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The New Earth Times ~ Edition #67 ~ Tuesday, March 29, 2016



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Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Edition #67 

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News, Hugs and High Vibrations

by Sananda through Kathryn

with a pop-in from Archangel Michael


Community Corner


Use this Time as Funds Begin to Form to Act in Concert with Us

Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy


To Those Who Are Kinda Disappointed

by Anonymous


The Nagging Feeling that There Must Be More to Life

by Saul through John Smallman


Entering the Slipstream of God's Prosperity

Messages from Folks Relishing the Transformation (before, during and after the RV/GCR)


The Entire World Is in the Throes of Great Change

Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff / Tsu-tana



News, Hugs and High Vibrations 

by Sananda through Kathryn

with a pop-in from Archangel Michael through Christine



Living Waters



Beloved Family, I want you to know of recent developments in our Earth Project progress, and to let you know we are ever present and ever working alongside you to bring through the blessings and the major shifts in your reality which will make your lives so much easier!  We are truly delighted at the advancements being made with our Boots on the Ground in the financial arena.

I know there are many who are wobbling and shaking a bit these days.  It is difficult to stay steady and in Faith when you are being constantly upgraded AND buffeted by the last gasp of the dark hats' booby traps and land mines that have been designed and put in place for just this moment - the moment of our triumph and their demise. 

Here I will insert a brief message from our Brother, Archangel Michael, who brings encouragement and reassurance as only he can:


Archangel Michael: 


Family, I come again and again to you all to confirm and to soothe. Yesterday, Kathryn inquired about the level of difficulty and timing of our work together, and she was told by Sananda and Father that this is more difficult than we had ever anticipated it would be.  We are expanding along with you to accommodate the needs you have to fulfill your assignments.  Your lives and choices are so very important.  You are the Light, colossally brilliant and sacredly strong.  

I confirm your closeness to the current objective.  You are not waning, looping, deterred or denied.  We are so close to our next big goal (which comes in the form of the release of the RV/GCR) that we are skipping arm-in-arm towards the center-point of our accomplishment through the final minefield of cabal tricks and traps designed with the hopes of stopping us short of our goal.  Ha!  They still don't know us - we continue undaunted!  Remain unflinching at your post.  We have got your back!  Every gain you make, we shore up! Our word on that stands true and steadfast, as you are, dearest Souls - true and steady.  

Turn away from any and everything that brings you down, deflates your hope, causes you to question God, yourself, us, the RV, or our Mission.  Together, we are restoring Light on Earth right now.  This is what it looks like.  


Now, drink from our well of Love and replenish yourself.  I'll hold the cup for you.  


Love always, your brother Michael 




As Michael has described, it is a time of increased energetic strikes, especially on our senior Lightworkers, who are already exhausted and sickened by the amplified need to transmute toxic poisons.  It is not a sign of defeat.  It is because of our successes that the cabal is pulling out all the stops, much planned long ago as the last-minute offensive to try to stop the RV.  As the bombardment (frequency, psychic network, chemtrails, negativity, contrived incidents, etc.) increases, take it as evidence that our progress is increasing, and our goal is well in sight!

We encourage you now to turn inward, to draw on your inner strength and mature wisdom, and remain calm.  You can build your Pillar of Light around you, as Lightworkers always need to do, and feel the presence of Mother and Father God above, reaching down to take your hand as you anchor in the crystal heart of Terra.  This brings protection, peace of mind and a wonderfully warm sense of connection and companionship - the necessary components for doing a difficult job amidst the swirling energies of this turbulent time.


Dinarland Insights

Now, a bit about the seeming chaos in your Dinarland world.  As naysayers and cabal shills increased their harassment of anyone bringing information and assistance to the Light community, some in the intel groups, in their efforts to avoid the ridicule and disdain they have been bombarded with, have removed themselves from publicly providing intel unless they have "tangible, concrete proof" of situations and events.  Unfortunately, this leaves them in barren territory because our tangible efforts have purposefully remained hidden to protect the mission, and especially to shield our Lightworkers on the ground.  We understand that it challenges your patience and your Faith, but at this stage it is a necessary element in the success of our behind-the-scenes work.  We remind you that you are inwardly equipped to discern truth for yourself, in your heart.  We encourage all of you to courageously join with us, upholding the energy of Light and Love, even if it seems at times as if nothing is changing.  Leave all fear and doubt behind, knowing you are being protected from Above, and open your hearts to see and feel the truth of our historic spiritual project and the ongoing magnificent successes we have achieved together. 

You, Dear Brothers and Sisters, are the human anchors that ground this exciting, momentous process!  Do not doubt for a moment that this is a spiritual Shift of the Ages, and you are here to take part in it, to help usher in the great financial blessings that have been overseen by St. Germain and Lady Kwan Yin, and consecrated by God.  The great wealth in the holy storehouses was meant for this time, to free humanity from slavery - the pervasive modern version of which is debt slavery.  We have vowed to do whatever it takes to bring through these blessings and the era of Peace they are ushering in.  All roads have already been created, all obstacles laid aside.  You have only to walk now with us to joyfully claim the destiny of Love, Harmony, Peace and Freedom we all have envisioned and Co-Created together.  CO RV!


