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The Mortal Cry of the Crumbling Orion by GEORGI STANKOV posted on DECEMBER 17, 2014

The Mortal Cry of the Crumbling Orion by GEORGI STANKOV posted on DECEMBER 17, 2014

Greetings Georgi,

The Orion system is on death watch as Russia raises its interest rates to protect against the forthcoming collapse…As you have elegantly elaborated Orion system is crying !

Erick, USA

Russia Defends Ruble With Biggest Rate Rise Since 1998


Dear Erick,

I read about this hike in interest rates but I am not sure if this move will not hurt Russia. But ultimately it does not matter, anything that destabilizes the whole financial system is good for us as it accelerates our ascension.



Amen !  The stench of iniquities has truly reached the heavens… Each day I am seeing etheric portions of my multidimensional self…surely ascension is close…

Thanks Sir.



Greetings Georgi,

All seems to go accordingly with so many in the USA cheering the destruction of the ruble… that being said what do you think of this stratagem listed here? (see Sarcha Faal Report below)



Dear Erick,

Sorcha Faal has sometimes very good insider reports, but sometimes they have been bluntly wrong in the past. This latest report is based entirely on well known and published facts and it is self-evident that the Russians have their own counter-strategy ready when the USA and the EU try to destabilize them financially as is the case now with the low oil price and economically with sanctions and other bank restrictions.

But I have somewhat difficulties to understand the following basic statement of Sorcha Faal:

A chilling report published today by the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) is warning of potentially “catastrophic unknown consequences” relating to President Putin’s issuance to the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) of orders to initiate what is commonly known within the Kremlin as the “Samson Defense” designed to crash the Russian ruble, while at the same time insuring the economic collapse of both the United States and European Union.”

Russia decided to increase the interest rates of the ruble drastically in order to save the ruble and not to crash it. What may happen is that with such high interest rates the Russians will eventually drain the home credit market and cause a recession in their country. Well, this recession may be countered by issuing more money and credit by the Central bank as this report says. I assume that Sorcha Faal, who is not very competent in economic issues, may have used an imprecise language here.

Now let me speculate a little bit what has happened so far and what will happen in the coming days. The move of the Russians to raise the interest rates from 10.5% to 17% is extraordinary and cannot be explained solely as a support for the crumbling ruble. There must be much more to that. It is a well known fact that both, the USA and EU, are overwhelmed by their debt – both fiscal as well as private and corporate – that they can never pay back.

The Russians, on the contrary, have a very sound balance, both externally and internally. And they have the greatest advantage to have huge resources and to be able to decouple from the Western world trade, which is based on huge imbalances such as the USA trade deficit (700 billion $ per year). The USA is printing toilet paper money out of thin air to buy valuabe material goods from the rest of the world. The US production can cover less than 50% of the American demands and private consumption (3/4 of GDP). Without import of high quality products and even food from abroad the Americans will be starved within one week.

In this sense the WTO rules (world trade organisation) is an egregious legalisation of these stark imbalances from which only the USA profits. Even the EU loses in this uneven trade with the exception of Germany as the biggest export country in the world per capita, as long as the dollar is accepted as a world currency. But the moment the dollar crashes, as this very soon will be the case, even Germany will lose a lot and many Germans know it.

All this is perfectly known to the Russians and has been widely discussed by their experts in the Russian media recently. Hence there are no surprises this time. I assume that this huge hike in interest rates in Russia has a much bigger purpose than just supporting the crumbling ruble.

I personally think – and I intended to mention this in my yesterday’s response to you but then left it – that this huge hike in the interest rate is only the first step to introducing the gold-based ruble in close coordination with China.

What makes me think that this is the case?

First, because such speculations are making the round for some time. And second, because China is now in huge trouble after it created a big real estate bubble – many empty cities, airports and highways as prestigious infrastructure projects to keep employment high and to prevent a revolution of the hungry masses.

There are for instance 500 million empty apartments (!) in China, which bring no revenues as the owners have built or bought them as private investment and do not want to rent them. because their value drops immediately. This bubble is about to burst any moment from now on. Only a few days ago China also tightened the credit ratings for banks and companies which is a similar step as raising the interest rates in Russia – it leads to credit crunch.

That is why I thing that both countries are now preparing the introduction of their new gold-based currencies. In this case it is the best strategy, first to raise the interest rates and thus increase the value of your fiat currency and then to introduce it as gold-based currency. Russia is in a much better position to do this than China as the latter is hugely dependent on international trade – import and export to keep its growth rate high. The Russians are more autark in their economy as they are self-sustainable, both in terms of agricultural products as well as in terms of natural resources and even technology.

