
i feel like the clearing is finalizing annd now i just buurst. im getting the puurest light. its soo pure and soo much but im not stopping. i want more. at the same time my body vibrates soo quick. and so much
its vibrating more when the light intensity is getting purer. the light from all dimensions and all universes stream in to my human vessel. i feel like my blood is converting to some kind of electric light :D.
it feels like thousands of kilowatts of electric is getting trough my body. the light iis getting soo intense ! im determined im gonna convert this meat body to lightbody .. now !
ooooohh but i stuuuck ... my body is gonna shortcut its not gonna handle it. hmm i think i need help. i call the arcturians , angels.. anyone.. i cant move my human body anymore it vibrates so quick that it cant move at that frequency. this body is gonna explode.. or maybe,, do i need to move it? do i need to keep it?
i burst with unlimited energy soo much i reemember who i am. quickly i traveled near all of my friends in the area with light speed and instant. they know who i am and i know who they are.
we are everywheree! the light grid is everywhere inside whoole city. we are bursting with unlimited energy i remember who we are now. we are infinite beings through all the dimensions and all the universes. we are the "impossible makers"
i feel pure loove. its soooo intense just looveee. and i scream "WE DID IIT". im relasing my self without any filter without any limitations! FUUUUUUULLLL POOOWEEERRR !!

and after the good work is done my body is calibrated to the new frequiency. and now i step out from the car and i declare: "THE NEW HUMAN is born".
i start walking the earth as this NEW HUMAN. im the prototype. this new human counciousness doesnt have 1 droplet of fear. and knows no rules or limitations. the new human is the master creator of all realities that it participates.
as the new human starts the walk on the earth all beings present there are enjoying the show and the creation. there are all beings from various dimensions and various universes.
oooo they are so exited. im so exited as well i laugh and smile all the time. and now im puting this new human to the audience here.
i lower all my guards from my form and let all the beings infiltrate this new human so they can experience what its like to be this new human.
soo much beiings sooo much loove i love all of you. all the beings comes one by one and move trough this new human. it fels like for a second they try and other comes next.
im like laughing soo much greeting them one by one. hi i love you. hi i love you. its not over yet im gonna demonstrate some more stuff. i demonstrate this new human doesnt need any psychal dependence.
im bursting like crazy but no water needed. no nothing im demonstrating how this new human doesnt have limitations. it goes farther aand farther.

after we test this new human with the beloved beings now i rest a side and start to watch this beings in action. im so happy they put of some shows energetically stars, ships, anything.
its like i take the turn and i performed my show at stage and then i stepped down and give the turn to them and watch their performence.

and now guys.. its your turn!

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