News of the Day

We have always been careful to bring you news just as it is breaking, to avoid compromising our projects as they are playing out in real time.  Such has been the case when we have massive sting operations or when massive arrests are taking place.  Many of those kinds efforts have just recently been completed, with great success, and can be partially revealed.  These actions were in preparation for the next great phase of change in financial systems around the world.  The official announcements will reach the cabal-controlled mass media eventually, but in the meantime I want to reassure you that there will be no problem with taxes on your currency exchanges because the institutions and structures that have illegally imposed and collected obscene amounts of taxes are officially no more.  This has begun in the U.S, where the massive cabal organizations skimmed trillions from the people, and it will spread across the globe. 

The large scale robbing and pillaging of individuals' livelihood will no longer be permitted.  With those changes will come enormous prosperity for the overburdened citizens of the world, and the promise that abundant resources can now be used to help all the people.  Continue as you had previously planned and as your wise Dinarland intel providers have instructed you.  You will receive specific guidance when you arrive at your exchange appointments. Do not hound your intel providers for "evidence" or confirmation.  Remember, they can provide only what their community is ready to accept with maturity and calm.  I promise you, there is no urgency or need for fearful anticipation.  All is being carefully overseen to insure a safe and easy transaction when you arrive to do your exchanges.  Everything is in place for your coming abundance.  And so it is...

We would be disappointed about the "delays" in bringing through your RV blessings if we were not already celebrating the great triumphs that have been accomplished in the meantime.  The changes I mentioned above are the beginning of NESARA, which will be implemented gradually over the coming months.  All is being carefully calibrated to hold everything steady while your world literally shifts beneath your feet.  I can assure you, if you knew the implications of hurrying this process, you would not be concerned with timing.  All is moving at maximum pace to achieve success on all fronts as needed.  This is a finely orchestrated event, Dear Ones. You will like the final production, I guarantee it!


The Resurrection Energies Carry Earth to a New Reality


You can feel the intense vibration of the Resurrection energies, can you not?  The winds of change are blowing, literally.  Over the Easter holiday, you and your beloved Terra transitioned through a cosmic wormhole - greater than a portal, more powerful than a shift in your local planetary environment.  You have moved into the slipstream of a new reality, Beloveds.  There will be no turning back to the dark realities that gripped your planet for so long.  You are now moving in a different way.  It is as if your planet has just entered the current within a stream of Light - God's Slipstream - and you will be carried along as each action you take is magnified by the powerful accompanying energies.  This is why we have coached you so devotedly over recent months to carefully manage your thoughts, feelings and actions.  The effect on your life and your world of what you do now has been magnified by this glorious transition.  You can see now why it was so important to monitor your progress closely and to encourage you along toward feelings of peace and harmony. 

You will now be experiencing something closer to what we know in higher dimensions.  We see the effects of our actions and thoughts as they happen, so there is no question for us about whether we are having an effect, or whether our feelings are important to others.  We are simply more aware of the energy connections between and among us and our direct connection to Mother and Father God than you have been in lower dimensions. They are there for you to discover and enjoy.  We are each - you and I - the center of our own energy vortex, intimately connected with our group above and below, with our galaxy and our entire Cosmos.  You are beginning to experience the truth of the expression, "We are One," with all the responsibilities and the thrilling possibilities it holds.

You are moving, Beloved Earth humans, into a newly restored honorable position as members of the Galactic Federation of Light, the organized affiliation of planets which is recognized as our "governing body."  All pledge upon acceptance into the Federation to uphold Universal Law - that is what you might call our Constitution, the only set of guidelines we need, for we are a peaceful organization, based on mutual cooperation and respect. 

Your planet has only recently been removed from protective quarantine and welcomed into the Federation, upon the pledge that there will nevermore be nuclear war or nuclear testing of weapons of mass destruction upon your world.  Breathe easy, Dear Earth humans.  This long-awaited moment has been greeted with great relief and joyful celebration throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.  Rising from a state of isolation and separation to one in which you are respected and welcomed into the family of planets and stars is truly a matter for great satisfaction and honor.

There is more to do, of course.  The cleanup of the energetic residue from thousands of years under oppressive control will take some time, but we have our growing record of cooperative triumphs already behind us.  We are learning how strong and effective we can be when our efforts are joined in the exhilarating and fulfilling energy of Co-creation.  We are unstoppable!

Carry on with us now, dear Brothers and Sisters.  Link arms, sing our triumphant songs with all your might, and march with us, twirling and dancing, across our brilliant, enormous, welcoming Rainbow Bridge.  This is a time you will remember forever, my dear family.  This is our Mission and our Divine destiny.  We are Light.  We are Love, and we are One in unity and grace.