The USA and the EU are on the contrary the most vulnerable economies in the world as they are based entirely on constantly growing debt. As I wrote recently, the USA has 700 billion $ trade deficit with the rest of the world as it does not produce anything of real value anymore. As long as cheap products could be imported from China, it was an easy game. But now the imports from China have increased drastically this year, hence the big hidden inflation in the USA, which is another Chinese tactics to crash the USA.

In this respect both countries know who is their enemy number one and that a  huge and pitiless war is now being waged. They are not so stupid as the people in the West. The Russian and Chinese elite know that there is no time for niceties anymore and that the war has been officially declared by the USA on them asking the Saudis to crash the oil price a couple of months ago.

What the stupid Obama & Orion Co. did not figure out, was that the Russians and Chinese will play in this poker game imposed on them and kill the USA with their own weapons of mass financial destruction, as this report by Sarcha Faal confirms one more time.

I have made you aware of the collapse of the US shale fracking industry some time ago. I think that this was the first step of the Russian plan, defined as “Samson Defence” in this report. Russia and Putin played with the USA the same poker game and increased the stakes beyond the pain threshold for the USA. They did not lower their oil production to support the oil price but increased it instead, knowing that the USA will crash first in this situation.

This is the same tactics as the Russians applied to EU by banning all food imports from these countries in response to their sanctions. The pain was stronger felt in the EU than by the Russians, who immediately found a substitute in Turkey and Latin America. They also began to increase their own agricultural production. The Russians knew very well that the Saudis have vested interests in crashing the USA oil industry and have no scruples to turn against their American ally that has already failed to protect them politically against Iran and Syria.

What we now observe is the classical Diadochus fights among the dark western Cabal shortly before their demise – everybody is fighting against everybody for the few left bones like rabid dogs. While the Western camp is deeply divided, Russia and China pull together away the rug from under the feet of the Western cabal on the other side.

It was the pronounced aim of the USA foreign policy to divide Russia and China as to prevent a new powerful Eurasian union of the two countries. That is why they triggered the Ukrainian conflict but failed badly as China sided with Russia and has actually acknowledged Crimea as part of Russia. Now China is even profiting from the plunging oil price which helps compensate for their weak economic growth this year.

As you see, all economic trends now run in favour of Russia and China and against the West, even though these two countries may not have the time to implement their plans.

What do I expect in the coming days?

The plot is thickening indeed. The big hike in Russian interest rates is a two-edged sword. It will kill the USA, but it may also kill the Russian economy. The Russian are however under full control of the situation as they can lower the interest rates of the ruble anytime when they begin to feel the pain. But the USA can do nothing about that. They are like the worst poker player who has a poor hand but continues stupidly raising the stakes without having any money to pay for it, or even worse, by borrowing money from his adversaries as the EU tried to do with Russia to save Ukraine by asking them to cancel the Ukrainian debt (as the German finance minister did recently in a conversation with his Russian colleague. In vain!).

This is what already happened with the Saudis’ deal to crash the oil price as to harm Russia. Instead they crashed the American oil industry, which was based on a 1000 billion $ credit bubble that brings no revenues anymore.

Putin and the Russians know that the FED and ECB have no chance to increase their interest rates even modestly and support the dollar and the Euro, as this will crash their already depressed economies. They can only feed the Orion Beast by creating new debt and keep the liquidity high. Otherwise, the Western economies will experience a sudden death. This is what, I think, the Russian are now doing with the help of China, which always has a more cautious policy as it has much more to lose than Russia. But they work in tandem to crash the West.

This scenario only reinforces the global financial crash, which we accelerated with our Decree today. At the end, it does not matter if the Russian economy also crashes, as long as the West fully defaults and we have a sudden shutdown of all banks here. After that we will have the total collapse of the Orion matrix and the long awaited ascension scenario, as envisioned by myself 17 years ago, will unfold. It is time for us to go home.

Everything is now aligning in a perfect order and I cannot hide my aesthetic pleasure in observing this beautiful scenario of total destruction of the Orion matrix that is now unfolding in front my watchful eyes every day. All this in full knowledge that we are the new Logos Gods and creators of this scenario – so to say, the hidden ace up in the sleeves of God’s garment.

