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THE LIGHT OF TRUTH.........Billy Meier...NOT

There is nothng more thrilling for me than the light of truth beaming down on the world's biggest disinfo agents, frauds, scammers, and channelers of unknown government sources. Its another bad, bad day for Billy Meier fans. His circus is in the stage of a final curtain call. The gig is up on 'ol Billy. I often wonder how these people live with themselves knowing that they have scammed countless people.

From a REAL source with REAL footage, photos and facts, James Gillaland has notified the public on the latest info from the Billy Meier circus camp. They just won't give up. Sucks when the lies are exposed and you are caught with your pants down Billy.

Even more amusing is their constant barrage of disinfo to discredit ECETI....LOL!!!

From James Gilliland and ECETI......

"The source of this disinformation originated with Michael Horn who sent it to Victors massive email list. Luckily Victor had the integrity to contact me before he sent it out. The false name given Kesmit09 does not exist. Easy to open an email do your dirty work then close one. Considering the source of this disinformation and Michaels last feeble attempts to cover-up the fact that Billy Meier's son and wife testified that the majority of the contacts were fabricated along with the fictitous names he gave them borrowed out of Egyptian and Bible lore Michael's last dying effort is to discredit others. If these all knowing master beings were enlightened they would have researched the long history and evidence of UFOs appearing over Mt Adams, Yakama Nation accounts, Kenneth Arnolds account of them landing on the western slopes of Mt Adams, Forest Rangers accounts, Police accounts, Tribal Police accounts, Greg Longs book and the research done by none other than Dr. J Allen Hynek. Being totally unaware of all this Billy and his contact Ptah stated there is no UFO activity on Mt Adams. Then when the overwhelming evidence came in they changed the story to it is military black oops. Hmmmm seems this has been going on for over 200 years. These are bold face lies by Billy and Ptah perpetuated by Michael Horn on various talk shows. Enough said.

We have already disclosed the identity of the contacts here for years on the website, the contacts are ongoing and the ships are still flying. There is no UN connection with ECETI, James is not and has never been appointed as the official contact by any government agency or any other group. No landing dates for the masses have ever been given. The below email is an attempt to discredit ECETI. We have no idea who Kesmit is the creator of this nonsense and his email is invalid.

Here is the nonsense

UFO Contactee to Make MAJOR Announcement

UFO contactee James Gilliland will make a major announcement,
fittingly on Christmas Day, 2011. Gilliland is expected to reveal the
actual identities of the extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings
that have been contacting him for years at his ECETI ranch near Mt.
Adams in Washington state.

He will also present never before revealed scientific evidence showing
that the visitors have been preparing him to officially represent the Earth
as the only true contact person with extraterrestrials. The Christmas Day
announcement will be the prelude to an even more important event - an
official daylight landing at the ECETI ranch on New Year's Day!

Details of the landing and official contact will be made available to the
press and government officials in time to record the event and allow
select officials to greet the extraterrestrials. Preparations are already under
way to obtain official recognition of Gilliland's liaison status through the UN.

Gilliland is reportedly quite humbled by the historical implications. He also
is confident that this will end the UFO cover-up once and for all, as well as
establish his ambassadorial status with extraterrestrials."


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Comment by Trudy on February 10, 2012 at 5:03am
ECETI News] Michael Horn Blows Another Sour Note
By:Gerard Zwaan 
Date: 10/23/2007, 12:45 pm
Comment by Trudy on February 10, 2012 at 4:52am

Michael Horn is a complete a$shole and the Meier case is moronic. Not only does Horn keep pushing a case only a village idiot can love -- he also has to assail ALL OTHER CASES AS FALSE. He doesn't even have the courtesy to at least use the weasel words of "You may have your own truth in your case. But the Meier case is the best." No, Horn can't even bring himself to say that much. It's HIS case or the highway. No other cases or UFO contacts need apply.

Comment by Trudy on February 10, 2012 at 4:40am

FROM JAMES GILLILAND : EMAIL : Done with the nonsense

Comment by Trudy on February 10, 2012 at 4:21am



I have been researching the Billy Meier UFO case for the last 4 years. The photo above is one of many taken by Meier, the Swiss farmer who claims to have been in contact with aliens for several decades. Michael Horn (Meier's spokesman) and Meier himself say this photo is one of their hardest pieces of photo evidence in their arsenal because they claim it shows a very large alien flying saucer. But even a garden gnome will tell you that when claiming such a profound event such as alien contact, much harder evidence is required to back up your claims. I recently commented on this photo and suggested that what it really shows is a small model close to the camera. After many recent heated debates with Meier and Horn they once again challenged me to back up my claims. Having already met their earlier challenge to replicate the effect of Meier's hovering UFO'S, I gladly decided to take up this second challenge. I have to mention, it has been over 4 years and both Horn and Meier are still yet to provide me with a single scrap of extraterrestrial material for analysis. So once again using nothing more than a flying saucer shaped model and a 35mm film camera, I have managed to replicate the effect of the above photo. My photos below show what appears to be a large flying saucer hovering over some very large vehicles. What we are seeing in Meier's photos is not extraterrestrial but nothing more than an optical illusion, which is created by photographing a small model very close to the camera, a technique called false or forced perspective and I believe this is how Meier created the above photo. So there we have it, proof that replicating the effect of even Meier's hardest piece of photo evidence, really is a piece of cake. 2008 Anthony Wharton, Northwest, UK. To see my Meier movie clip challenge goto may also find this link very intresting-

Comment by Trudy on February 10, 2012 at 4:20am
Comment by Trudy on February 10, 2012 at 4:14am

Billy Meier's X Wife Admits It Was All A Hoax!!!

Comment by Trudy on February 10, 2012 at 4:00am

Hear him talking his truth, poor poor Michael Horn, and all this were about making a buck out of Billy meier!!

comments from M.Horn : 

On my blog, my website and those linked from it are literally hundreds of pages of FREE information, covering the widest array of topics. Included is an abundance of stunningly, prophetically accurate scientific information that proves the unique authenticity of Meier's contacts. An article titled:

Confirming Meier’s Jupiter Information

...absolutely establishes the extraterrestrial nature of his contacts. Gililand's on-demand "aliens" are secret military with ZERO information.

Comment by Trudy on February 10, 2012 at 3:26am

I had a huge confrontation with Michael Horn here at SoE.  He was talking all bad about Alex Collier and that he was a big fraud. In short  this Michael horn called me ignorent and more names but hey I know who was talking, my vibes never let me down. read: and lol lol lol ^L^

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