As you grow, and your hearts expand to fill with Light, my heart expands to receive your Love.  We are all expanding beyond our previous capacity.  What a thrilling, joyful, extraordinary family we are!  I love you all. 


I am your Sananda.


(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/29/16; 

Archangel Michael Channeled by Christine E. Burk 3/29/16)


Community Corner

Use this Time as Funds Begin to Form to Act in Concert with Us 

Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy 




Ummac Dan: The Galactic Federation of Light symbol for the Sirian Star System. The Ummac Dan is an emblem that greatly activates all humans.


29 March 2016

12 Ix, 7 Mac, 12 Manik


Dratzo!  The slight delay around Easter is over and the funds are moving forward again.  This cat-and-mouse game of stop/start is related to the concern of the ancient families and royals over the sudden way that the oligarchs strike and how they too often disregard whatever they have agreed to. This wariness is thus reflected in the odd way funds have moved over the past few weeks.  We have sincerely questioned these tactics and suggested alternative methods for countering this continued distrust of the way this process is to conclude.  In any case, you are to eventually receive your initial funds and are to see the downfall of the rulers who compose their many defacto regimes.  In fact, let it be known that the farcical false flags in both Paris and Brussels are just ways used by the dark to show that its days of manipulating you are not over.  As long as their puppet governments rule, you can expect even more attempts to scare you. Fortunately, the new American Republic proposed by NESARA is quite close to actual fruition. There are still a few kinks left to work out and a stronger set of agreements to be put in place. 

The dark cabal is like a cornered animal.  It is constantly applying survival strategies that have seemed to work in the past.  These false flags are yet another example of this.  ISIS is a tool of this process.  Its support comes from careful funding by the secret government, and it uses specially trained mercenaries to tutor its forces in irregular warfare tactics, which it currently employs.  It has established "cells", similar to those used in previous wars against the French in Algeria in the 1950s, and used in other guerilla wars since that time. These strategies are being employed to make it seem that these militants are somehow indigenous to the Middle East. What they are doing is stirring up a pot of frustrations that has existed ever since the West stifled a pan-Arabic revolution against the Ottoman Empire in the late 1910s.  This set of ongoing irritations, as well as the fate of millions of Islamic immigrants into Europe, now needs to be properly addressed. These issues require resolution by the Light and its new set of governance.

These problems have not as yet threatened the funds, but they have made many people weary of the continuing shenanigans of the dark and its cronies.  When the new governance is soon established, these numerous divergences are to be carefully looked at by the Light's many representatives.  Those programs destined to resolve these things are to be approved and, if necessary, supported.  The key elements are peace and cooperation.  NESARA is all about forging a new realm based on peace, prosperity and trust. We are aware of what happened when the "post-Anchara" era began in this galaxy a few decades ago.  We intend to continue to advise you how best to prepare this realm for first contact.  The dark cabal is a series of organizations and people who deeply wish to maintain their "divide and conquer" strategies.  Once defeated by the Light, these vile individuals need to be isolated and their dark agencies disbanded.  Remember you are all one and that Heaven Loves you all very much!

We come to implement your final steps to full consciousness. This transition requires that you employ your innate wisdom to change this reality for the better.  You dearly wish to enjoy your global prosperity and to come together to show Gaia how your growing consciousness has changed the way you see her and her many diverse habitats.  Use this acquired knowledge to end how Gaia's climate, oceans, atmosphere and land are now being exploited by the dark.  Use your abilities to bring your realm into a balance that encourages the spread of life. Use your Love to ready this surface realm for the wondrous lessons of the Masters and for the return of your cousins, the Agarthans.  They wish to explain that there are remedies for all that now brings you worry and displeasure.  Finally, there are to be our landings and special mentors who are to ready you for the great transition that is full consciousness.  You are truly blessed!  See this present time as the final chaos before this new realm finally manifests before you!

Blessings and joy!  We are your Ascended Masters!  There are times in humanity's long history when turning points of great significance are reached.  This time is truly one of them! It is not often when those who so callously drive the yoke are unceremoniously driven down.  This is such a time and it has been long in coming.  You sit at the very edge of this time worrying about how long it is to take.  It was begun with stops and starts as it moved inevitably toward its seemingly endless goal.  This is to end!  You deserve better! We remember, when in mortal human form, watching our students suddenly pushed away from us by "those in the know."  We can see how this carelessness by the dark affected all of us.  We understand these distant incidents as well as the big picture itself.  We Masters are doing what we can to alter this picture and bring you prosperity, peace and Love. We ask you to be positive and aid us in this most holy of tasks!