With love and light


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Comment by Besimi on December 20, 2014 at 1:23am

Most Powerful Transformation Has Begun! by GEORGI STANKOV posted on DECEMBER 19, 2014

Asana Mahatari

channelled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 19, 2014

translated by Franz


Georgi Stankov

Since the opening of the heart chakra and the centre of truth (5th chakra) of all second wave ascension candidates (old and very ripe souls), we are on a steep ascension spiral that includes in the first place the elimination of all dark, low vibrating patterns that have allowed to conceal the truth in the current 3D matrix.

One should always bear in mind that from the upper 4D and fully from the 5D upwards, there are no secrets at all, as all beings enjoy immediate and complete cognition at the quantum multidimensional level. At present the Source energies that flood this uppermost mother planet, and in particular the adamantine particles of God’s omniscience, create the same energetic conditions of unvarnished truth.

This new energetic situation has much bigger repercussions than many of you can envision. We have now entered the epoch of absolute truth, where any heinous deed or thought of the dark cabal will be immediately recognized as such by all other people. This will happen not because these people have made such a huge leap in their spiritual evolution, then this is not possible for most of them given their still rather unripe soul age. But these new energetic conditions of unvarnished truth prohibit the existence of any secrets in this new emerging higher frequency holographic reality, so that the dark cabal will automatically begin to expose their egregious nature without being able to hide it by any means whatsoever, as this was the case in the past.

There is a fine line to draw in this semantic definition. The dark cabal were always heinous and highly criminal. However, in the past there was a resonance between their egregious deeds and the low emotional and mental vibrations of the masses, so that the true nature of the dark cabal could not be revealed to the masses.

For me and some other light warriors with a clear and open mind and heart that vibrate with the highest frequencies of the Source, this was an obvious fact for many, many years. However the moment I expressed this opinion loudly, I was immediately ostracized as an arsonist and troublemaker. Later on, in the New Age movement I was accused to be of the darkness as I simply exposed this darkness in their thoughts and deeds.

Only a few days ago the Agarthans told us not to pretend to like this reality as this will hinder our ascension – it is the most toxic reality in the whole multiverse. Were it different, we would not be here to help ascend it.

And this is the bottom line. Most of the crimes of the dark cabal could not be revealed as such because the masses were insusceptible for this fact due to the lack of any moral and ethical principles and were guided exclusively by old Orion-tainted prejudices and false beliefs. They put up with this reality and even liked it for the most part as long as they were allowed to stay in their comfort zone based entirely on primitive survival instincts. True morality and ethics is a very rare human virtue, which only very old souls can possess, as these principles always resonate with the highest frequencies of the Source -actually they are generated from God’s divine mind.

Due to these unfavorable energetic circumstances, there was no way to reach the minds and the closed hearts of the people, just as I was unable to reach the locked, perverted minds of the scientists, so that they be able to understand the universal truthfulness and the great aesthetic beauty of the new Theory of the Universal Law, which comes directly from the Source. In other words, the revelations were there all the time, but the perceptiveness of the masses was not there to internalize them and trigger a powerful emotional reaction of indignation or even wrath with respect to the appalling conditions of life on this planet.

Now this time has arrived as the whole matrix has profoundly changed. As the Elohim told us two days ago, the old electromagnetic gird has been completely severed from the new crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet and of Gaia as a whole. This would say that the old lies and deceptions of the Orion elite have no power over the minds and hearts of the people as they are no longer energetically supported by the crystalline grid. The dark elite is now completely severed from this grid and only exist as empty shells that commit shadow fights with their imaginary foes.

In their collective insanity the dark cabal naturally want to engage the rest of humanity in their madness and this futile and extremely pathological mental expectation will be the cause for their ultimate demise, which is now very near. The obvious discrepancy between the weird, wishful thinking of the Western elite and their presstitutes as to the real situation in Russia and around the world and what other more open minded alternative journalists and experts observe can no longer be denied or neglected. The complete lack of common sense and their inability to perform a reality check is now becoming so evident that this fact alone discredits them fully and paves the way for their imminent demise. The masses do not want to have leaders that are insane and even more stupid than themselves. This is applied Machiavellianism.

Since one week for instance the Internet trolls have stopped harassing me as they lost all their arguments and imagined credibility and realized that they only understand  “Bahnhof” (railway station, which means “nothing” in German slang), when they read my website and are now becoming ridiculous beyond any measure with their idiotic comments. The power of the information and the complexity of the assessments of the current situation on this website made them feel like cretins, which they have always been, but now for the first time acutely realized it and could no longer bear this truth. Hence they disappeared. This is what will happen with the dark ruling cabal very soon after their last stooges have left the scene.