To envision a new realm means that the old must in its own inevitable way go.  This operation can take time as perceptions need altering.  Our joint project is to see that this is done. Hence, together let us envision this realm and manifest it clearly in our hearts.  Then it can become real. Use this time, as funds begin to form, to act in concert with us when you do these daily ceremonies.  Let our joint prayer and meditations create a new world.  You, my dear Charges, have suffered far too long.  It is the moment to leap forth and forge a spiritual partnership that can help this envisioning. Many amazing things are happening.  Together, we can ensure that these events are the true beginning of an Age of Light.  As a unit of Love and Light we can change this world! Use your incredible energies to permit these wonders to appear.  Much is about to come to your aid!

This realm has seen the dark in charge for nearly 13 millennia. It was at that time that the Anunnaki first started their journey with you.  These dark tyrants have since transformed and now it is their minions who cast their gloomy shadows upon you.  Now the tables are to turn and you are to show them how mercy and divine grace operate. Learn from this and seek the divine One in all of us!  This series of lessons is to show your inner strengths and your great Love of the One!  This path given you is one rarely chosen by Heaven.  All the things that anger and frustrate you are your final illusions in this odd physical reality.  Do not think that wealth by itself can really alter this illusion. Learn wisdom and use it in all things.  Understand how the universe and this reality operate. This simple set of lessons can take you far.  Always be ready to learn wisdom and to best apply it. Hosanna!  Hosanna!

Today, as usual, we continued our weekly reports.  Much as we stated is happening!  Do not be discouraged as events are forming and numerous miraculous things are ready to manifest.  This is surely a time of wonders!  Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!  So Be It!  Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



More from Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Heart and PAO: HERE


Community Corner

To Those Who Are Kinda Disappointed

by Anonymous





"If you change your focus, you will end your disappointment.  Focus on Love."


28 March 2016



Dear Dinarland faithful.  Do not be disappointed.  There is no real reason for your disappointment.  Sure, you wanted to be at the bank on Easter Sunday.  You thought, Jiminy Crickets that's the perfect cover for the RV on a Global Religious Holiday.  You wanted to wake up this glorious Monday, get the 800 #s & schedule your exchange appointment.  Your disappointment is understandable. You are focusing on all the things you will do with your new wealth. All the bills & bill collectors you can rid yourself of, all the items you can purchase, the family members you can help.  The list is endless.

Even though you know in your heart that this is real, that you cannot be dissuaded, that it will happen, you still experience this disappointment.  Your disappointment however, in reality, stems from 2 simple facts that most are simply not aware of, or you simply don't believe what you have been presented.  I know this because I can hear it in the words I have read it on these threads & in the chatrooms.

1) You do not have the full picture of what is truly going on.  Neither do I.  What I do have is a sliver of greater information, insight & intuition given to me via something I am coming to grips with understanding.

2) Your Focus.  A great many of those in Dinarland are truly focused on the relief you will have after the fact.  On the items outlined briefly above.  You "can't wait until this is over".  You are wondering "if everything is in place at the banks why this isn't over?"  "Why aren't we going?"

One thing I have come to understand however is what I want to pass on to you.  There have been many articles posted recently by multiple sources all pointing you in the right direction.  The direction of the truth.  Yosef directly, Michael, Sananda, St. Germain, The Arcturians, and others via channels. 

Now let us pause to remember something Schopenhauer taught us. All truth passes through three stages.  1st, it is ridiculed.  2nd, it is violently opposed.  3rd, it is accepted as being self-evident.  I have no idea where you are on the truth scale.  Are you allowing the ridicule of the dark to affect you?  Are you in opposition of belief in the articles you've read?

The truth is this Event is much, much greater than just a currency reset or the change out of currency.  If that were the case they could have done exactly what occurred in 1993 with the Kuwaiti Dinar or in 1933 with the bank holiday, and we could all continue on our merry way trapped in the illusion of the veil.  No, the Truth is a much larger picture.  One quite frankly that I cannot fathom.  The shift of the ages hasn't happened because its time has not yet arrived.  Simple as that.

So how can WE speed it up?  Go back to YOUR FOCUS. 

If you do not yet believe that we manifest our reality via our thoughts, well you need to REFOCUS your beliefs or stop reading & continue the journey in your "hopium den". 

I will share with you where I am focusing. Right, Wrong or indifferent, every day I set aside a minimum of 30 to 90 minutes of prayerful meditation directed towards this event.  Towards the efforts of the Light.  Towards my own growth of understanding. Towards your growth of understanding.  Towards helping those still asleep to awaken.  As I go about the business of my day, my passing thoughts of energy are on this event and all those involved in making that happen.  The energy I use to exert on the trivial has been redirected towards Love.  For it is our collective Love that will be the greatest causation for speeding up the arrival of this event.

There are two types of energies manifest by all of us.  Energy with focus towards service to others, and energy with focus on service to self.  Trust me, the dark, its oligarchs and minions are focused on the later.  They draw upon our disappointment energy when we also focused on the self.  Change your focus.  If you change your focus, you will end your disappointment.  Focus on Love.  Love for others, even those trapped in the ways of the dark.

Focus your Love on Victory of the Light!



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Tremendous Thanks & Love to Dinar Chronicles:  HERE


Community Corner

The Nagging Feeling that There Must Be More to Life

by Saul through John Smallman





"The call is from within asking you to go within and be quiet 

and allow yourself to open to and own your spiritual nature, 

who you really are." 


26 March 2016


The Easter celebration is a reminder of your oneness with God, and therefore with one another, an annual commemoration of the Resurrection which was a major step in moving all of humanity forward toward awakening from the dream of separation.  The Resurrection brought into humanity's awareness the possibility of remembering the knowledge, hidden for eons beneath a cloak or veil of indifference and self-imposed ignorance, that you are One with God.

That memory is now arising into humanity's collective consciousness and leading to an intense collective desire to return to Reality, to awaken from the dream or nightmare in which you have been ensconced since the moment you chose to experience separation from your divine Source.  Truly that moment of choice was but a moment ago, but the environment of separation you invented in which to play your games had rules that had to be observed or, if you prefer, natural laws that appeared to control the environment that the game had established, and one of those was linear time.

So the brief moment that has passed since you chose to separate from God appears to have been going on for vast eons.  Most of you feel as though you always have been and always will be separate individual beings - in fact for most of you even the thought of being one with millions or billions of others seems quite repulsive.  Meanwhile a small minority of humans, who have remembered their true state of oneness, are attempting to bring this memory into the collective awareness.  Modern scientific studies are also confirming the connectedness of absolutely everything, that there truly is no separation.

At the same time the game that is the illusion seems to demonstrate very clearly to you the reality of separation as humanity engages in a multitude of conflicts of intellectually or physically violent natures - religious, political, economic, racial, cultural, and, of course, military - that causes untold suffering to many just to prove that one side is right and that the other side, those in opposition, are wrong.  And, of course, the whole point of constructing the illusion was to make it seem utterly real, and linear time, with its unalterable one way progression, seems to confirm that reality.

You make plans all the time - plans for your career, plans for intimate relationships, plans for your children, plans for your business, plans to manipulate others, plans for your vacations, plans for your retirement - all the time looking to the future and not seeing the now moment in which all occurs.  And frequently, as you get older, you begin to feel that life has passed you by, that you have missed something important, and you most certainly have!  But even that is often not apparent and so you engage in a new relationship, or go back to school to train for a new career to alleviate the nagging feeling that there must be more to life than your experiences demonstrate.

This nagging feeling that life has passed you by is a call from your higher Self, the Real You, attempting to remind you of your purpose, of why you incarnated on Earth at this point in your evolution.  Some of you try to understand what is disturbing you by going into therapy, and that can help if you can find a therapist who deals with spiritual awakening.  But what you are actually being called to do is to do nothing!  The call is from within asking you to go within and be quiet and allow yourself to open to and own your spiritual nature, who you really are.  It means dropping the masks that you present to others, even to your nearest and dearest, the masks you present to the world to hide your feelings of inadequacy, of not being good enough.


Everyone does it because everyone suffers from this sense of inadequacy that they need to hide or disguise, and the front that develops over a lifetime becomes the persona you wear to hide your seeming nakedness or inadequacy.  As a result most relationships, even your most intimate ones, are masks relating to masks - illusions to illusions!  There is no-one home!  No wonder you feel unsettled.


The way home is via your inner sanctuary, that place of peace within where you feel safe and where you are safe.  Everyone needs to spend time there daily doing nothing.  There has been much talk of meditation, and of the various methods or types in which you can engage, over the last few decades in the western world, because it has been found that those who meditate regularly are far better able to cope with the stresses that daily life imposes.  Doctors recommend it.

But generally what is suggested is a twenty minute period of sitting quietly each day just watching your thoughts and not engaging with them.  That is indeed good, but the nagging sensation will remain if that is all you do.  So instead of setting a time limit for your meditative or contemplative practice, just sit until your thoughts start to dissolve, until your mind becomes quieter, almost empty, and then you will feel the loving Presence of the Real You.  When that happens you can ask Yourself a question about the nagging sense of dissatisfaction that you are experiencing and which, if you are honest with yourselves, frightens you.  Then if you can continue to sit quietly for a little longer and offer Yourself thanks for listening your peace will intensify.

Later, an answer to your question may arise or a situation may occur that provides an answer.  Very likely it will be an unexpected answer, an answer that is wise and loving because it comes from the Real You, the You that is eternally One with God.  It will undoubtedly surprise you, but when you experience that kind of wise and informed guidance or answer a few times you will come to trust yourself to trust Yourself, and your life will flow more smoothly and peacefully.  So avail of this inner wisdom that is always with you, and go within daily to practice listening and enjoy the results.


With so very much love, Saul.