The same process is now unfolding with the ruling cabal behind closed doors and Putin is the catalyst for this exposition of the “naked kings” with his open and sincere presentations, as his marathon press conference yesterday, which you can watch in English here, revealed:

And then read any of the Western MSM on this press conference to see for yourself the blunt distortions of his long presentation. In other words, the truth can no longer be hidden, no matter what the dark AAA cabal try to instigate.

This time the revelations that will sweep over the masses will not be based on  their intellectual achievements, as is the case with all wayshowers such as the light warriors of the first and the last hour. The revelations are now a simple function of the new high frequency Source energies which we began to introduce with full force this year and in particular after we introduced the gold-violet flame of transmutation, healing and ascension in May this year. Other flames followed. This website is a seamless chronicle of these significant energetic events.

In this context, I would like to give you another convincing example that everything that we have achieved so far and has been reported on this website can be now registered even by crude material instruments of the Orion science. Watch please this video below to see that the Voyager 1 has registered three energetic “tsunami waves” in interstellar space, which are representative for three major episodes in the current, ongoing ascension history of Gaia:

The first tsunami wave was on October – November 2012 when we prepared and opened under huge sacrifices the stargate 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. You can go back to that time and read all the articles associated with the major ascension test runs we accomplished during this time. With the opening of the stargate by the PAT, Gaia entered the New Age. Now we are in the third year of this New Age.

The second tsunami wave was in April – May 2013, when Carla came to Germany and we single-handed created the first seven 4D earths. This was the start signal for creating infinite new holographic timelines of Gaia that contributed to the dilution of darkness and her step-wise ascension. This process is ongoing to this very day and since the beginning of 2014 has increased in speed. Gaia is now expanding with incredible velocity and has become the core of the new Golden Galaxy, while we – the new Guardians of it.

The third tsunami describes the period between February 2014 till now, exactly the time when I came to Vancouver, Canada and opened together with Carla the Infinity Portal in White Rock. Since then the expansion of our creation is unlimited and this is now registered by the Voyager 1 with its very crude means. Here you have irrefutable scientific evidence that everything we now create and has been reported and published on this website is based on sound scientific evidence, even though this 3D information cannot reveal the complexity and beauty of our true multidimensional creationary activities as Logos Gods.

In this sense, the following message of Asana Mahatari does not tell us anything new as we feel this “most powerful transformation” for a very long time. But it is still a great consolation to have this confirmation one more time.

Comment by Besimi on December 20, 2014 at 1:03am

DECEMBER 18, 2014 by STARSHIP EARTH: THE BIG PICTURE Those Killer Energies are Attacking Us in Various Ways; Audio with Alexandra Meadors & Kevin Annett

I highly recommend listening to a minimum of the first couple of minutes of this audio, if nothing else, because Alexandra’s intro is so important.

I can attest to the virulent energies ON THAT DATE, DEC. 16th, and I think this is the best advice we can get; to just watch! Be the observer. Don’t get caught up in the polarities. Don’t judge.

As Alexandra said, we’re all going through this together. Let’s not let the dark get to us any more than they already have. Let’s not allow them to divide us. Now is a good time to sit on the fence and just watch the world go by, not insisting that everything be black and white. Is isn’t.

Simply because what one Lightworker says is phrased differently than the way another puts it doesn’t make it wrong, or make them suspect. Just be neutral. Things are not what they seem on many fronts.

We’re all here, putting ourselves out there, doing what we can to share important information, to wake up a few sleepyheads, shine a light on the darkest corners of Humanity, in our own special way.

It’s crazy out there! The turbulence is tearing at us, but we needn’t let it rip us apart. Bend, like a tree in the wind. Expect it.

Particularly on this blog, we’re mostly family here. We’re tolerant. We’re wise. We’re awake. We’re watchful. It’s not about the minutia. It’s about the Big Picture. There it is again. The Big Picture. That’s all that matters. Let the details blur out and watch the overall image.

We’re nearly there. That’s why the dark is attacking us so viciously. As they writhe in their death throes, stand back, stay out of the way, and we’ll be fine.

This is a relatively short interview, but it reveals much. Congrats Alexandra and Kevin. You are true leaders.

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