More from John Smallman: HERE


Entering the Slipstream of God's Prosperity

Messages from Folks Relishing the Transformation (before, during and after the RV/GCR)



Photo Courtesy of Bullhead City River Regatta


Entering the Slipstream of God's Prosperity


Messages from Folks Relishing the Moments of the Transformation (before during and after the RV/GCR)


Protect Your Mind

by Anonymous 


Don't bother even reading the negative disinformation.  It creates doubt which slows it down.  Guard the sanctity of your mind.  You either want this and have faith or you don't.  Grab a paddle and row row row towards our blessing with positive thoughts.  Don't go kicking and screaming into your blessing.  It's embarrassing at the finish line.

Lightworkers Union

Lemurian Chapter


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Looking Down the Road

by Cowboy Down Under 


I never looked in my review mirror with regret

All Ways saw the road ahead as an adventure

Held close in my heart loves that passed

Thought about tomorrow once in awhile

Remembered yesterday a couple times

Knocked the chip off my shoulder when ever I could

Laid down my guns to fight another day

Found the easy way out when it was not ok

Watched the sunrise from the beach most my life

Took the path less traveled when ever I could

Sat by fire many a night

Thought about love all of the time

Dreamed so big it scared me sometimes

Said good night to the world in many lands

and NOW I do believe it is our day and we go now! 

I Love ya all and keep the faith, throw the rest back and let it grow up to be like you someday. Cowboy


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Practicing Detachment

by Anonymous


Full message: HERE

.... So when I had my realization about being too attached to the money, I asked myself what I should do.  The answer was: exactly what I had been doing.  I'm going to keep on keeping on building my business, paying my bills, etc. all the while working on the REAL message we all should be listening to: raising our vibrations/consciousness and asking yourself two important questions: Where is the cabal thinking within you and what are YOU doing to land the RV?  There is so much conflicting information and so much we don't know I had to detach myself from following too closely and refrain from making any opinions or judgements.  So instead I choose to pull back and put the brakes on hoping for this money to come asap. I've been paying more attention to my thoughts and feelings and helping to release my lower vibrations by choosing positive ones and really feeling it.  Don't you realize that when you get frustrated/anxious/irritated that this money hasn't come yet you're the ones causing more delays by adding more negative energy that has to be transmuted before humanity can reach the level when everything starts flowing?  We're supposed to be the awakened ones who will be good stewards of the money if it is true that not all of the masses will be part of the first wave.  What kind of example are we setting?  We're acting just like the cabal when we attack courageous souls like Yosef who share messages with us.  You don't have to trust everything you read, that's what discernment is for. What kind of example are we setting when we focus on money instead of doing everything we can to integrate our darkness with our light and our spiritual evolution?  If this is how the "awakened ones" react to news of these events then we sure as hell are not ready to receive any of it! ....

"Would the slow rollout of any spiritual event which was designed to alleviate suffering and bring peace to the entire world be responded to with such hostility and aggression if it did not involve large amounts of money?" ~ Sananda/Jesus (Full Message: HERE)

"GrandFather is in charge, yes.  He has released the process.  AND he makes the final final decision to GO based on the highest Goodness for all.  So what contributes to the Goodness?  You!  You are on the team that clears the smog while anchoring, choosing, being so much of that Goodness that you cause Goodness to overtake anything else that could hinder your desires, our plan, Earth's destiny.  Every thought you choose to think and every feeling you choose to have matters beyond your furthest comprehension and your wildest imagination...Now, we here in the Council have a question for you.  How will you land the RV today?" ~ AA Michael (Full Message: HERE)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Today's Violet Fire Focus! 

by Marcia


Dear Family if you feel like it, we can focus in bringing forward the RV!  We are Co - Creating and we are not stopping the pushing with our Love energies!  Pillars of Light at All Times!  Calling all Light !


Focus your thoughts and emotions!




Peace and Joy, because Everyone is with us 

The call / email / 800# -- notification

The bank 

Our transactions 

The giving and sharing (expansion of knowledge)

The hugs to All (embraces of goodness and relief)

The Good for the lives of many 

The effect on the world (many foundations of goodness & projects)

The big changes in government etc. (NESARA and GESARA)

The Landings !  

Did I mention the Landings! (incredible teachings and revelations)

The Love, acceptance & cooperation of all races, religions, sociaties... changing old ways and being helpful serving one another.

The transformation on Earth (by our many projects and by being Councious of Her Love )

Love Love and More Love 

And many many Surprise Blessings that come with it ... (big celebration!  Laughter and dance!)

Feel it, We Are Co-Creating it with All in Heaven! 

Thank you Love You All!

Thank you Mother and Father And Grandfather - Ready when you say!

Hugs kisses and Emotion 



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


With tremendous thanks and gratitude to all who contribute and to 

Dinar Chronicles: HERE


Community Corner

The Entire World Is in the Throes of Great Change

Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff / Tsu-tana





"This is the time for which all Lightworkers of the world 

have been incarnated upon this planet. 

Your Light is making a difference!"


March 27 - April 3, 2016


Beloved Ones,

The world is moving into the process of renewal and regeneration. This can be readily seen in world events.  All the outworn systems that do not serve the highest good of all are being highlighted through events that are taking place.  It is difficult for humanity to comprehend that a higher law is in force when all that they see is chaos and a world gone mad.  This is the time for which all Lightworkers of the world have been incarnated upon this planet. Your Light is making a difference!  Do not become discouraged by what you view through the lens of the media, there is more at work in the higher perspective than is presented to you. 

Within you there is much recalibration taking place.  Like it or not, your physical vehicles are being transformed into higher versions of more rarefied form.  Most of you are by now intimately experiencing waves of heat throughout your spines at regular intervals.  When this happens, you know that your DNA strands are being activated and opened up.  There are many strange symptoms that are being experienced by many of you and this will continue to occur.  Some of you are experiencing anxiety without knowing the cause.  This is in relation to the fact that you are heading into unknown territory and you do not know what it holds for you.  Be at peace and ride these waves as they come, you will emerge victorious! 

You are not alone in this transformation; the entire world is in the throes of great change.  It begins in the minute cells of every living thing upon the planet and it is being felt internally.  It is important as we have stressed many times before, to connect to the Earth each day.  Stand upon the ground in your bare feet and take a few moments to breathe deep rhythmic breaths and give thanks to the Earth for sustaining and protecting you.  This is something that humanity as a whole needs to become more aware of, for it is the Earth your planet that is your home.  There is only one Earth and it needs acknowledgement and love from its inhabitants.

Each day ask your Divine Essence to shift your consciousness in order that you see your individual circumstances through the higher perspective.  A higher connection to the divinity within you can make your way through life more peaceful and harmonious.  This also develops the qualities of trust and courage within you.  Trust that all that is experienced by you and your loved ones are happening for a higher reason and purpose.  If we could share one most important piece of advice at this moment in time, it would be that you begin the daily practice of blessing.  Bless every circumstance that you find yourself in and look within for the gift it contains.  Bless the loved ones with whom you are experiencing challenges, for they are being the courageous souls who agreed to play this role in order that you learn your soul lessons and grow beyond them. They took this on because of their love for you.

Bless every bird, every animal, every tree, every plant, and living thing within your immediate environment. Realize that everything you see is the Source of All That Is in physical manifestation.  This is practicing the highest form of love in action and it is what is needed now.  Do not allow distractions to take you away from this practice. Realize and become aware of the cycles that are occurring on the planetary and seasonal level and work in unison with them.  You are an integral part with all of it and your love helps to maintain and sustain it. In everything that occurs, choose love as your response.


Until next week...


I AM Hilarion


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


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2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana 


The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here


Notice is hereby given that the creation of videos by people other than the author/channel/scribe of any messages from this author/channel/scribe is prohibited unless authorized by her.  Permission is given to share this text message on other blogs and websites as long as the text message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and author/channel/scribe's credit, copyright and live website links are included as the source of the messages.


Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.




Quote of the Day


Art: Gilbert Williams "Fountain of Renewal"


"You're not here to find a new spirituality, you're here to found it. 

You're not here to uncover a new world, but to create it."


~ Lazaris


More from Lazaris: HERE


From the Editor's Desk...

                 ~ ~ ~ ANNOUNCEMENT! ~ ~ ~

          Live Radio Show "Channel Panel" 

         Featuring The Company of Heaven


Happy New Day Friends and Family across  Earth!  We in The Council of Light have asked Kathryn, Meg and Christine to continue our weekly live radio shows along with guided editions of The New Earth Times.  The shows will sport an ever evolving format which will continue to feature Mother and Father God and the Company of Heaven.  We love you and greatly await moving ever closer in communication and celebration. Together we begin the next phase of our shared Project to raise Earth and all upon her into the New Golden Age! 


JOIN US on our LIVE Blogtalk Shows!


NEXT SHOW:  To Be Announced!

Please Enjoy Our Latest Show:


"The Council Requests Your Participation, 

Ya'll Come!"




Channel Panel


Testimonials from recent shows...


What a show, what a show!  Kathryn, Christine, Meg, Sananda, Michael, Eoghan, Father and Mother (Cupid) and visiting St. Germain...Thank you for the gift of LOVE you brought so brilliantly to us!  Since becoming a member of this family, the ability to put feelings into words has been ever increasingly a challenge and today...well I have only 1...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 

With Honey Bunches of Love, Light, Gratitude and Emotion,

*:x lovestruck Teresa


Dear Kathryn and Christine, I have been deeply deeply affected by the show.  It is still sinking in. The magnitude of what transpired today is way beyond that what can be put into words or grasped by my mind.  I feel it.  An energetic circuitry got completed ... I am so so grateful, words cannot do justice to express the depth of feelings. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mother Father God, and all their Creation, Your loving child, Simran


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Dearest Ones...ALL of you who shared today...all of YOU!  I have such PEACE in this our guests today EXPLAINED my entire current life...all nearly 57 years thus far. Every word - as always - has the music and feel of things I have known yet been unable to adequately explain in ways others could begin to understand.  This amazing journey... With deepest gratitude and forever new beginnings and excitement beyond our imagination in the most deLIGHTful of adventures...with the fullness of LOVE being our creations.  

With love and blessings, I thank you...  ~ Bette


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I'm still in awe of what was shared with us today - I'm so grateful for the roles the two of you (and others in your household!) have played over many lifetimes, because the result of YOUR work is a direct blessing to ME.  And to all the rest of our wonderful family.  And to everyone else on our beautiful Gaia.  And everywhere else.  Words just aren't enough.  And so we all keep sending love and gratitude to each of you.  Lots of love to all of you, John L.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


I have no words to express the Great Richness this show brought to me!!!!  The magical Surprise showing of St. Germain with super good news is the happy positive energy that I feel prevailing with everyone everywhere!! ... Dear Mother Sekhmet was regal.  I cried with love for Her.  Dear really helped me expand my mind, (that's what I want the most).  I feel I want to embrace you and thank you in humanity's name...   Love Joy and hugs, Marcia


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

New Galactic Newsletter Launches on Surface Earth

By Archangel Michael, July 19, 2015 

 A warm welcome to THE NEW EARTH TIMES, a brand new venture in co-creation.  We have asked our beloved channels to bring you the news, as we see it, so this will be a different kind of publication. We are the Company of Heaven:  Mother Father God, Ascended Masters and Archangels, who love you and only ever offer what is for the greatest Good of ALL.  We will be bringing you updates, news and Galactic-interest stories related to the Ascension of Earth, along with 5th dimensional lifestyle features. 

The purpose of this publication is not only to keep you informed of what's happening in various facets of the Ascension Earth Project, but also to galvanize our Unity.  We share an important Mission:  restoring the Light on Earth, so that she and all upon her may ascend in freedom and glory.  We share with you an unbreakable bond of family, service and love.

Besides our regularly Featured Columnists (Mother and Father God, Sananda, Ashtar, Archangel Gabriel and Arcturian Team Leader), our publication will feature many fascinating and compelling guests including:  Ascended Masters, the Council of Light, Angels and Archangels, members of the Galactic Federation of Light, Agarthans from Inner Earth, Terra (Earth), Galactic Emissaries from this and other systems, representatives of many other Kingdoms and more.  Often, we will include features from other channels and Lightworkers in order to enhance the harmony and union of our shared service and goals.  I have many surprises up my sleeve to inform, astonish and delight you.

Our cherished channels, Kathryn and Christine, live in such a way that they carry out whatever we ask without hesitation.  We have a close relationship full of trust and understanding.   We speak and laugh together all throughout every day.  Our channels have prepared and trained for their role now for many lifetimes - just the same as you have done.   Sooner than you think, you will all be able to communicate with us directly.  It is a day we have awaited with longing, and that day will arrive with such triumph!

I have often said that all communication is for Union.  This is our wish and the inevitability we share. 

Glory to our Mother Father God as we charge into this next phase of Project Earth:  the full realization of New Earth and the dawning of the New Golden Age. 


I am your brother,

Archangel Michael

Namaste All.


Channeled by Christine, New York, 19 July 2015

Photo Credit:  Griffith Observatory 



Kathryn E. May, PsyD., and Christine E. Burk.  Permission is given to copy and share these messages freely, provided they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel(s) and to the website,  Artificial voice recordings are not permitted. Translations and transcriptions must be approved case by case by the author and the scribe.



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Featured Radio Show:  

AA Michael's Etheric Retreat, with Sananda/Jesus: Becoming Your Hig...



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Who Needs Light? is a book by Dr. Kathryn E. May, endorsed by Mother Father God and Sananda/Jesus - they have called it "A Guide for Ascension."   It is no less than a step-by-step, Light-encoded manual for freeing yourself once-and-for-ALL from the matrix. 

Who Needs Light is a Mission.  It is an all-inclusive project of Lightworkers and Light beings working together in harmony, prosperity and joy for the upliftment of Earth and all upon her. It is the movement of liberation that leads to The New Golden Age.

Who Needs Light?  We all do!  We are all born of Light, and - whether we are conscious of it yet or not - we are all currently engaged in a mighty effort to restore Light, Love and Peace to Surface Earth and throughout the Galaxy.  In this valiant and assuredly successful venture, we are receiving much support and guidance from our loving Galactic and Ascended Family. 


Order  Who Needs Light?  or donate, so that others who cannot afford the book will be able to get their copy.  The author will match all donations. 


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